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Faith Unstoppable 3D

This is a commission I requested to an amazing 3D animator named RochesteDorm of my own picture of Faith…

I didn´t request to make her bigger...
you know...
How can you refuse of getting more shrimps on your plate when you only requested rice? :V

Anyways here is his link if you are interested in watching his stuff. He doesnt take commissions very often but maybe you might have a chance and I gotta say he is way more worth than he thinks he is.
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© 2020 - 2021 mangrowing
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I would love it to see you do a comic involving floating!

Does anyone know if the mangrowing artist is ok? he hasn't posted anything on Twitter Since march and fans want to see the next pages of "Did you say moo?"

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Yep everything in the area is about to be obliterated...

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The Tit-Slam! +1

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I really, really appreciate that you're putting more Faith content out there. She's so underused - especially her Catalyst design.

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In one swing they'd all get wrecked. I'd love to get my face smacked by those (even if my head gets taken off lmao)
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Looks like a finishing move: The Tit-Slam! <3

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Your great drawing in 3d render. Wonderful, that's the quality content everyone loves you for

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Absolute masterpiece. Certainly did not expect a 3D rendition today, that's grand.

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Awesome!!! 😁😁😁
They are all going to die
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