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Do this again but with selen included (the female protagonist)
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"I want it"-some background dude in Hackers

a second part would be good

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Aww her little potbelly is so cute!

Love the new style

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Did you draw it using a new style? It looks very nice

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Yeah, I've been feeling bored of my usual process.

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I hope I see where this is going.

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Yeessss, wholesome soft is always glorious.
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I think it is obvious where the + is coming from, hah. This looks pretty cute, you've been showing off your cute character abilities, Fork, and I for one am amused.

The best New Game+
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thats not ash feeding lillie

who is that person wearing ash's ahlola region outfit

That's the game character of SM (i think his name is Elio)

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oh ok would not know that i only follow the anime and have since i was 4 when it came out here in the states

it's good. not a lot of people know the game character's name.

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your alot more understanding and cool about me only know the anime

i have been on the end of alot of hate from lots of people saying i am not a true pokemon fan cause i only follow the anime or i am a fake fan cause real fans only play the games

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of pokemon just for the anime or the game, a pokemon fan is a pokemon fan, and we should all accept each other. I play the game and watch the anime, and I don't know all the game character's name.

Cutecurvymichelle's avatar

i agree

i hate the gatekeeping in fandoms it is the worst part about fandoms

star trek fandom has it ,star wars fandom has it ,and pokemon fandom has it and the doctor who fandom has it

i have a feeling the marvel and dc fandoms have it and most other big franchise fandoms have it

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Please do more of Lillie. She is so cute and looks to be enjoying it.

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