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Cloudy Sky Tutorial

Several people have asked me how I do those cloudy skies of mine (which I tend to use too much, but hey, that's my way of distracting you from the constant lack of backgrounds *he he*) so here is anoter Crappy Tutorial of Doom!! :D

I use Photoshop CS2, but it can all be done with earlier versions.

Warning: Big file ^^;

Oh and if you want to thank anyone for this, thank my Photoshop guardian angel, because he's the one who taught me :love:
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thank you so much!!!!  this is really helpful!
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You're very welcome. Hope you have fun with it! :D
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Hey! Thanks a lot for this tutorial man! :D But the problem is I still can't figure out how to add my characters to the cloud background :( Could you please help me out a bit?
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Hi. I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Can't you just make a new layer on top of the cloud background and add your characters to it…?
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Thank you so much for posting this :D This is the only cloud tutorial I've ever completed and felt happy with. I just finished fiddling around with it in Photoshop, and I feel so happy :tighthug: 
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Oh thank you for taking the time to comment :meow: I really didn't think it would become so popular when I made it, and it's always great to hear that people find it useful.
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Haha of course :D 
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Thanks for this great guide ^^

I used the steps in my drawing.
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You're very welcome! :D
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Hi! :wave: I used your tutorial here: [link]

Thanks! :D
Ametystical's avatar
Oh it's so easy! :iconlazycryplz:
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Hop you have fun with it! :D
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It gives a nice result. Thanks for sharing ^^
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rly simple and useful , thank you ^-^
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You're most welcome!
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This is a very handy tutorial and helped me put the finishing touch to a piece I was doing. Thanks for making it :)
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You're most welcome. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!
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Thank you very much! i applied this tutorial in one of my coloring :-)
Mangsney's avatar
You are most welcome! :D
LuXiongMao's avatar
Great tutorial! It's really helpful :)!
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