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Goku Super Saiyan God

Hi there !
Well I had to do him at least once, this, is Goku in Super Saiyan God, from the last movie :) I don't know why in the movie he look like younger in God mode... So I did him in a more adult version ^^ The original fire aura is quite special too in the movie, so I did a "classic" one >.>
I hope you'll like it :D
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Just a theory guys what if this not actually a Super Saiyan God but a incomplete version of it due to pan no being born yet when they used the ritual or when in this form you try transforming maybe would turn you into a True Super Saiyan God
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I saw the movie. It was AWESOME!
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i wonder ssjgod or ssj4 gogeta
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That's actually a really good question! o.o
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next movie for sure or maybe ssj god fusion OMG(pun fully intended) that would be amazing
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sry for people who see the link thing too its my fucking browser
It's not that he looks younger, it's that he's leaner, thinner, more compact. That's all. Reason is to look simple since in both Buu and Cell Sagas they make it a note that big in your face transformations are bad and or unnecessary.
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The movie explains (well, at least in the latam dub, I doubt it was some kind of translation error) that a god's power is not represented by its muscles or ki, so the art team probably tried to make him look a little more simple.
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Very unique art. Would you like to join me? I am making a DBZ series and need expert animators such as yourself. If you help me, I will also pay you and give you credit.
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the reason why he looks younger is that they designed ssj god goku to be skinnier and a bit taller. 
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You did a good job with this, but man...this really is a let down of a new look. It's just the kaioken form.
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Cool picture. Can I please use it as a cover image for my newest fan fiction on
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Sure, just credit me ok ?
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Stunning, and oh so cool
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Your welcome ^^
Super saiyan god kinda looks like Kaioken.
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yeah, that's god mode alright.
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