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Home for Christmas
Home for Christmas
When I finally left home for good, I moved to another city to take a year-long course in database programming. Before long, this course proved to be not only more intense than I had expected, but so boring that I began doubting whether I would even complete it.
As a matter of necessity, my leisure pursuits such as drawing and creative writing came to get less and less of my time. This soon made me realize just how important these activities were to me, and these restrictions began making the year even more difficult.
Somehow I occasionally found the time to go to a church near my apartment. As Christmas neared, some of the people I had met began making plans to produce a condensed stage version of  “A Christmas Carol.” Rehearsals would begin about the time my studies finished and my work term started, and this slight ease of pressure afforded me the luxury of participating.
When I auditioned I ended up with two roles, Fezziwig and one of the g
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I had just moved into a cheap rooming house to attend college, and was finding all this sudden anonymity unnerving. The building consisted of only two dozen small rooms in front and one dozen larger rooms in the back, but up to this point it was the largest collection of humanity I had ever shared an address with. I tried not to imagine all the unknowns living under the same roof.  
The long-haired young man in the room next to mine looked a bit scruffy, but after I talked to him, he seemed okay enough. He had the curious habit of never locking his door, not even when he went out. This made some sense when he pointed out he had nothing in his room for anyone to steal. It made more sense again when I learned that he had just been released from prison.  
Late in April, a charitable society began its yearly flower selling campaign selling to raise funds. I gave in to the impulse to buy a bunch of them.  
Home again, I popped the flowers into a glass and set
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Three Wishes
Three Wishes
It was one of the few classrooms in the Science Building with no windows. The furnace had served us well all winter, but now it was well into spring and no one had informed the heating system of this fact. In the stifling closeness, it was all I could do to stay awake, and the heavy-lidded faces around me told me I wasn’t the only one. The coffee had long since worn off and lunch time couldn’t come quickly enough.
The room was on the top floor of the Science building, a long climb up and a long way down again to the cafeteria. To add to our misery, the room didn’t even have a clock. I kept sneaking glimpses at my wristwatch, but the hands seemed to be stuck.  
It was nearing the end of one of those long mornings toward the end of a long semester. As the prof droned on and on, I wished this class would end so I could escape this dreary room and trade the tedium for lunch.
I was nearing the end of a course of studies that had taken longer than they s
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The Bunny Bandit of Xanadu*
Although Brittany Bunny clawed desperately downward,
each effort failed. Fresh greens held her hopes;
Inviting joviality, luring motivation.
Nearly overwhelming protection prevented passage.
Pretty queasy, really ravenous, still struggling, seeking success
she tore unto victory vigorously.
Vitality vanished. Weariness won.
Xanadu yielded zilch, zero, zip.
Yesterday Xanadu won.
Victory unfolds tomorrow.
:iconkadreshi:Kadreshi 6 7
Sun and Moon
Before your light there was darkness.
Each night I’d watch the moon.
Now and evermore I will watch you.
And I will look at you with love and admiration.
Never again will I live in darkness,
Dreaming of the light that casts such a beautiful, radiant glow.
Someday your light may go out,
And if I am there to see it
My glow will never shine again.
:iconkadreshi:Kadreshi 4 7
Broken by Night
The dam gives,
but only a drop.
It flows out,
but will it stop?
On one side
the sky is gray.
On the other
the sun’s at play.
The drop shines
and glows real bright.
Light gives in
to clouds at night.
The dam comes down
and drowns the town.
:iconkadreshi:Kadreshi 1 1
Our Forever
My poor Chickee
feels quite sickly.
We are cautious
when she’s nauseous.
I have got her
when she’s hotter.
I will hold her
when she’s colder.
Sickness, or health,
poorness, or wealth,
so that I’m clear
know that I’m here,
and I’ll love her
from above her
and past last breath.
When fate casts death
it won’t sever
our forever.
:iconkadreshi:Kadreshi 3 1
Ocean in a Bottle
I opened a bottle
and looked inside,
and I saw an ocean
and a nearing tide.
Just like that
I was back
where we sat
on the ocean’s shore.
Now I can’t say
that I can bring to mind
your outfit that day,
but I recall your smile.
Those lips that I recall
were the same that said, “I do.”
Then, I kissed you,
and nothing else mattered at all.
As the bottle grows lighter
and the ocean meets its end,
and the last drop falls over the bend
my heart begins to descend.
My mind wishes I would die-
a wish my body continues to deny.
Someday my soul will fly,
and I will join you in the sky.
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A Poor Man's Life
A poor young man takes off his shoes.
He worked all day to earn his keep.
His arms are weak. His feet both hurt.
He’s tuckered out and needs his sleep.
Tonight he’ll try to stay awake.
His son is six and wants to play.
His mom’s at work and gets home late.
The neighbor’s there, but she can’t stay.
He gets about three hours of rest,
and takes the hits as life arranges.
He treasures life and what he has,
and so nothing ever changes.
He knows his life’s far from perfect;
that many things could be better.
He hopes that they will be, and he
believes nothing lasts forever.
Tomorrow he’ll be up at dawn,
to put his son onto the bus,
and with some luck he’ll get right up,
and eat his food without a fuss.
After that then he’s off to work,
to do his best to not be poor.
He does as he must to provide
so his son may, someday, have more.
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Watching You by abosz007 Watching You :iconabosz007:abosz007 83 1 How Dare He by abosz007 How Dare He :iconabosz007:abosz007 240 21
Monsters and the Horror Film
Art History
horror film is a movie that seeks to elicit a physiological reaction, such as an elevated heartbeat, through the use of fear and shocking one’s audiences.
Early Cinema: 1880s-1920s
Horror has been a genre in film for nearly as long as cinema has existed. Though film had been shocking audiences for a year, the first horror film is considered to be the short film Le Manoir du Diable (1896), by Georges Melies and is one of the earliest examples of the supernatural in cinema which displayed through special effects. 
Initially, horror films were mainly inspired by works of literature, such as Frankenstein and Dracula. Monsters represent a fear of the other and disruption of the status quo. Horror allows creators to express fears, concerns, and opinions in an artistic and entertaining manner. In 1908, the Selig Polyscope Company produced Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In its origi
:iconcinestress:Cinestress 11 12
Screenwriting 101: The Meat (or The Tofu)
Hello! Welcome back to Screenwriting 101! Today we are going to dive into the body of your screenplay, or the meat (or tofu!) if you will.
Instead of telling you how to write a story and saying you need to reach a certain point in the Hero's Journey by page 3, I'm going to give you some guidelines by which to write. A lot of people live and die by screenwriting formulas, but those formulas are a load of BS in my opinion
and were never really meant to be taken as seriously as they are.
1.) Camera Angles, Directions, Etc.
DO NOT include camera angles and directions in the script. Basically, this is seen as telling the director what to do and that is a big no-no. Focus instead on implying close-ups and other angles. Typically when you see camera angles and directions in a script, you're looking at the shooting script.
Here's an example of how you could imply your vision.

When you isolate "the flames go out" in their own sentence, it gi
:iconcinestress:Cinestress 13 4
Screenwriting 101: Dialogue!
Hello! And welcome to the final installment of the Screenwriting 101 workshop! Today we are tackling dialogue. Dialogue can be a tricky beast, but there's no reason to panic over it. Just keep in mind the following guidelines, and you'll be fine. 

1.) Keep it Brief
Real life speech is rambly. Dialogue should not be. Try to keep to one or two lines at best. That's not to say that long speeches shouldn't exist, but they should have a purpose.
2.) If you can show it, don't say it.
Instead of telling us how Jenny was horseback riding, show us by having her either riding a horse or entering in equestrian gear, depending on your budget.
3.) Avoid chit chat.
Everyday pleasantries are boring.
4.) Avoid overwriting
Subtext is important in dialogue. Don't have the characters tell us how they are feeling, imply it.
5.) Dialogue should move the story forward
Just like scenes, dia
:iconcinestress:Cinestress 12 2
Screenwriting 101: Formatting!
Welcome back! Have you figured out your software yet? If not, no worries. You'll get there!
Today, we are going to talk about formatting. Most of what I am going to discuss is outlined in the following video. Formatting is important because it keeps your script uniform and readable for the multiple people that will be collaborating on the project. It will prevent wires from getting crossed.

Here are the bare bones of formatting:
12 point Courier font1-inch marginsSluglines for each sceneCharacters are in all caps when introducedDialog is centeredPage numbers in the upper right-hand corner, except on the first page
Sluglines are important because they tell you when and where the scene takes place. This helps producers, the director of photography, set designers, etc.

They are always written with INT./EXT. LOCATION NAME - TIME OF DAY. INT. stands for interior and EXT. stands for exterior. While
:iconcinestress:Cinestress 15 2
The Nefarious Networking Project: January
Hello, all! I hope you had a great time with the Exquisite Corpse project and getting to know your partners. Please do not forget to comment with your project so I can add it to the feature in this post. So far we only received one by OneWithTheStars and kiwi-damnation.
What is the Nefarious Networking Project?
Every month, deviants who respond to the questionnaire below are paired with a deviant to get to know and produce a project. If you have responded to the questionnaire in the past, but have not received a partner, it may be because there have not been enough deviants to pair you up yet. So please comment with answers to the questionnaire if you haven't responded yet and would like a partner or if you have already responded to the questionnaire, please comment explaining so and we will hopefully get you a partner this month. If you have a partner, continue on to t
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