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Last Update: February 6, 2015

An icon theme for Linux desktops. This is far from complete.

I design all icons in this to be quite flat with long shadows as eye catchers. I create icons for applications which have pixel perfect shapes in size 48x48 size, but they are all scalable SVG.

February 6, 2015
- New icons: C, C++ source and header files.
- Changed icons:  Firefox, Eclipse, Packager

April 24, 2014
 - New Icons: Onboard Keyboard, Sudoku, MakeMKV, Logview, Xpdf, Seahorse, Wireshark, Meld, Java, Mines, Mahjongg, Checkbox
 - Changed icons: Bluetooth Preferences, Power Settings, GMail, Totem, Mediaplayer, Audacity

April 23, 2014
 - New Icons: Aisleriot, Contacts, Internet
 - Changed icons: Thunderbird, Bluetooth, Audacity, QT

April 21, 2014
 - New Icons: Thunderbird, Empathy, Midori, Gconf-Editor
 - Changed icons: Truecrypt, Unity-Tweak-Tool
 - More to come soon ...

April 7, 2014
- Included Actions, Categories, Emblem, Mimetype and Status Icons from the Numix icon theme (see ) to get a more complete theme.
  I did not include them "as is" though, but used the program SCOUR ( ) to make the SVG files smaller as I do with all my icons after I design them.
- Added more icons for basic things like system settings.
- Corrected a lot of links, so icons show up actually :)
- Added some more alternative icons (browse the source, Luke)
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Also, could you maybe add icons for programming languages, like C, C++, Ruby, etc? I notice all my files are just the default text icon.
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The files were already there. I added links, so they show up in Nautilus now.
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It's great! I love the new Firefox icon, really good work
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I love these, it gives off a vibe of a stylized 50's poster, like something you'd see in Superman or BioShock. It feels very "futuristic". Fantastic work!
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I salute you. Please put these on GitHub with some guidelines so we can help.
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I really like the start you've made on this set. If may suggest the following apps that don't have an icon as of yet:

Applications: Pidgin, xnoise, gourmet, engrampa, xfburn, catfish, orage, bluefish, google chrome, filezilla, ristretto, minitube, pnmixer, dictionary, darktable, easytag

Under Xfce Settings Manager w/out icons: notifications, panel, workspaces, mime type editor, session and startup, window manager

Other Icons:  users and groups,  time and date, settings editor, mail reader default icon (xfce)

Hope this helps fill in the gaps. Keep up the good work. :)
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Thanks for the praise! I have some time on my hands again and will look into the icons you proposed.
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AWESOME icons works with gnome shell 3.10
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using it now with KDE SC 4.13 !
Like it :)
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my friend this set is so great!! i hope to finish them soon...:D (Big Grin) I am a dummy!   keep up the good work!
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These are really nice. I hope that you will keep at it.
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