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Hiro: I've never seen foam with electromag expansion before.

Gogo: Lighter weight, bigger size, but... not big enough... yet!

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Gogo: Lighter weight, bigger size, still... not big enough... yet!

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Was this a patreon exclusive because I found this image originally on rule34 and noticed that it wasn't here? 
interesting. I feel like Gogo is trying to develop some light implants so she can still do extreme sports.
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"Che, ponete un implante" me imaginé que decía jaja

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I agree with the comments below, I hope we get to see a followup later down the line of Gogo with even larger breasts :)
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I so hope to see you do Honey next. 

Also if you take requests,  Honey next :P
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Weaponized milk is next. Get on it, Honey Lemon.
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Man I always love your art. Whenever I see it I see that you practice a new concept in almost every piece. This one seems to be motion, or something in motion, if I’m correct. Excellent work 👍
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I hope we see her get bigger

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I love this pic. Good work.
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Nice love gogo , very cool.
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>lighter weight

hey now, we like some heft to a busty girl's tits. We don't want her tits going all jigglypuff on us.
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There's a store just for this kind of need...Mart Growing.  
Would be interesting to see how her superhero persona would be like if these were her specialty instead of discs.
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Somehow I think this would be more apt if it were Honey Lemon.
I'd say both are good.
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