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Claire Redfield CV Retexture

I present you another retextured model and this time it's Claire Redfield CV which was extracted and rigged by grotesque.

Since Capcom's original textures looked a bit unclean in close-up view I refined them and now Claire's skin, hair and clothes have more realistic shape.

The whole changes include:
- refined original textures;
- added bump maps;
- fixed flipped normals on her hair.

Update: mostly important for blender, 3ds max, maya, etc use. Claire's front hair have no more white contours and is completely transparent

IMPORTANT: if you use this model, make sure to write grotesque in credits!


Claire Redfield character belongs to Capcom
© 2011 - 2022 manic-k
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Beautiful Blue Jeans Woman! :heart::huggle::heart:
She looks really sexy here. 8-)
Please keep  up the very good work! :clap::clap::clap:
very good work!
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Claire the hottie!  No wonder Steve was crushing on her so hard.
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Beutiful model claire :)
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does she have bones for her fingers and lips?

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thanks!!now i know how to draw claire better!!!this looks really clear!!
manic-k's avatar
i'm so glad it will be useful xD
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Excellent pic. Shows Claire in all her fantastic beauty.

Well done.
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thanks a lot! :la:
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Finally, a Claire model without Make-up or weird bones. Thanks :D
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someone actually made her rigged to work in san andreas so now i can go and play with her.
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You Know, I Feel Sorry For Claire.
Cus She's Been Though An Entire City Of Zombies And Umbrella's Mutants,
And She's Been To Europe, And Never Yet Found Her Brother. <=\

I Mean, Chris' In Africa With Sheva,
Fighting Wesker And His Urobor Creations. XD
manic-k's avatar
agreed, she had enough just for nothing Oo
but maybe she'll be more lucky inm the future xDD
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Я дам кредит при використанні цієї моделі
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спасибо! :la:
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