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Google Chrome theme - ZOMBRE

By Manhog
This is ZOMBRE, a kind of Vista black style theme for Google Chrome.
I hope you like it.

Read 'readme.txt' for the simple installation


EDIT 080910: Theme updated to v1.2
Darker (same as Zombre dark), better close button behavior, fixed 'new-tab-mouse-over'.
© 2008 - 2021 Manhog
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Does this work in the newest version of chrome? (
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Does this work in the newest version of chrome? (
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is it in some way possible google chrome to acquire a windows skin, as foobar (x
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chrome gets all red when im installing this... why?
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I really like the look of your theme, but it does not seem to work for me. I sent you an email with a captured screen shot of what it appeared like on my system... asked for assistance, but have not heard anything.... hope maybe you can update it to the newest version of Chrome...
I would love to have this but unfortunately every time i replace the dll and start Chrome i get "woha! chrome has crashed" (or words to that effect). when i replace with the original dll it works again.

is this just me?

i run XP professional with SP 2
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doesn't work for the newer version obviously
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I think I had adaware as a Firefox plug-in, but what I really think is going on is just that Chrome has some security issues (as reported in the media), which is understandable as it's an early public beta. I just found it hard to believe that in the same day I installed it, and after visiting a few non-shady sites, it caught something - and like an ass I assumed it was your dll (which I've since re-installed - love it!).

Anyway, I ran a TrendMicro House Call scan and did a HijackThis scan (neither finding anything suspicious), cleared the cache and rebooted and the redirect malware was gone. I think it's something that worked through the browser cache somehow, so I would suggest to anyone having this issue - run 'Clear browsing data' (all of it) and maybe reboot and you'll probably be fine. Either that or one of the Google updates fixed it.

And again sorry for the language before, I tend to have a visceral reaction to (those I perceive to be) hackers.
Apology accepted. Thank you.
I'm sorry to hear of your browser problems, it does sound a bit strange. Have you given 'adaware' a try?
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Well, I apologize for blaming your dll, but the fact is that's all I did to Chrome other than visiting a few perfectly legit websites before the browser started redirecting searches to spam sites. I keep my system very clean and didn't have trouble with such malware until A) I installed Google Chrome and B) installed your dll.
Really, It's kind of annoying when you take the time to make something creative, share it, and then some muppet comes along and yells 'malware' - because what? Grow up, get your computer sorted, and stop downloading 'free online super virus-checkers', that go bananas over a simple .dll file.

To others: The .dll file is not an executable, and exactly as the original 'default.dll' is just contains some 200+ .png-images that make up the Chrome GUI.

If you want _ you can download 'reshacker', which is a small program to open and look inside .dll-files, extract the .dll and you'll have all the separate .png's . (And you can make your own theme! :) )

For more info on how it works - look here:


Some more themes:
Lol are you kidding me?
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Yeh, move it to the right section!!!!
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Coool ! Thy a lot
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woow o_O I like it! ;)
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Customization > Skins & Themes > Windows Utilities > Miscellaneous
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will be favourites
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