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hello everyone :D its now the time to start our first contest :dance::party:


It's contest Time by ManipTutsTraducción al español del concurso de Maniptuts:


hola a todos :D (Big Grin) ahora es el momento para iniciar nuestro primer concursoDance!Party
el tema es: botella mágica *¿que tendrá que hacer ?? crear un photomanipulation inspirado en el tema * * botella mágica que puede ser cualquier tipo de magia, lo que inspire: magia negro-blanco, la magia del amor, estaciones cambian por magia, un nuevo mundo .... todo ^^ ser creativo,  aquí hay algunos trabajos increíbles para inspirarse, no copie o rehaga la misma, sólo para la inspiración
:) (Smile)

Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heartthe theme is: magic bottle

*what you will have to do??
create a photomanipulation inspired by the theme *magic bottle* it can be every kind of magic,what inspire you? black-white magic,magic from love? seasons change magic,a new world?.... everything ^^ be creative :)
here some amazing works to inspire,do not copy or redo the same,its only for inspiration
The Magic Bottle by hibbary Cute Magic by DestinyBlue The Magic Bottle by maiarcita Wrong bottle by asuka111 bottled fairy by meago A Magic touch... by AmethystRaven-Art Butterfly-Magic by tinca2 Magical essence  the winter by DiosaEMR :thumb416507943: Conjuration by IvannaDark Drink Me by LadyPingu Louk Lord by MoonsongWolf Microcosm: Triceratops by jasminetoad Desert in a Bottle by AelDunadan Polvere di stelle by Endien Alice's Adventures by Black-B-o-x
SweetPoison by Alosa ..::Essence of Life::.. by Yosia82 Ship in bottle v3 by balint4 Salvation of the bottle by AmandineVanRay :thumb263751789: Drifting Away by alltelleringet Last Melody by LevanaTempest Potion by LorelainW

because its a tutorial group,we chose to feature this tutorial
Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart Transparent Bottle Tutorial by BenjaminHaley :iconbenjaminhaley: YOU MUST USE THIS TUTORIAL TO CREATE YOUR OWN BOTTLE Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart
we will not accept your contest entry if you did not create your own bottle,credit the tutorial into your description :) BUT i see you can dowload the bottle here into a PSD… ,we will not accept your work if you used this PSD so do not use the same bottle used into the tutorial

here some bottle stocks you can use,only example,you can use the bottle you want (not the one from the tutorial ;)) you do not need to use the one show here,its only examples
Glass Bottle 7 by A-Passionate-Flame Stock Glass jar 0.2 by E-DinaPhotoArt Glass Bottle by Tasastock Bottle 02 by SweetSummerStock FREE STOCK IMAGE - Glass Bottle by kevron2001 Bottle by EverydayStock Bottle 3 by TimeWizardStock Bottles 01 by NellyGraceNG

here are some tutorials to inspire you *magic* :dance: its only inspiration tutorials,you do not need to use them into your creation but if you use,credit into the descrition
Making of Genie from 'Genie of by JennLaa Flame Tutorial For Paint Tool SAI by RaikaiRan Magical Glow Tutorial by TheDarkRayne Mist Effect Tutorial by zummerfish Brazier with Fire - PSD Plus by kuschelirmel-stock Lightning Object tutorial by ryky Magic Bubble by ryky Magic - step by step tutorial by ryky Light of Magic 2 - tutorial by ryky Fire - tutorial by ryky Easy Bubbles - tutorial by ryky Light tutorial by ryky Tutorial: Water-Creatures by B-O-K-E

Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heartRules
-photomanipulations only
-you must credits all stocks and tutorials use with DIRRECT LINKS not profile page please
-you must use the bottle tutorial to create your own bottle Transparent Bottle Tutorial by BenjaminHaley and credit the tutorial
-respect the theme,magic bottle
-It must be a new work made especially for this contest
-have a good size,we must be able to see clearly your work
-must be a member of the group to join the contest (everyone can join the group )
-you can submit the number of entry you want but only one can win
-legitimate stocks only,google and wallpaper are not legitimate place to find stocks... if you have questions ask us :)
-write into your descritption that your work was made for this contest with a link of this journal and the group avatar :iconmaniptuts:

Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart submit your entry to the contest folder when its done…

Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart deadline : may 1  so it leave you enought of time to make something amazing :)

Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart all artist lvl are welcome to join,beginner to advanced,we will judge efforts,concept,techniques and how you made the bottle but first we will judge creativity,we want something unique and very special

Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart the prizes :dance: it will have 3 winners and they will all have the same prizes

:iconsirenabonita: 665 points for the 3 winners (points will be send by me)
:iconbenjaminhaley: 200 points for the 3 winners (points will be send by me)
:iconmsfowle: exclusive stock, feature the 3 winners, and llamas.
:iconbirdsatalcatraz: premium stock to all winners
:iconlolita-artz:  premium stock, feature the 3 winners
:iconybsilon-stock: 1 premium stock to all winners
:iconlauraypablo:  features to all winners and this exclusive stock…
:iconwakefielddesigns: 130 points for all winners,feature,exclusive stock
:iconlove-and-blades: 80 points for all winners
:iconpendragonarts-gea: 30 points to all winners
:iconahmad-tahhan: features all winners
:iconluna1282: photoshop actions for all winners
:iconsummerdreams-art: features and llama for all winners
:iconmom-espeace:  premium stock to all winners
:iconxx-tg2001-xx: and :iconiba2001: will offer 5 free things ,surprise ^^
:iconwesley-souza: 1 exclusive stock and features to all winners
:iconmarphilhearts: exclusive stock to all winners
:iconravienneart: exclusive stocks to all winners

*if you want to give more prizes you can contact us before the end of the contest*
(thank you for everyone who gave prizes,you will be featured at the end of the contest)

time start now :D have fun!! be creative and if you have questions,ask us :giggle:
everyone can share this contest,more entry=more fun ^^
© 2016 - 2021 ManipTuts
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I'm donating photoshop actions can I still enter?
Lolita-Artz's avatar
yes sure^^ i cant wait to see your entry! but dont forget the deadline is close,May 1
RavienneArt's avatar
I would like to donate exclusive stock to all winners.
Lolita-Artz's avatar
thank you so much!! i add you to the donator and i will feature you at the end of the contest :)
RavienneArt's avatar
My pleasure! Thanks!! :-)
Lolita-Artz's avatar
you are welcome ^^
YBsilon-Stock's avatar
I gave one exclusive/premium stock for the winners
Lolita-Artz's avatar
thank you so much dear! i will add you to the donator and feature you when the contest will be over :)
YBsilon-Stock's avatar
Cool, thank you so much :heart:
Lolita-Artz's avatar
no problem,thanks to you!:heart:
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I'd really like to enter but I'm not sure how to credit stock images found online. 
Lolita-Artz's avatar
here are some very usefull journals,you will find everything you need Useful InformationNot legitimate stock tips /how to report

Tip to add links

Tips for Beginners Members


Tips for Beginners Stock Provider

its important to credit the stocks you used,i see your gallery dont have credits... you may have big problems with copyright infrigment The Penalties Of Copyright Infringement.I have to address this issue, because it happens to so many people and it is heartbreaking when their artwork is stolen. Uploading any image without permission or credit of the Author is Copyright infringement and is considered theft. It is a major offense and should NOT be taken lightly. I want to point out the actual penalties for copyright infringement if the creator takes the individual who stole their work to court.
The legal penalties for copyright infringement are:
1.) Infringer pays the actual dollar amount of damages and profits.
2.) The law provides a range from $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed.
3.) Infringer pays for all attorneys fees and court costs.
4.) The Court can issue an injunction to stop the infringing acts.
5.) The Court can impound the illegal works.
6.) The infringer can go to jail.
7.) Willful copyright infringement can also result in criminal penalties, including imprisonment of up to five years and fines of up to $250,000 per offense.
That's right, if
you should remove the works without credits or add credits if you dont want to have troubles... and dont forget to use legitimate stocks,google is not a right place to find stocks
ask me if you have questions,it will be a pleasure to help you
TheCozyAuthor's avatar
The main percent of images used in my manis come from surfing the image section on the web. I wish I didn't have to do this, I'd love to have legitimate stock images or images from dA, but the pictures I need are extremely specific and when I search for them in dA nothing good comes up. I usually find stock images that match, but I don't have enough money to pay $50 for one image. Along with that I've changed every image I've used so immensely that it is very, VERY, difficult to tell it is the same as the original image. I always click on the link that I find the images on and make sure they don't ask for credit. Usually the links are to Pintrest or some sort of shop.

Also (I don't mean this to be rude) why is google not the place to find stocks? 

Thanks, Esme
Lolita-Artz's avatar
yes i understand but we must be very caution with this :(
pinterest is not legitimate too (for the same reason of google)

about google is not safe because we can find everything on google! we can find your arts and also mine and all artist from deviant art and around the world,we are the artist and we dont give our works to be use like stocks.On google we can also find celebrity pictures,they are copyrighted and forbiden to use

i want to share with you a big list of legitimate stocks you can find outside dA if you dont find what you need here
Stock sites, tutorials and Photomanip groupsExamples of good stock sites
Please note that this list is meant to give an overview of available stock sites that we would recommend to use, but it is in no way meant to be complete, and we do not take responsibility for the legitimacy of every photo uploaded on these websites. We recommend that you check the rules of every stock photo you download there and the specific Terms of Use (ToU) of the website.
The following list is divided into several subsections, paid and free stocks, and attribution required or not required.***
What does attribution mean exactly? It basically says that you're obliged to credit the stock provider whenever you use their stock in your work.
Stocks for purchase
with all this website,i am sure you will be able to find what you need^^ take the time to read the rules of the website and the rules of each pictures you will use and write the credits

you are welcome,i hope i answer your questions :)
TheCozyAuthor's avatar
Thanks for the info
Lolita-Artz's avatar
no problem,glad to help :)
Angelic-yunie's avatar
I'm having troubles to make the bottle transparent. I'm using GIMP and there is no adjustment layer like in PS and it makes things very complicated :(
I'm trying to figure out how to get the transparency by myself but if you have any tips it would be very helpful!
Lolita-Artz's avatar
ah :( sadly i dont use gimp and i dont know anything about gimp.If its about the step :make an adjustement layer above the multiply mode bottle and put the light white.I think it will do the same if you paint this layer in white,because this step change the layer for white.Or i dont know if you have an option to do this in gimp,hue-saturation or maybe another adjustement to change this layer to pure white

i hope it help! i wish you good luck and please write into your description of you work that you used gimp,it will be took into consideration when it will be the time to judge your work
Angelic-yunie's avatar
Ok, I'll try that. Just to be sure, I'll send a note with an example of my bottle to know if the transparency is okay.
Lolita-Artz's avatar
ok good :) i answered your note
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when does this contest ends>?
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