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Welcome Winners

Welcome all winners of manip-contest.
This is a very special place just for you. If you have won a contest in :iconmanip-contest: you are able to upload your winning piece here.

You have the exclusive right to use this icon :iconmanip-contest-award: in the description area of your winning art. Please indicate what place the piece was awarded. :D

Please join this group.

You may upload your work to Feature. :love:
Hey friends!

I proudly announce the beginning of our first round of Photoshop Ping Pong in 2013!!!!!!


Our Theme: STARDUST         Starts on April 1st - ends on April 31st

The rules should be clear, but I will list them below, just to make sure you all do it right ;)

:bulletgreen: You all have a partner to play with. The pairings will be listed below
:bulletgreen: Please contact each other and sort out which of you will start.
:bulletgreen: Each of you will have the file for one week (if this is too short note me here. Your feedback is important!!)
:bulletgreen: Each of you will have the file twice. Like this
                   Partner A
                   Partner B
                   Partner A
                   Partner B
:bulletgreen: When the week is over you have to send the file as a .xcf or a .psd file or any other file that is compatible with the programs and where you can change the actual image (you have to be able to work on the layers) to your partner
:bulletred: Sending large files ( its free, you just have to sign up) or you can try it via usual e-mail. Discuss this with your partner!
:bulletgreen: Please stay in contact and talk about stocks, inspirations, ideas and changes also always send your partner a list of the    stocks you used!!!
:bulletgreen: Credit all the stocks correctly
:bulletgreen: Put signatures of both partners in the final image
:bulletgreen: Submit the final image to Both of your galleries and to the Photoshop Ping Pong gallery here
:bulletgreen: write a short inspiration text in your artists comments
:bulletgreen: Put our logo in the artists comments and that this image was done for photoshop ping pong
:bullegreent: link back to your partners image

Well I think thatīs all, if I forgot something I will update this journal, so please always read it when you get an update in your message box!!!!

And now the most important thing- the pairings!!!!!!

kongvmax (Photoshop, intermediate) and digitalessandra (Photoshop, advanced)
GentianaArts (GIMP, Advanged) and MarloesW (GIMP, Beginner)
TheFantaSim (Photoshop, Intermediate) and RebeccaLongArt (Photoshop, Intermediate)
PattiPix (?,?) and MarahScott (?,?)

Please do  contact your partner within this month. Please do write a comment below when you contacted your partner and got an answer (both of you please) so that I know everyone is able to get started.

Thatīs it!

Letīs play! :D

Hugs and Kisses
We will start either next week or the week after! Make sure you gave me the information about your level and program- please check your info in the text below!!


Hey there!

As I announced last year ( XD, sounds like an eternity ago) we will do a new Photoshop-Ping-Pong soon.

I am in the "Hot Phase" - Iīve already got everything finished- everything but the pairings.

So I ask all of those who have already signed up till now to leave me a comment for their "classification" and Program they use.

I will start with myself as an example

GentianaArts : GIMP - Advanced
digitalessandra : Photoshop - Advanced
TheFantaSim : PhotoShop (PaintShop Pro) - Intermediate
MarloesW : GIMP -Beginner
RebeccaLongArt PhotoShop - Intermediate
kongvmax : Photoshop Elements - Intermediate

Please classify yourself either in advanced or beginners depending on the contest you won (Beginner or Advanced group).
This is really important, for we are doing this to have fun and learn from each other.

Iīve listed all participants above, just leave a comment and Iīll update this journal.
If there are still some of you out there who havenīt signed up, but want to, leave a comment below. Hereīs the link to the explanations of Photoshop Ping Pong manip-contest-award.deviantart…

P.S.: Those who didnīt gave me their infos- please do this soon. We will start either next week or the week after!

Love you all!!!

As you probably know, our dear Donna has no time to run this group at the moment, so I will do this as the Co-Founder until she is here again!

She gave me permission to start a new round of Photoshop-Ping-Pong, which I really am happy about.

So, all our members: Who would like to join???

For those who havenīt participated in one yet, a brief information about this:

Photoshop-Ping-Pong is a very funny and interesting "game" of this group.
There will be groups of two people who will work on one Manipulation together.
One will start, send it to the other one, then the other will work on it and so on.
There will be 4 work sessions, every member of a pair will have 2.
There will be a theme that I will set up.

Whoīs interested????

People who will participate:
me GentianaArts
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