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Pretty Things - icon texture 1

I've come back from the inactive underworld and decided to go texture crazy and bring you my very first set of textures!

My old [but still active] deviant art became too cluttered for me and I didn't like the name so I made a new account.

38 icon sized textures for your creative pleasure.

+ credit either my LJ: deaselene or my DA: manila-craze
+ do NOT redistribute
+ show me what kind of icons you make out of these! ^.^
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Thanks for sharing~
hyuuunbak's avatar
Dl-ed! Thanks <3
Ally-RedTulip's avatar
These are so pretty! Downloading. :D
Thanks for sharing
I'd like to use this for Live Journal's Haven20in20 comm Round 15 - "vintage" prompt. I will credit back!
bundle-w's avatar
I'm not sure of how I'll use this, but I'm adding it to my :+fav: just in case because they're pretty.
indroyoyoi's avatar
really pretty and quirky! thanks
Cool! I created a link in my post for Showcase of Awesome Textures article. :)

Here's the link:
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katyaceleste1902's avatar
wooow incredible textures....tyvm 4
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I used your beautiful stock here: [link]

Thanks for sharing :rose: :heart:
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Thanks these are gorgeous.
supermushroom0710's avatar
great ^^ i'll show you my art with your tt
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Thanks alot, great job!
Lovely textures, thank you very much!
SpinningStarshine's avatar
I have no idea why these make me think of my times in ghost towns out West - maybe the bright colors mixed with the peeling wallpaper quality - but I like it.
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Awesome textures, thanks!!!
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This is Coooooooooool [link]
izumikonata4's avatar
Using it. Thank you very much! :heart:
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