Contest Curses and Wishes: Deadline Extended.

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Today is the last day!

All entries should be submitted by May 29th 11:59pm Est/Std time. (US)

Hello my friends

Yeah i know it's been a long time  you heard something from me or the other admins regarding the group.  Originally this group was created to aid those who have trouble using photoshop. We asked a lot of advanced artists to share their knowledge or give useful tips, so we all could become better.  But i think most of you do not need personal help with your work or need feedback.  

For those who are interested in learning a quite simple way to achieve a painted look, i can recommend my tutorial i made recently. It's completely free of charge, i only want you to note me if you want to download the files. This technique is also useful to enhance the total look of your work.

Painted Look Tutorial by ED-Creations

Also for those you want to learn some new things, i can recommend to search youtube for tutorials about using gradient-maps. I always use at least one gradient-map in my work and often 2 or more to get the mood i want.


I also am starting a new contest called : "CURSES AND WISHES". Maybe you have seen my work "midas Touch"   Midas Touch by ED-Creations  which i recently submitted. It is a based on the curse of the greek king Midas, who could turn everything into gold by touching it. So be creative and make a work which is based on a curse or a wish. Some suggestions:

* Alladins lamp
*Tantalus curse
*Sleeping beauty
* Werewolfs and vampires

So you see a lot of themes to pick!!

- You can enter this contest with two works, but only one can win a prize.
-There are no rules regarding the stocks you use, but make sure they are from legal sources!!
-Your work has to be new!!

This contest will end on the 15th of May.


There will be 6 prizes of 250 points each, but only if there are more than 15 entries!! With less than 15 entries there only will be 3 prizes of 200 points each.

If you want to donate a prize or give a feature for the winners, please give a comment.


Feature from: :iconmarphilhearts:

Feature from WakefieldDesigns

Feature from lauraypablo

Exclusive Stock from CD-STOCK

Exclusive Stock Pack from WakefieldDesigns

Llama from lauraypablo

Hope you all want to particpate!!!!

Greetings and be creative,

Ed aka :iconed-creations:

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my second entry The Hunter Smile
can you move my work to the right folder?