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Check the Manifestation CCS Gallery for examples of the kinds of cards you can create using the Manifestation CCS: Past Age (Style Series I) templates and Manifestation CCS: Future Age (Style Series I) templates. If you have any questions about them, let me know. I'm the creator and would be very happy to provide you with any information you are searching for.

- Nun Kwon
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CHARACTERSKingdom is named Gelea. Originally a kingdom full elves, but five generations ago they let in other creatures. Most Geleans are still elves, but nowadays there are humans, satyrs, centaurs, cyclops and merpeople. Nymphs always lived in Gelea and choose to not interfere with society much. Gelea is a warm kingdom, containing of five islands. Each island, and the sea have their own leader. They all form a group of advisors for the king. The only island without a leader is Antar, who is lead by the king himself.Gelean houses have many windows and most things are made of stone. Except for the doors, who are made of wood. In many streets of big cities you can find water paths, for merpeople to swim in. And since Gelea consists of islands, water traffic is quite important to them.The king died when his only son was still young and since the Queen already died before, there was no actual leader of the kingdom. This was taking over by leaders of the islands. But now that the Prince is 18 he is preparing to take over the throne again. Something the VFE doesn't want. VFE stands for "Voice of Equality" and they are a group believing that Gelea shouldn't be lead by an elf anymore. A lot of bigger roles are filled by elves, which should be filled by others (in their opinion). The groups grows everyday by demonstrations on the streets. They threatened the Prince several times, stating that they want him dead and that they are gonna come and take him. The Prince was so afraid that he couldn't concentrate on his duties anymore and one day disappeared. It was first believed he was kidnapped but VFE denies everything. Out of fear that kidnappers got away or that the Prince might have committed suicide by jumping in the ocean, water traffic is now on hold and guards are researching everything. ✦ Full body design ✦Child design ✦ Full body design ✦ Hair in more detail ✦Full body design ✦Hair in more detail ✦teenager design ✦ Full body design ✦ Full body design✦ Full body design ✦ Full body design ✦ Full body design✦ Full body design ✦ Full body design ✦ Tail design ✦ clothes design ✦ head design ✦ clothes design ✦ head design ✦ Full body design ✦ Full body design ✦ half body design ✦Fullbody Casual outfit ✦ head design ✦Fullbody Casual outfit ✦ Full body design ✦slave outfit ✦ Marahi full design ✦Kahl full design ✦note that Chee is suppose to be wearing the exact same outfit as Marahi minus the headdress✦ Greta full design ✦ Haan half body design ✦ Dane full design ✦ Lillin half body design ✦Cookie full design ✦Rem full design ✦Janai full design ✦Dorra full design (young version) ✦Nola half body design ✦young version of Nola ✦sisters head design ✦Ger full body design ✦young version of Ger ✦Teo full body design ✦Choell full body design ✦Jero half body design ✦ Terran head design ✦Midei head design ✦Pepe full body design ✦Tono full body design ✦Lotta full body design ✦Miri full body design ✦ Piper full body design ✦Travin full body design ✦Baji full body design Things will be updated once there are new designs or when there is more information ~


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