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dA is also a community, just like any other community in the world. The only difference is that dA is an online community and the others, well they are totally offline :nana:.  So, this means there will be some standards to be held in there, or else
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my favs well nothing to say about it

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Maniamama has started a donation pool!
30 / 300
please i dont any points i had too generous with some persons and now my balance has 0 points :(

but you can donate me some points for me ok thanks i want to print my draws as poster

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Maniamama's Profile Picture
Pam the creator
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My name is Pam the creator( that's my nickname^^ yes I know you will all say that this is a very young age and you say how I do so many beautiful things in such a small age and I'm from another world and blah blah blah LOL . I do not speak English very well but I am still making progress.

I must tell you that . For a year I was not able to put pictures just because firstly I forgot my password, so I
reinstated with a new password and a new E-MAIL address because I could not take two times. Where was the same problem I put new E-MAIL address but this is because for Email from verification .I had not re-register each time when one time, I learned that I just had to create me a new outlook and google account and start all over .

Good short, it's done I've finally succeeded and that it took me a year to understand all this . In any case, I can not wait to hear your comments in my profile and in my drawings haha <3 you are all welcome ;)
You guys are all my friends
(note me if you feel alone)
I'll be here to listening

Request me anytime!!( always open for every time )
------> Talk to me,I'm 18 ,I'm a little bit chubby , been years before accepting my weight,
and I've got curly hair, very wide hair , so wide that i can use it as a pillow LOOOOOL
I started DA when i was 14
and well... guess that's it.

I never stop to upgrade and change my profile photo (maybe, it would be the last time)

so welcome to my magic kingdom( the land of Maniamagnet !!!!!!)
firstly I've created an OC since 2013, Cloudy

---> profile Cloudy Cirrus (design) by Maniamama

Cloudy cirrus is the queen of clouds
She lives in the clouds is often generally cheerful, but you have all the same to be careful because if somebody make her enormously angry , she could develop a superhuman strength once very annoyed (she can make electricity).
When she need to get recharged her powers, Cloudy goes to an special electric room .
She defends her owns with an arch that can also turn into harp (her principal weapon)
hobbies: sing for people !
(she sings so well that she cures injuries.)

so you know enough of this ,ill talk of the principal OC

since one year I created one character that I imagine as spicy taste in my mouth
and found a song that i took months to find to YouTube
(weirder when ! write finally this)

His name is Gravin fire bones (yeah, I wanted that he looks devilish and in the same time cute)
his element, fire, considered that the most powerful king of the land of Maniamagnet
he live in the bottom at the earth , his servant is a talking skull named Dede
he was abandonned by his own parent to be in security because he was been captured too much times when he was a baby
(even a baby, he could destroy already a kingdom)
and now , his powers his higher now he could destroy the whole world, but things prevent him by adventures and problem of people who hates him (that means, A LOT OF PEOPLE) excluding of his own kingdom.
he is very the daredevil of the story (means that when he wants something ,he always got it whatever it takes , and however he will do to got it)
He is a neutral king, but you surly don't want to see his anger until coming his true sight... the dark fire
hobbies: destroy trees for fun

Crunch Crunch by Maniamama
Emblem by Maniamama
-------> taking bath ... with lava? Lava bath  by Maniamama
-------->For all ! need to say thanks for :iconanfelmeva:
and another friends
thanks you for all and don't forget to comment
Support me and I'll support you
That will help me very much out to fell better
Enjoy with my profile



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i relized that.. nobody had an little effort to remember my birthday last january 
wow nevertheless i took an effort to say happy birthday to many of my watchers 
I’m up now
The reason why I don’t draw often these ( and I kindly sure that most of you don’t give a ****)
is because there no sound in my house
Yes I’m pretty wierd to say this but it’s the true!
No tv in the whole house
But a least there’s my ps4 ( or my sister’s)
Well no noise from in the tv ( or phone or cumputer or whatever !)
The tv working could be the best idea
But I will anyway draw without... I’ll try.
Cmon look seems you to sometimes you can’t draw for idiot reasons, I’m sure some person in this 7,6 billion of dudes and ladies blue planet
( leave a comment if your admit to be that person ( or just comment for fun))


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Thanks you know it’s the first time that somebody is writting me with A LOT OF CHEER
Thanks yes I’ll wish you a happy birthday 🎂 🍰🥇🎖🏅
Me ,I’ve just being 18 in January yayyy
Each time a ask a request it’s me that I have to tell
But now , YOU WANT!!! Unbelievable
Thanks a looooot!!!
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