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Published: October 19, 2010
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This stamp is for people who based their oc's on themselves. Like give them your personality, likes and dislikes, even your name. So, this stamp is for people who ARE their oc's too. For example, my character, Wesley The Urbanhog, is me as a Sonic Character. I based my entire self as a character. So, yeah, I noticed that a lot of people like to be their own ocs, which isn't a bad thing, because fans like to put theirselves in the Sonic universe, and that is good. Anyways, I hope you like this stamp and feel free to use it.^^
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Yeah! I needed such a stamp! This is awesome! 
I always create alternate versions of myself - like, versions of me in a fictional world. 
I usually don't really like to call them "OCs", because they aren't (really) - but ... I think the stamp still does the job! =D
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Daisies-SunshineHobbyist General Artist
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Ratwo619Student Artist
Its like a Spiderverse kinda of a thing :)
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More or less. Only it probably would be as big.
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TortiveHobbyist General Artist
All my characters have a piece of me.
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Ava-the-gremlin General Artist
I totally agree :3
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I'm my OC, since it's a Earthing and a Sonic fan trapped in Sonic world...
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Polarized-WolfHobbyist General Artist
In many of my OCs, I see a bit of myself.
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I only ever give my ocs some of my character traits. I find it boring to base my oc entirely on myself, but thats just my opinion.
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I don't create OCs - I (only) create alternate versions of myself in different universes. (Because I actually believe that there are different universes and that everyone has a counterpart in the other universe - like in [the original] FMA.) 
And I have a lot of fun doing this. 
Like, let's say, for example, that in this other world the inhabitants have different heights than in our world - then the version of myself in that world probably would not have the same height as I do in RL. 
But instead of just choosing a randmon number - like you would do for a normal OC - I would look up all the heights known in that world, then I'd do research on heights in the real world, compare it to my height and calculate how tall I would be in this other world. 
And that is super fun! 
The only "real" OC that I have is a Hetalia OC, because there I could also a lot of research - sorry, I mean, A LOT of research. 
Yep, I think that's fun! =D 
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KeplerNovaHobbyist Photographer
I have an entire group of OCs that I regard as "self-types", which all have a certain set of personality traits that are similar to the ones that define me.

These characters:

-Are always highly intelligent, typically one of the smartest characters in the story, with a generally logical and scientific outlook on life.
-Are Intuitive-types and Thinking-types on the Myers-Briggs personality chart.
-By Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 alignment, they are always either on the Good spectrum or Chaotic Neutral. (I myself am Chaotic Good.)
-Their greatest personality flaws are generally related to being arrogant, overly aggressive, insecure and/or vengeful/spiteful.
-Prefer the company of children to the company of adults.
-Are somewhat eccentric.
-Usually have a dislike and/or fear of overt sexuality.
-Have a sense of humor that is either dry and witty, very silly, or some combination of the two.

Here on DA you'll find Marlena and Cressida, the former being closer to my own personality than the latter. These "self-type" characters are not, however, always female, but they are more likely to be female than any other gender.
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I gave all of my oc's... NOTHING ABOUT ME! *-*
Except for one, I gave him my name, and that's about it! I guess I don't like making my own characters based off me..
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Hmmmm I guess in away a couple of my OC's represent different parts of me
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I based my ic of my personality and I tried to make her look like a more colourful version of myself xD
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wererapter-nelsonProfessional Digital Artist
Who doesnt, I based two of my characters on my sides like SB is my loyal dependable friend side while flame is my don't bother me side
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EclipsedLilyHobbyist General Artist
Nah. I use my OCs to portray what I am not, or what I am. Each of my OCs are like that, portraying what I am and what I am not. XD
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i did name my oc after myself but i chose a diffrent way to write her name and added some of things to my oc for example she has long hair then i do and stuff <3 thank you for making this it really helped me <3
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sonicwarriors7Hobbyist Digital Artist
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g0thi-cr0cHobbyist General Artist
I agree!
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xAmabellexHobbyist Artist
My OC is based on me too! But she is a bit different.
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