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Baby it's cold outside
It's cold out here in the snow.
Yokosai lay there, smothered in white. His body grew colder by the second. This is when it would happen. He'd meet his creator.
Within this forsaken time, he'd find his final resting place.
He couldn't help but smile though, what could've been his final thoughts, were of his one and only. His Qumqua-T.
“Hey hey, are you okaaay?”
He heard a voice. it was soft. Comforting.
“Ya hit ‘yer head! I thought yous died!”
When he opened his eyes, her round face caused his heart to skip a beat.
“ I'm alive...I think.” Yoko sat up, bandages wrapped around his head. The girl was so cute, and it was only amplified by her chubby frame. She was like a little cherub...maybe he did die after all.
“Did ya want sum food?” She asked as she stood up. She stuck her face kind close to his, her strawberry smell oddly arousing him.
“W-what're we having?” He nodded.
“Sugared Newt!” The girl
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It's cold out here in the snow.


Yokosai lay there, smothered in white. His body grew colder by the second. This is when it would happen. He'd meet his creator.

Within this forsaken time, he'd find his final resting place.

He couldn't help but smile though, what could've been his final thoughts, were of his one and only. His Qumqua-T.


“Hey hey, are you okaaay?”

He heard a voice. it was soft. Comforting.

“Ya hit ‘yer head! I thought yous died!”

When he opened his eyes, her round face caused his heart to skip a beat.

“ I'm alive...I think.” Yoko sat up, bandages wrapped around his head. The girl was so cute, and it was only amplified by her chubby frame. She was like a little cherub...maybe he did die after all.

“Did ya want sum food?” She asked as she stood up. She stuck her face kind close to his, her strawberry smell oddly arousing him.

“W-what're we having?” He nodded.

“Sugared Newt!” The girl said ecstatically.

“Uh..yeah sure.”

The girl nodded with a pleasant smile across her chubby cheeks. As she left the room he couldn't help but watch her behind rumble. It jiggled more than jelly. From his glance he could tell she wasn't much taller than he was, her body a lot wider as a way to make up for it maybe.

Yoko crawled out of  bed, his arms were bandaged up as well. “That must've been quite the spill” he said to himself. Yokosai walked about the room. It was odd looking if anything, this room in particular was sort of dome shaped. Like an adobe igloo or something.

The room was styled very feminine-like. Stuffed animals, teddy bears, a few bits of pink here and there. It was also somewhat of a mess. Food and tons of paper plates.  There were also a few pictures along the wall. Portly girls in every one.

Yokosai ran his fingers along some books, some kind of sticky substance along the covers. As if she handled them while eating PB n’ J “Cute”.

He could tell she was probably younger than him due to all of these factors. Standing  in front of a large mirror, he noticed his clothes were missing. Completely covered in bandages... save for his boxers. “Am I really that messed up?!”

The door opened.

“Haaaaiii~” She came in with such an adorable aura, it honestly made his heart ache. The girl placed a tray on the bed, peeking over to Yokosai. “Wha?! What ya doin dum-dum?” She marched over to him, her tiny hands buried in her blubbery hips. “Get in the bed mister! Yous really hurt!” She gently but firmly pulled his arm. “If ya stand again, I'll sit on ya! Maybe then you'll stay down, huh!?” The girl was upset with him, but it was innocent. Almost motherly. He felt comforted.

“Y-yes ma’am!”

A little later in the afternoon Yokosai awoke once more, He hadn’t even realized he’d fell asleep. Attempting to get up, he suddenly remembered her outburst from before. “Yeah, don’t wanna put myself in that position right now..heh” He settled. Taking in the feel of the room once more he noticed a strange amount of warmth beside him, he figured it were just a pile of pillows but it seemed to be breathing.

She was in the bed with him, fast asleep. Relaxed, he fully laid himself again. He nudged himself into her a bit, burying a small portion of the side of him beneath her. She was so warm, so fluffy. Like a marshmellow by the campfire, he kept close. Drifting back to sleep.


The blizzard wind whipped his back. He could’ve sworn there was blood. Yokosai held himself together through the snow. Fatigue had already settled in, and his body was at its limits. It’d be uncharacteristic if he went down now. He was a limit breaker, a hard worker.

There was inn in the distance...or at least he hoped so. His mind was starting to go, but he refused to acknowledge it.

There were things to do, and a very special woman to see.


For a third time, the boy opened his eyes. He was in the largest warmest- tightest bare hug he’d ever been in. So tight that could’ve sworn his organs would be forced up his throat. “ What’s...going on?...” He sleepily whispered,

“Mama! He’s gone! We gotta find ‘em or he’ll die!” Screamed a girl. He recognized it to be the one that saved him.

“Hun are you sure he’s on the verge of death? It was only a small bump on the head, yeah?” The other seemed to be her mother.

The rest of the conversation was muffled, though it didn’t matter to him. Sounded like a bit of chaos and he was desperately tired. He snuggled into whatever soft cushion he was under. Only to hear a distinct screech that was accompanied by a “ Something’s up my bum!”. Next thing Yoko knew whatever was holding him so soft and tight had release him and he had fallen to the ground, thumping his head along the way. “Oww!” He held his head, rocking back and forth.

Once he got his bearings, he realized that some sort of plushy looking mound hovered above him, two in fact! Following it’s shape he found two, tree trunk legs that went with it.

Still freaking out, the mother tripped, falling backwards, ass slamming into his body like a medicine ball from a skyscraper. His ribs and pelvis destroyed.

“Mama!!!” The portly girl pushed with effort  along her mother’s mammoth hips. “Git up mama, you’re killin’ ‘em!”

Yokosai nearly blacked out once again from the pain but luckily the large woman had stood. “My oh my! I’m so sorry!”

Once Yoko had a good look at her, he was amazed at how close her and her daughter had looked to one another. Well, in their facial region. In overall size they were nothing alike. Both incredibly chunky and wide yes, but on entirely different levels.

The mother was as big as the room itself, in both height and width. Her hips broader than her shoulders, even larger than an elephant’s...her size was intimidating, but she gave off a loving motherly glow that made him feel at ease.

And the smaller one, the daughter, was similar but downgraded by 10 (but not in a bad way!). Her belly and hips large but maybe rivaling a hippo’s as opposed to a full grown elephant.

“I don't think we’ve met dearie.” Her voice was so sweet, he could almost taste it. “My name is Plum-P, I'm Qumqua-T’s mother.”

It struck him, “What odd names” he thought. He realized this was the first time he had heard the girl's name.

“I hope you accept my apology! I really didn't mean to squash you!” Plum-P seemed very apologetic, it was true that she didn't mean it at all.

“No no, it's uh...fine.” Yokosai attempted to stand but it was no use, without a functioning pelvis he was best laying on the ground.

“Oh! Let me help you out there dearie!” Plum-P picked Yoko off of the floor.

“Careful mama! This one’s real fragile!”

“Yes yes I know, hun. Do me a favor and brew him some coffee, kay?” Qumqua-T saluted her mother and zipped into the kitchen area.

“Alrighty now, let's get you laying down!” Plum-P sat on the couch and gently placed him laying by her side, his head arched up by her lap.

Her, surprisingly small, hand rubbed his head. Making all the pain go away.

Just like how a mother should.

When Qumqua-T came in, it almost looked like she was pouting as she sat there holding his coffee. A bit of yearning in her eyes.

“Ah, I'm sorry hon! I forgot you were his special nurse. Go ahead~” Plum-P gently slide from under him. In all honesty he would've felt fine in the other room bed, but he kept his mouth quiet in order to keep the peace. Shortly, Qumqua-T replaced her mother, Yokosai’s head on her lap instead.

Qumqua-T placed the mug on the stand, her graceful fingers playing in his hair. “Ohh what a weird texture~” Qumquat seemingly couldn't remove her hands from it, causing the boy to blush.

“Thanks?...” He felt really awkward about her grazing his scalp, did feel comforting.“Why're you doing all of this?” He asked with a legitimate wonder. People just weren't this kind hearted anymore.

“Uh…” She removed her hand placing upon her thickened thighs. “I got hurt so I wanted to help! Nothin’ else to it! Nope not at all!”

He noticed she turned a bit red, which didn't help either since he looked the same. “Thank you QT~” He looked up to her earnestly.

Qumqua-T’s blush deepened. “W-what’s wrong wit ya’? W-why ya callin’ me c-cutey?”

Yoko thought it was odd that she was freaking out, but realized what his little nickname sounded like. “N-no no! I meant Q-T as in the letters! Like from your name! Q from the beginning and T from the end yanno?!?!” Yokosai felt panicked he didn't want to be kicked out with such haste if she were to have taken offense. “I wouldn't ever call you ‘cutey', heh..waitthat'snotto uh sayyouaren'tcutejustthatI'mnothittingonyoubecausethatwouldntbeappropriate especially in these circumstances...Heh”

Qumqua-T responded with a puzzled look before having a good belly laugh “Buahahhaa! You're a dummy yanno that?” She playfully punched him in the shoulder before wiping the laughing tears from her eyes. “ Whatta weirdo~”

Yoko rubbed his now deceased shoulder.  “Heh..yeah”

“Oh! Don't forget your coffee!” She reached over and practically tossed it on her company. Spilling just a tiny bit.

“Ah yeah, uh thanks!” Yokosai moved his body in a sitting position. This was his first time ever drinking a cup of coffee. “Bottoms up! Heh” When trying to drink the coffee he nearly spat it out due to its strange bitterness and odd bits that came inside the drink. They failed to mention it but their particular type of coffee was very foreign, and abnormal. It also had a slight bit of a healing factor to it.

“How is it?” She asked with glee. Her tail thumping against  the couch.

He hated it. “It's wonderful! I love it!~”


“Qumqua-T” Yokosai whispered, he was propped up on a rock. The cold feeling really bitter, continuing to tempt him with death. “I can't...I can't…”

“Chooooo! Choooo! Kuuuu! Choooo” A spirit spiralled out of some space from God knows where. “Hakashiya Yokosai, how could you!?”

The young man was puzzled. The diesel, odd-faced apparition seemed to hang over him like a doting father. “Who are you?...” The dying boy held his stomach, preventing blood from spilling over.

“I am Anuba, lord of death and judiciary of souls. And you, boy,have sparked my interest.” Anuba lowered himself so that his canis-like feet touched the ground. “Yokosai...for you to die here and join me in the realm of the dead, would be an absolute waste! Where's your will power? What's kept you struggling all of this time?” ”

“I’m not sure…”

“Well you’d best figure it out. Next time I see you I won’t be lenient about extracting your soul.” The spirit turned away from him. “ I know if it were my time, I’d rather it be surrounded by my comrades.” And with that Anuba disappeared similarly to how he showed up. No trace he was even there. With his last comment, Yokosai started to trace it’s meaning. The Lord of the Dead was no fool.


“Huuuuh?  But you shouldn’t be up and about while your healin’!” Qumqua-T placed her hands on her pudgy hips in annoyance. “ Plus you still have a few broken bones left!”

Yokosai stood outside their front door, his school bag in hand. He wore a  hoodie along with a pair of sweatpants knitted with the softest wool, Plum-P really was good mom in this regard. “ Sorry QT...I’ve got stuff to deal with back in Tensaku...already been here about two weeks..heh”

She grabbed his hands, looking down at them before showing back to him. “ You’ve still got broken hands too!”

Yoko couldn’t help but crack a smile. “Qumqua, my hands are fine. Majority of my injuries were pretty modest too, I think you’re panicking a bit much.” Yoko even made two solid fists to show her.

“Yeah? W-well how do you know!? You were in bed most of th’ time!”

He figured he’d give her that much, but he was pretty sure any real broken bones or bruises were acquired during his stay. But he didn’t mind, Yoko really enjoyed his time here. “Listen Qumqua-T...” Yoko hesitantly held her hands between them. “I promise I’ll...see you again…” They both started to blush.

“Y-yeah? Well I’ll be lookin’ forward to it…” She shyly admitted.

Yoko nodded. “I’ll be back...real soon I’ll be back.”

“Well you gotta git if you plan on comin’ back, huh?!”

“T-true...well I’ll be seeing you..”

The small boy picked up his bike which was leaned up against the house, due to her possibly riding it, and pedalled down the dirt road. Qumqua-T never really experienced much negative emotions, her family practically preached a positive vibe. But when he rode away, she couldn’t help but feel a bit melancholic.

The next day, Yokosai dressed himself, getting ready for school. The last two weeks he’d spent at Qumqua-T’s was delightful. Yesterday, when he left, it was especially painful. He could’ve spent the rest of his life with Qumqua-T, but he had responsibilities here in Tensaku. He couldn’t just give them up. He adjusted his collar, buttoning up the last openings in his Gakuran coat. “I promise I’ll see you again..”


“?” Yokosai didn’t talk to many people, so the sudden knock at his front door was a bit worrying. He did become slightly popular due to the lucky punch he landed on Gator’s chin. “One sec! I’ll be there in a sec!”

When the nerdy boy unlatched his latch, the door came flying open as Qumqua-T hugged the life out of him. “Qu-qumqua-T! What’re you doing here?!” He breathily asked, lungs crushed against his ribs.

“ Oh Yokoko, ya left without your leather pocket!” She eased up, and dug under her folds before pulling out a leather wallet.

“B-but but my address isn’t even in here, how’d you find my apartment room?” He took the wallet with his brow raised.

“I could smell ya!” QT quickly sniffed the air. “My smelling is the best!” She rested her small fists on her lard filled waistline. Standing in a heroic position, while boisterously laughing a fake “BUAHAHA!”.

“Well thanks Qumqua…” Yoko put his wallet back in his pocket, before picking up his school bag. “I wish I could hangout with you, but unfortunately I got school…”

“Oh…” Her expression had become a bit sullen. Clearly let down, he had to think of a way to fix the situation.

“But you could hang out here if you want?” He dropped his bag looking around for some handheld video games, to which she stared in awe.

“What kinda thing is that?”

“This is a Lullicon, a handheld console.” Yokosai handed her the gaming system, which fit into her hands awkwardly. “I’ve got about 25 simple games on it, stuff from farming sims to mysteries” Yokosai said pridefully.

She looked at it as if it were a complex piece of art. “Kinda weird lookin’ how do I punch?”

He leaned over her shoulder, pointing to the screen. “ No no, this is a cooking game. You don’t punch Qu.”

“What’s that thingy in the corner? The green thingy.”

“That’s the timer, you don’t got much time left”

Qumqua-T started to get frustrated, swinging her body left and right. She sits herself on the floor. Eyes sharply focused on the game. “This is dumb, Yokoko.” Though she continued to play.

Yokosai let out a sigh before checking his watch, it was getting a bit late. “Hey Qumqua-T, I’ve gotta go kay? I’ll get back later.”

She turned away from the game looking towards him, standing up to seemingly see him out the door. Yokosai put his outdoor shoes on, The chubby girl standing like a board just watching him. “I-if you’re hungry I could make ya some food, yanno…” QT pouted her lips, looking off to the side with a pink flush over her cheeks. “I can make more than sugared newt…” The girl shifted nervously, moving her shoulders back and forth while playing with her fingers.

Yokosai stopped himself from walking, hesitantly reaching for the door knob. “ Sure, but maybe later huh?” He reassured her with an gauche grin. “I’m looking forward to it!” The boy left the room, heading to class.

The entire day he was wondering what to do about Qumqua-T showing up at random. Should he take her somewhere? Was this meant to be like a date type of situation? He couldn’t wrap his head around it, even in class he could barely do his work with Qumqua-T on the brain.  

He played with a pencil, rolling it back and forth on his desk. The other kids around him simply enjoying their boxed lunches. “Oyvey…”

“Yo Yokosai.” Behind him walked up a. He was in ideal shape, and had an honest face.

“Oh Abushido, what’s up?” He asked, lifting his head from the desk.

“Just chilling man, looks like something’s bothering you. You good dude?” The man leaned on the window just beside Yokosai. “I’m all ears if you wanna talk about it, slim.”

Yokosai was a bit reserved. He didn’t want to bring someone like her into a conversation like this. What if her feelings for him were completely friendly? Would he be too forward asking her out? “There’s this girl I got a thing for…”

“Wait wait lemme guess, Suzy? Naomi? Tabria? Which been talking to you?” Abushido jeered, punching him lightly in the shoulder.

“N-no no...none of them...anyway t-there’s this girl, and I’m pretty sure she likes me...I think. Actually I can’t really tell...maybe I’m just dense...I’m probably ugly anyways-”

“Maaaybe we should get back on track Yosa…”

“Right right sorry. Anyway, we’ve pretty much been much hanging out everyday, we’ve even cuddled a bit...but I can’t tell if it were just being friendly or not!” The boy hung his head low, repeatedly and depressingly (comically) hitting his head against the desk. Meanwhile Abushido was in his own thoughts about the matter.

“Damn that Yosa...he’s already been in bed with a girl before me? I’m way better looking than he is, I get compliments from tons of girls so why was he the first to do something like that!” He secretly cursed Yokosai in his own head. “ Anyway, she probably likes you if she’s willing to sleep with you right?”

Yokosai briefly lifted his head. “Well I said we’d you know we ended up sleeping in the same bed? I tried to kinda avoid that to not give you the wrong impression...I’m so stupid stupid stupid stupid-” As Yokosai continued his brainless rambling, Abushido went back to the thoughts in his own head again.

“Damn that Yosa!... I was just blowing things out of proportion! I had no actual idea they would’ve actually slept with one another! I’ll get him back for this somehow!” The only sign of his jealous anger was the incredibly black toxic aura emanating from his body. “Listen, Yoko, don’t think too much about it. If you do, of course it’s  gonna depress you. Just live life, go out and hangout with this girl. You’ll find out eventually how she feels about you if you just give her some time.”

Abushido did his best to put on a supporting face. Yokosai thought to himself a bit. “Do you really think so?” It made sense to him, he’d just have to wait and he’d eventually find out.

“Guaranteed, you’ll find out soon enough”

“Hmm...thanks Abushido, you’re always so helpful.” Yokosai gave his slightly older friend a thumbs up.

“It’s Bonnie isn’t it?”


“Yokosai is kinda cute” Qumqua-T drearily lay on Yokosai’s messily-made bed. She curled herself up in his covers, admiring the superhero displayed on repeat on their surface.  “Sucha weirdo.” Qumqua-T got out of bed, fixing herself up some of his left over tea. “This guy don’t got anythin’ good! Poor dear.” It was actually classic Green Tea, without sweetener it wasn’t exactly the tastiest thing in the world. “Jeez this guy’s gonna kill himself eating like he does! !” She thought after inspecting his fridge. “Practically eating nothin’ at all!”  She dug around in her pants, and her fat rolls. Her mother had given her plenty of Earth cash, just in case she were ever in trouble. This was as good a time as any. At least, she thought so. “Haha found it! Don’t worry Yoko, you’ll have plentya food!” QT pulled out a wad of cash, probably enough to get herself an expensive car. How Plum-P came across it, no one would ever know.

“Alllright! Yokosai git ready to have your sock blown off!” She quickly ran off to the store, eager to  cook some good old home cooking for her new “friend”.


“So tell me about this girl Yokosai, she cute?” The school day was over, Abushido and Yokosai lived along the same area, so they walked around the same way almost all of the time. Abushido usually helped the class representative with his daily tasks, so every now and then he’d have to stay at school after hours.

“Yeah...she really is. Nice face, silky hair…” Yokosai couldn’t help but  let his mind wander a bit.

“Bet she’s got a nice butt too huh?” The older guy jeered at him again. “I see the way you’ve been looking at Naomi’s” It was true, Yokosai was an ‘assman’ by definition, despite never having confirmed it.

“Wh-what are you talking about! N-no I don’t!” He responded embarrassedly. “ I j-just kinda like thicker girls...I guess”

Abushido leaned over towards him, a tauntingly vexing look on his face. “Ohhh I see. You like fat girls do ya?”

Yokosai started to sweat. “No no I don’t!”

“It all makes sense now, you like thick chicks bro.” Abushido continued to tease.


“Nah you do, come to think of it…” Abushido rubbed the smaller hairs on his chin. “I think I even remember a small round girl walking into your building…” His tone was slightly sarcastic, as if he definitely knew.

A cold wash ran over Yokosai, he trembled, his secret love was out. But why was he so nervous? If he loved her, he should be open and honest fight?  “No you're wrong-”

“AM I?!” Abushido forced himself and his accusatory finger into Yoko’s face. “I do believe you're lying my friend. Admit it, you love fat chicks!”

Yokosai pushed him in the chest, barely moving him. “No I don't!” He couldn't figure out why he was trying to cover it up so much.

“Yes you do.”

“No I don't! Fat girls are big and gross! W-what’s there to like?!”

Suddenly the two boys heard a collective clatter, they turn down a near corner, a bag full of food dropped onto the concrete. Yokosai inspects it closely.

“That's weird...who’d just leave a bag of food?” Asked Abushido, looking over the boy’s shoulder.

Yoko found his ID, he really needed to keep track of this stuff. Reaching into his back pocket he pulled out his wallet and placed the ID into it's “slot”. “Thats weird...why would this be all the way out…” His heart sank. “Qumqua…”

Abushido started to graze his own chin whiskers once again. “So she heard us huh? Well I suppose you don't have to worry about that anymore right?” He puts his arm around Yokosai jostling him brotherly. “This is what you wanted righ-” Abushido was silence by a back fist to the nose, Abu always did have a glass nose. Once composed, he saw Yokosai was gone. “Damn brat…”

A little later that day, Qumqua sat in her bedroom. She stared at her own reflection in the mirror, groping her own belly pudge. Her fat had never bothered her before. But for some reason...this time was different. Qumqua-T felt...uneasy...unpleasant and unattractive.

These feelings were all too new for the humble innocent Qumqua, she’d been proud of her body and it’s shape pretty much her entire life. Even on the rare occasion that her weight caused her issues, it never passed her mind. She never thought little about herself...but...when Yokosai said how he he felt about...fat women, it hit her where it hurt. In a way she never thought it would. “...” The girl pouted, negative uneasy things swimming through her head. “Who needs that stupid Yoko anyway…” Folding her arms, she plopped back on her bed. It usually felt very comfortable, but for some reason today it felt like it was full of pin needles. As soon as she shifted her weight there was crash at outside her window, after a few moments it started to open. She wasted no time as she threw herself across the room, her knee slamming into the perpetrator’s face breaking their nose.

“Q-qu!” Yokosai fell backwards back into the bushes, clutching his nose.

Qumqua-T felt concern for only a few moments before turning her back to him,giving him the cold shoulder. “You deserve that...jerk.”

“You’re right...I do.”The boy picked himself up, sticking his head back through the window. He refused let things end here, even with blood spilling down his face. “Look Qu...I-I...there’s no excuse for what I said back there. I AM a jerk. You DO have every right to be upset with me…”

“You sure dang right ‘bout that! “

“But I was lying...Qumqua-T you’re beautiful. Beautiful in every sense of the word. Those last two one’s ever treated with such warmth and kindness…”

“Y-yeah? W-well what if I said I don’t care? Huh?”

“Well...I’d say I don’t care..about you not caring! I-I love you Qumqua-T! I love you, your heart, and your body! All of it!” Yokosai turned red within the window, and so had Qumqua-T. Both steaming like train engines.

“ hurt me real bad yanno?”

“Yeah...I know…”

“I ya alot too...but you gotta make up for what happened.” QT herself started to fidget uncomfortably. “Be good to me and...maybe...maybe one day…” Her face had turned completely tomato.


“I DON’T KNOW DUM DUM! Leave me alone, huh?” Qumqua-T swung her hip just so, that way it was in position to smack him right in the face and once again, make him fall in the bushes. Qumqua-T pokes her own head out the window, resting her cheek on her fist. “You’re like a problem child yanno? If you can find a way to do it than maybe, just maybe I’ll forgive ya, ya dummy.”

Yokosai picked himself up, dusting his clothes off. “JUst maybe huh...I can live with that.” He picked up his bike, which had been incredulously parked in the bushes. “I’ll be back real soon Qumqua-T. Real soon.”

“Ya better...or I’ll never forgive ya..”

From that day on, and until they’d eventually marry, Yokosai brought her flowers every single day. Eventually, his comment becoming a thing of the past.


Anuba waited for Yokosai outside of a odd little shoppe just outside of the town he nearly died at. The minor god, very well disguised as a wealthy businessman. “What’s taking that kid so long?...”. Just a few moments later, the bell to the door rang a familiar sound. “It’s about time Hakashiya Yokosai!”

It had been days since he nearly died, although he was stuck in some earlier time period, he wouldn’t quit. He’d see his love once again. “Sorry Lord Anuba. Was just wrapping things up.”

“Well, shall we be off? The Twelve Labors aren’t going to do themselves.”

“Yeah, they sure aren’t.” He said with a confident smile.
So for those of you that enjoyed FHJ's first part,  I regret to inform you that the second part has kind of put me in a slump regarding certain things within.

I will try to redo some things, hopefully it will be out by next weekend.

Please forgive me
I am your master now.
Naqui ate this man at some point, but through some kind of ritual she was able to bring him back to life as a slave...but in this new reformed body, can one really say that he's alive?


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