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Black Widow

By Manji675
Black Widow of Marvel fame, also one of my favorite comic chicks.
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© 2009 - 2021 Manji675
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Amazing rendition
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This is really good. I love the light, suit, and pose. Really nice. 
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I love this :) It's pretty rare to find Black Widow art that looks so good and isn't ridiculously erotic.
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Really cool work, love her pose and suit!
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I think this is one of the best Widow fan-arts I've seen so far. The background is also what I think would suit her perfectly, and you captured it right there and it's just awesome.
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her hair is slightly like mine :o
Don't take this the wrong way but did you picture Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter while making this?
The appearance is quite noticable.
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I was wondering if I could use this art for my magic the gathering Avenger set. I would reference and link the art and you as usual.
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Hey fancy pants! Did a search for Black Widow on here and this beauty still comes up on the front page. See ya soon, hope all is well :clap:
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Finally! A decent depiction of Black Widow without her boobs hanging out or her butt being bloated like a balloon. God why can't female super heros just be depicted as strong like males are, I know they aren't very strong looking in real life but jesus its better than sexing them up. Sorry about the rant, very nice drawing (:
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Hi there! I was wondering if you'd like to join my group "Fans-of-Black-Widow" [link]

It would be really awesome to have your Widow art featured there!

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love it! Fave!
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beauty at its' best
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i like the simple but easy flow coloring you did. its very good!
By far the coolest.
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This is an awesome job of Black Widow and looks like the version in one of her comics.
Love the pose and colors:D
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Gorgeous pic..
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