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Not in Your Shadow Forever
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Published: March 1, 2007
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Oh my...I think I hit my cuteness quotient with this.

This (I guess actually Spoilerish) fanart hails from the lawyerly world of the Phoenix Wright/Ace Attourney games, and since Franziska is present here, I guess that means Spoilers for both games. Kinda. So stop looking if you don't like spoilers...? Whoops.
Manfred scares the hell outta me; adopting the son of the man you killed, Just so you can crush him when he grows up? man, wtf.

This happened randomly; started drawing it while watching [Scrubs.], of all things.. I'm actually kinda proud of it, since I almost NEVER draw children, and they came out...pretty decent. The only things about this drawing that bother me are the hands, since I have trouble drawing them palm-side-up/facing viewer, and the fact that Miles kinda looks like he's leaning to one side. He looks a touch overbalanced. Oh well.
Miles came out exactly how I thought he would, and Franziska is just adorable. I can't express how happy I am with how she came out as a whole.

Dang, I wrote a whole essay there.
Miles Edgeworth, Franziska von Karma, and Manfred von Karma('s leg) are from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney and Justice for All, which is totally the property of Capcom.
This here time-consuming fanart is (c) Me, ManicDraconis, however.
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Gander45|Student General Artist
Franzy is so adorable with the teddy bear
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Young Franny: W-Wait! M-Miles Edgeworth! You foolish fool! Don't leave me!!

Edgeworth: I have no choice Franziska. I have to go study in america. I will come back as soon as possible, I promise you.
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Evil-Nom|Hobbyist General Artist
Does she use that teddy bear to hit people? XD
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togepi1234|Student General Artist
Maybe she hid a rock or something inside to do so XD
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I think maybe she does.
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AthenaCykes|Hobbyist Artist
Ahh so cute!
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ask-sourgrape|Hobbyist Artist
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geko-blackjack's avatar
Such an adorable picture! Especially little Franziska <3
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Very-Bored-Anon's avatar
It's quite nice, I'm sure you worked very hard on it.
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Introvert-Thyself's avatar
Introvert-Thyself|Hobbyist Digital Artist

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beaAceattorney|Hobbyist General Artist
i love it it's great!
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DorkDevil|Hobbyist General Artist
This is so cute!! >//<
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yinami|Student Interface Designer
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FlameHeadSavvy|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:love: Aaaw!
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camir|Hobbyist General Artist
That is so adorable. And the characters are very well recognizable. Great job. :)
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I was about to explode from all the squeals that I was holding in when I saw this. I honestly think that you have just made my day. I think that's one of the things that I love about Franziska and Edgeworth...even if you don't ship them as a romantic couple, there are so many aspects about their childhood that are open to explore.

Excellent job on this. Miles didn't look overbalanced to me until I read your comments and looked again, so...I guess that's a good thing...and Franzy's teddy bear was a very nice touch.
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grrr-imma-lion|Hobbyist General Artist
This picture is adorable. I imagine von Karma to be that kind of assy father who doesn't pay any attention to his kids aside from telling them what to do with their lives, so its nice to see that Miles is looking after his (adoptive) baby sister. :+fav:

And on a side note, the other day my girlfriend and I had a scary thought.

Franziska is Manfreds biological daughter, and she has an unnamed older sister who's moved away and is now married and has a daughter. That means that scary Manfred von Hitler dude has had s3x. At least twice.

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Orbit135's avatar
Sadly, that is how every man and woman, even the unattractive ones, have kids. Try not to think about it. :(
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Manfred IS really scary... I higly doub that he'd even allow Franziska to own a Teddy bear, for that matter...
Still, this lil picture manages to express their complex relationship perfectly - I love those two *.*
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ManicDraconis's avatar
Thank you! He probably wouldn't. Maybe it was a gift from a relative.

I was glad to see them expand on it a little in Edgeworth's game.
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If I could super-fav something, I'd have this double-starred in an instant. VERY VERY nice. Captured a very cute moment there. The only thing I have a small problem with is Manfred's leg. I didn't know who that was until I read your commentary. If he's important enough to be in the pic, he should be....well...IN it--at least, enough that he's more recognizable. On the other hand, if he was fully in the pic, the focus would be drawn away a bit from the two kids. A hard balance, to be sure. At any rate, this is only a small problem I have, and the rest of the pic is so adorable and emotional that I still love it. You can really see the mixed feelings in Franziska's whole body there--both the resentment and the adoration she has for Edgeworth.
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