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Audacity Replacement Icon

Audacity is a free and incredibly useful audio editor, but I've always thought the icon could do with some updating.

The package also contains a set of matching document icons for Audacity.
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Perfect its going on my dock
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I am using this, and it looks amazing. Thank you!!!
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THANK YOU for this wonderful icon. It's a shame the details are lost with sizing - I think a little editing could help bring those out and make it just an ounce sharper. I'm very happy to see an Audacity icon with a new, cleaner spin on the waves, which was my biggest beef with the original & many custom Audacity icons.

Very sleek, nice work!
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I'm using it as shortcut-icon for foobar2000-audioplayer. :)

Looks just amazing. Thanks a lot!
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Great job! I was wondering if I would be able to find an Audacity icon to update with. ^_^
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lol thanks for this, bless you!
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You're welcome! :D
wow, thanks a lot for that... audacity's a good free piece of software, but the icon always annoyed me ;)
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This is such a good icon. Excellent work!
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Thanks very much.
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You're welcome :D
sharp. much needed addition. thanks for the work.
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great job! i thought the same thing :D
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