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My LEGO Channel, Maniac4Legos
Hello everyone!
Some of you may know that I have a channel on YouTube that reviews LEGO and K'NEX sets and reports LEGO and K'NEX news.
Recently, I've wanted to make some changes to the channel. My first change: a new name!
Some of you may remember my old channel name, 13hammertime62. It was honestly made long before I made LEGO videos and has been embarrassing for me as a LEGO reviewer. Yesterday, I discovered how to change the name, and now it is Maniac4Legos!
My Twitter account, Maniac4Legos, also carries the same name. I'm not sure if I could change my tumblr blog to Maniac4Legos as well, but on these sites you can find my recent postings of LEGO news and recent videos! Google+ shows my videos as well so check there too.
In the start of my second "season" (year) of reviewing LEGO and K'NEX products, I wanted to starts things fresh. I want to bring content that YOU, the viewers and subscribers, want to see most from my channel. I will try my best to meet our expectations without ove
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Happy New Year! Hope it's settling in well for most of you! I wanted to do a quick update on this page and lay a brief outline for the upcoming year. Specific details will follow on YouTube.
1. Since late November I have been planning on writing a book about odd and interesting LEGO products and merchandise, with tidbits of information and lesser-known history in between them. I briefly shared about this on Instagram over the past week and hype is forming! The book is still in the manuscript stage but will be on hold indeterminately as I sort other bigger things out. Plus it might allow time to fill the book with more info and develop great pictures and visuals.
2. I am currently working on cleaning and organizing my LEGO room. It won't be 100% clean when it hits Maniac4Bricks on YouTube but it will be organized enough to understand where most things are and how each space will be used to its potential. I'm in a toss-up if it should be a scripted video, as room tours in the past off the cuff take me too long for viewer interest. But you can let me know in the comments if it makes a difference. You can follow its periodic updates on my extras channel to keep you tied over for now.
3. For 2018, I do want to make a goals video/briefly highlight the year in advance as well as an FAQ video for future reference. These may be scripted as well, still in progress creating. No videos planned to come out soon except Haulidays and CollectAThon Agents before video hiatus. Basically, I planned in December 4 videos would go out before I take a break from making videos for a while so I can schedule out the rest of the year thoroughly and consistently. Depending on how soon the room cleanup and FAQ and 2018 Goals videos are made, they may be excluded from the hiatus.
4. Giveaways may be put on hold for now from their monthly basis until things shape up better financially to make the giveaways constant and worthwhile. As much as I enjoy giving away some of the obscure LEGO I find it is a costly venture on a monthly basis, and I already factored a new series, Pick-A-Brick Wall Analysis, into a monthly program which does include travel and cup expenses.
5. I know I don't always use my Facebook page compared to other social media, but it has been one of the more difficult outlets for me to manage and one of the less interactive ones with viewers. If you have Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube I suggest following me on those, as they are more up to date on information and offer more exciting content than solely Facebook. The page may not close but just have a pinned post about the page activity being postponed. If you still want my content through Facebook, follow me at Joey ManiacBricks, which is directly linked to my Twitter for all kinds of information and shoutouts. For other methods of contact outside of social media, write to me at
6. In my absence from regular Maniac4Bricks videos, I plan to focus more on my passion project, The Brick Theorists. People have suggested that this has alot of potential and the videos I regularly made in 2017 were falling low under the radar for unique and important content from me. I agree with these statements, and there's been plans since June 2017 to get videos out but in the wake of other videos all wound up on the back burner. I think these would be enjoyable to make and I certainly had fun up to this point in the research, visuals and scripting of them. So for more regular content from me, some which will be reposted here, check out The Brick Theorists, which explores the world of LEGO and compares it to our own.

7. I'll also be on here for more things not featured first on other social media.
While things seem uncertain for now, I do plan on having better content this year with a better plan on approaching my goals. Thanks for tuning in, see you around for more!
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Toy Collector and Reviewer of LEGO, Hot Wheels, and assorted video games from Nintendo and Microsoft.


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