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Bonatitan reigi

yes, I know... I named this illustration "Baurutitan britoi"...

But I was needing with hurry some Argentinian dino, so I changed the name of "him"...

Anyway, Bonatitan reigi was described by Agustin Martinelli and Analia Forasiepi (Both very good friends). It`s name is in honour to Bonaparte and Reig, very important palaeontologists from here
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Um ótimo desenho com grandes efeitos!!! ;) :clap:
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Gracias!!!! igual no estoy muy contento con el efecto de la perspectiva... necesito practicarlo mas... pero, para ser la primera vez.... jajaja
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beautiful. i have to say its amazing how great you make these pictuers. i love dinosaurs. alot of you pictures are probly gonna end up favorites of mine. XD
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Thank you very much!!!!!!! really, thanks!!!