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I'm a silly boy that draws heroes and monsters.
Hey everyone I'm on Instagram ( I'll be sharing doodles, WIPs and even some finished work. Follow me and I will make a KING! Or QUEEN! Or a WARLORD! Or...
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I should have mentioned this earlier but I'm on Instagram now folks. I do (almost) daily updates of sketches and doodles. Also it's an art feed, so there won't be any selfies or photos of what I'm eating, but don't be surprised if you a photo of your mom shows up. :p Inflate my fragile ego and follow me: Thanks so much folks!
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Greetings all. I'll just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be attending the Awesome Con in DC this weekend. It's my first time doing this show so I'm excited. Although, I joined the con a couple months back I wasn't sure if I was attending or not for sure until earlier in the week. Anyway I'll be doing commissions, selling prints and possibly begging for food. Hope to see you there.  
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Hello, you take commission ?
Hey sorry for the late reply but yes I take commissions. Feel free to PM me here or send me an email at

Hi, Jason! I know that I haven't commented in your gallery before, but I'm dropping by because there's an offer I'd like to make you!

I really liked your Elektra VS Bullseye picture, and especially since I, along with others, think it was forced bullshit that Elektra lost the fight and her life to Bullseye(what the hell was Frank Miller thinking, killing off his own creation when she'd only made a small amount of appearances in the MU, and after she was at a big turning point in her life and so many people had come to like her, no less?)!

That said, I am thinking you'll really like this story on Fanfiction.Net I found that shows a round 3 to the Elektra VS Bullseye battles(after both the first and the second one in 1996's Elektra # 2, the latter of which Elektra wins, of course). It depicts Bullseye luring Elektra into battle with him by singing a very insulting parody of "Camptown Races" about her when he spots her in disguise, and he obviously wants to kill her again, but the way things go down is ideal for Elektra fans, you, me or otherwise. 

So, tell me, would you like the link to that fanfic story? I really am thinking that you'll like it a whole lot and find it very satisfying indeed. 
Thanks for watching!
I really enjoy your gallery :3 your concepts are really cool :3 keep going!