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September 17, 2021
In memory of freedom by ManiaAdun
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In memory of freedom


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I dont even know what to say.
I started this piece some time ago, when I stumbled across WilsonAxpe Photography ( by Scott Wilson. He has this breathtaking pictures of the wild horses of sand wash basin in Colorado. I learned about this beautiful stallion Picasso - and after more than five long years of not drawing or painting - I just had to paint him. I had to. 
At that time I knew that Picasso himself was probably not alive anymore. But he had lived a long happy life in freedom. Passed on his genes to future generations of magnificent wild horses. 
Now that I finished this piece, I learned that the BLM has decided to round the horses up. There will be no more freedom for his sons and daughters and the other horses of the basin. Families will be torn apart. I am utterly heartbroken.

From The Cloud Foundation:
"BLM has confirmed their intention to roundup 783 wild horses using helicopters and remove them from their home in the Sand Wash Basin HMA of Colorado. They will return just 50 to the range - 25 stallions and 25 mares."…

If you see this painting before the roundup started, please try to help. On this site you can see how:…

If it is all done and freedom is no more for these horses, please take a look at Scott Wilsons Photography ( ; ).

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great job on that😊😊😊

Awh that is so beautiful!

Very beautiful painting from the heart of a beautiful person. I feel the same way. Wild animals should remain wild. Unfortunately human kind is the demise of these and many other wild animals natural habitats. I don't know what the intentions of BLM are for the removal of these majestic animals from their home? Are they removing them to protect them? Maybe to stop inbreeding, which can cause many genetic problems?? Sometimes human intervention is required to protect the wild from humans if there is to be future generations of these animals.

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Freedom gives wings

So sad what's happening out west because of the BLM. Beautiful painting of Picasso!

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Yea, it was good while it lasted. Totalitarianism has robbed us of it all. Nice painting.

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I absolutely love this! Picasso is such an amazing horse and you painted him nicely!

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Congratulations on getting featured 😊

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I think this drawing has to be the best I have seen on DA of a horse. Stunning and ❤

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Beautiful, stunning painting! Congrats on the DD!

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Ahh I love this one. The colors are harmonious and easy to look at. And the horse is so cute and beautiful💕 makes me sad to hear about the horses😔

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Beautiful work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

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It's brilliant!

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Absolutely stunning work - love all the details here, the colors, the pose... :heart:

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very nice horse

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Wow, so pretty. And I'm a little sad to hear they won't be able to roam free anymore

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