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Amy.EXE T-Shirt Design

I'm trying to take this picture and turn it into a T-Shirt soon. Yes, I am turning this into a T-Shirt! Mostly because I want one!! lol And there is no Amy.EXE T-Shirt out there in the world... I was trying to draw all different versions of Amy.EXE. So far I know there is 5 different Amys for Sonic.EXE's world. All of them are shipped with Sonic.EXE. This is what I got. It's almost done but need a little more worked on. I'm not sure if I got the color right for each Amy, hopefully I did it right... I hope you enjoy it and if you haven't seen the Sketch of this picture, the link is at the bottom of this message. On here, I be putting each name and describing each personality I would give to each Amy. It's also on the Sketch picture too but just in case most people haven't seen it. It's on here too. I hope you like it!!


Warning: I do not know all of their names cause most already carry the same name as 'Amy.EXE'. To me, I would like to know their names or at less if I was going to talk about each one of them to someone. I would want the names first. Different names do go a long way. (Ex. Sonic and Evil Sonic do carry the same name for 'Sonic' but by add something on to the name, it became a different person.) Also Sorry if you don't like the names, I made the names of what they are or how I would describe them. You don't have to agree, it's just the way how I would see them.

First one is the Original Amy.EXE. A lot of people draw her but most have different ways of drawing her. Many have put holes all round the body and some have put it on one side. I like the one side look. I think her personality would be always serious and straight forward. That's why she has a serious look to her as I drew her.

Second is Amy Doll. There's no true name for her beside version two of Amy.EXE so I call her Amy Doll. She was hard to do since there is so many ways of drawing her. I hope I drew her right. I had a bit of a toss up with her personality, Some pictures of her shows her sad and sometimes helpless and other's where she was mad and Evil. I liked the sad and helpless look cause it needs to balance out with the other Amys. She a little emo but very shy.

Third is Blood Amy. Reason why I call her Blood Amy is because she is like a copy of Sonic.EXE in every way. (At least in my mind) She has blood coming down her muscle and I believe she would have the same attitude as Sonic.EXE. Mad, sneaky, and devilish. Sometimes she has a big ego when going up against someone else. 

Fourth is Possessed Amy. Most people have drawn Possessed Amy with Sonic.EXE and yes she is from Sonic X, there is no way she could be part of Sonic.EXE. But most people have established that She could be with Sonic.EXE. It's even on the Creepypasta Spin off -…
But I think her personality would be her going crazy and very happy! Maybe even psycho at times.

Last is our main girl, Amy Rose! We already know her, sweet and loveable. She would be that light in the Darkness. I believe if you put all Amys together, this Amy would be the heavenly pure girl that always smiles.

Also this will be my first 'Critiques' for one of my artworks. I haven't done 'Critiques' before... So have fun!  
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Very Good! I like how you did this and even added the original Amy Rose. You added a lot of detail into each design.
About Blood Amy's eyes, if they were copying Sonic.exe's, they are supposed to be just glowing pupils. But if your just doing your own thing, I understand.
Overall, Awesome!!! You should do more like this, it would be really cool to see others like Tails.exe or Sally.exe, and I hope you do turn this into a T-shirt. You even Influenced me to do one for Sonic.exe.…
Keep up the good work, and Happy New Year
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Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like it. Blood Amy's eyes are just my style. I don't do pupils on my drawings. I tried drawing pupils before but I always felt like it needs more in the eyes. :P I did try making it into a shirt months ago but I couldn't have it made because of copyrights for Amy Rose. Maybe one day I could have it made but it might not happen by me. If you give me a list of Tails.exe and Sally.exe different forms, I can make it for you. Sadly I really don't know all the forms yet, but I'm still learning. :3 I'm touched that I influenced you, it's a every awesome Sonic.exe Wallpaper! I will and you too. Happy New Year to you too!! 
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Heres the Sally.exe forms:

Original Sally.exe…
Redesigned Sally.exe sonic-exe-redemption.deviantar…
"PC" (Perfect Creation) Sally.exe…
You can also do a blood Sally if you want to just like you did Amy.
These are the forms of Sally.exe I can find right now. I was going to give you a picture of Sally_alt but I can't find one and it's a little confusing on the difference of the redesigned form. But I think these will do. I give you some Tails.exe forms later.
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
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This piece of artwork is beautiful! your style of drawing sonic characters is unique and playful (I've always liked yours) and the colors are well chosen. My choice for the best drawn out of the five versions of Amy is the doll Amy. The poses and facial expressions are mostly well thought out, but I didn't get why the Amy with holes had such a dull expression. To expand on what I stated earlier, I like the fact that you decided to give each version of Amy different color palettes. Each of the color palettes reflects each version's unique character. But, I would have liked a more eye popping background( to entice the viewer a little) and perhaps a little shading. So, let me know when the T-shirts are out. I'll try not to but them all XD
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Where's silly.tiff?
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This looks awsome!  By the way, there is a new Amy.exe from Sally.exe Continued Nightmare, Amy.dll, aka Photonegative Amy!
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I like the 2nd one on top! She looks most like the one in Sally.exe.
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Sorry for the late reply. Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
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Which Is Amy.EXE ... Or Are They All .EXEQuestion Mark 
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The top of is Original Amy.EXE
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Sorry for the super late reply. Thank you! :)
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"Ghost" Amy's eyes give me goosebumps every time! O___O
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I bet, Possessed Amy always given people that feeling with her eyes. But I'm glad I could pull that off from the Sonic X EP. I wasn't always so sure if I did or not. lol
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You did pretty well! ^^
Seeing this in a game would also be nice! :D
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Thank you! :)
That would be so awesome of having Possessed Amy in a game! <3
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yay! sooooo cool! I really want one of those T-shirts... T3T
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oh cool i love it its so creative i wouldn't have thought to have all those different versions of amy :D
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Thank you :) Since everyone likes putting all different versions of Amy with Sonic.EXE, I thought it would be awesome to have all the different versions of Amy be on a T-Shirt. Hopefully it comes out the way it does in my head. Which version of Amy do you like better in the picture?
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