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Living Room

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Published: May 14, 2011
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Based on a tutorial.
Similar color scheme to my kitchen.
Not much customization, considering the room is extremely small.
In the process of building a 3 story house, which I will eventually complete inside and out. Look forward to it, but it wont be done for quite a while.
I will probably start a WIP series on the peice though.

Painting: [link]

Cinema 4D R12
Photoshop CS5
Image size
1920x1080px 1.17 MB
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IngheleneHobbyist Digital Artist
Might have been after a tutorial, but man this looks nice. 
It actually took me a while to get that it was 3D.
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Just breathtaking... The glare is just amazing, the slight reflective-ness of the wooden tiles also gives a kind of atmosphere. render time? I bet around 5 hours+ lol.
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MangoTangoFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
Yea, I think it was around 6-7 hours, but that was before I got my new computer, which scored more than 20x higher in Cinebench. :3
Wireixa's avatar
Wow yea. Well, that render time is totally worth it, becuase it is B-e-a-utiful.
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Oh man this is nice render! love the design of the room. and that lap is awesome!
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blazi76Professional Digital Artist
Impressive quality and precision of your work. ;)
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blackbeamerHobbyist Digital Artist
impressive lighting... color scheme...

the wrinkles on pillow is tht mapping, texturing or modeling?
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DasilvaGFXProfessional Digital Artist
hmmm, you're actually doing it the right way, maybe a little softer in shadows..... I'm not shure about the vases being that big though, but as composition it's great!
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Excellent, Great, Beautiful, so realistic I couldn't believe my eyes. To be honest, I think it's better than the tutorial, because the tutorials render was too noisy yours is pretty smooth and clear.:clap::clap::clap:
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perrysecretStudent Digital Artist
I would live in that room!
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Mohammad09Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the rug......... very nice
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MangoTangoFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
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CarckStudent Digital Artist
If anything, you could use a more exponential color mapping to reduce the amount of over-exposed pixels to the right, anyway; nice render ;)
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Keeps getting better and better...
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rakkausBRProfessional Interface Designer
wondering.. if C4D its better than 3dsMax...
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agent-frosProfessional Digital Artist
The primary program I use is Maya but I have used C4D and C4D is quite a bit easier and rendering in C4D is really nice. I prefer Maya though because it feels like I am able to do more in it.
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rakkausBRProfessional Interface Designer
maya is more used for organic modelling right?
agent-fros's avatar
agent-frosProfessional Digital Artist
You can use it for almost anything. I have seen it used for mechanical and organic, for video games and film. I have yet to use 3DSMax, but so far maya feels like a jack-of-all-trades kinda program. the fluid and dynamics aren't that good though but it's getting better and you can find a coulple of plugins to improve it. I have seen a few of 3DSMax's tool and it looks like makes low poly an mechanical objects easier but I'm sure you can do the same in Maya for a little extra time.
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MangoTangoFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
C4D is better for "ease of use" for beginning up to advanced users.
There are a lot of "click and drag" functions. So its like, "oah want this here, just do it".
Basically, very easy to learn the basics, but still has the power.
Less huge in the community, so there are less resources as far as materials and such.
Especially Vray Materials, there are tons for Max, almost none for C4D.
I have heard that Max has a huge focus on exporting to games, and having the type of tools for easy character animation, and tools for lowering polygons.
You would have to try to make the same scene or model in each of the program, and see which is easier.
I would honestly suspect that C4D is easier, but I haven't actually tried 3dsMax, but I have seen it being used.
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