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Taranbeer Rainmeter

Thanks to Lifehaker[link] to inspire me to customize and thanks to
Project Curve[link] by ~teejay3 for the Weather Meter(edited)
HUD.Vision[link] by ~mepu For Picture browser And Clock(edited)
SimpleMeter[link] by ~vonSmallhausen For Hdd And Network(edited)
Starlight Desktop[link] by ~RyKennedyan For System CPU and Ram And Clock(Edited)
Icons From ecqlipse 2
Software Used
Cd Art Display[link]

Wallpaper is here [link]

Thanks For The Help :D
If you're having weather troubles then right click the weather icon, then click edit skin. Then find under 'Variables there should be something that says:
URL="http ://*&dayf=6&unit=m"

Change where it says 'xoap' to 'xml' so it looks like this:

URL="http ://*&dayf=6&unit=m"


Like to Ecqlipse 2 Icon Pack [link]
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To install this extract the zip file (7 zip or winrar or some other one)

Drag the file thats from the zip file to your desktop (or straight to the folder you know it has to go but to make it easy just put it on the desktop, for this one it would be Taranbeer Rainmeter) because its in a file form and not a .rmskin file you have to do this manually

Now you must have Rainmeter downloaded, go to the site to download it if you haven't downloaded it already.

Once it's downloaded there is going to be a new file in your (for me on Windows 10 it's:  This PC > Documents > Rainmeter > Skins) open the skins file and drag that Rainmeter Taranbeer to the folder. DO NOT PUT IT WITH          @ backup, @ vault, illustro files. Those are rainmeter's own files.

Then when you go to rainmeter click to "Refresh All" and it will pop up when you are at the "manage Rainmeter" and then click each individual file for what you want from Taranbeer Rainmeter.

This will have to be done with any zip file rainmeter versions. If it's a .rmskin file you just have to click that file twice and rainmeter will do the rest.
meilleux jadore
how to download as .rmskin file type ?
How do you install this...?
c quoi ces liens y en a 1 sur 3 qui marche j ai telecharger le theme j ai un dossier zip et impossible de l installer appremment il faut un fichier .rmskin pour que ca marche
could win8.1 use this?
How can one go about changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit on the weather module? 
Go to edit the skin and look under URL and change the unit= from m to e (metric to english)


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Weather skin has a few glitches - annoying ( for instance 3rd day forecast has 'url' before it ) . Also be nice not to have Location ( brainer) and esp. in bold . But overall tis a nice theme, thanks for your hard work.
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For those who want to change the 1:00pm to 13:00 just edit the file of the clock and replace %#I:%M %p with %H:%M
There's a missing icon #5 for Rain/Snow Showers weather
the icons dont work. it says they arnt valid icons
anyone knows how to put the icons down
 i will give my team viewer no:
so you guys can do it
i cant do it so please help me !!!!!
Also how did you hide the windows bar :C?
I realized this myself.Welp.Fail comment.
How do I install the StarDock icons?Which folder from the zip do I use?
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I'm having a problem. When I put the location in, it seems that the "X" is getting in the way. like its overlapping. and I can't move it. Also I would like to also move the position of the "sunny" and "temperatures" because they're too close to each other.
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