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PTT: Poise

I know the last picture I uploaded was Kraehe, too, but in honor of Coconut Bubble Sex's Tutu skit that won the WCS prelims this weekend, I thought it was appropriate! 8D (If you haven't seen their skit yet, check it out here: [link] It's seriously one of the most amazing skits I've ever seen, these girls are AMAZING! I'm so thrilled they're representing Team USA this year!!)

Just generic full-body shot, but I don't have a lot of those posted~ :3

Costume rundown is here: [link] It's a lot to read but hopefully it answers some of your questions! :heart:


:orange: C o s p l a y e r s
[ Princess Tutu ]
:iconcatalystsirene: ........... Princess Kraehe

:orange: P h o t o g r a p h y
[ Taken @ Youmacon '11 (Detroit, MI) ]
LJinto .................. [link]


:orange: P h o t o s h o o t
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I cant figure out what PTT stands for
MangoSirene's avatar
Princess Tutu! :D
LVL80Catlady's avatar
never hoid of it but thanks for clearing it up
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I think this looks amazing. I also think it is wonderful that you made it yourself. It must have been a lot of work but the final product is so wonderful and you look great in it.
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It was definitely a ton of work! :faint: But thank you so much, I'm just happy it all came together in time for the con!
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i want ur costume it is so amazing how did u do it did u use a platter(pancake)tutu plzz help meeeeee
MangoSirene's avatar
All of this costume was made from scratch! :) The tutu is a 9-tier platter tutu, double hand-pleated and also dagged at the edges.
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I can't even think of anything to say, because this cosplay is so amazing it left me speechless
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This picture is amazing!~
I did have a quick question, if you dont mind,...a friend an i are looking into purchasing pointe shoes and I wanted to know what was the best way for sizing--we are in no way ballerinas but we really do want the pointe shoes for our cosplay.
Thanks so much~<3
MangoSirene's avatar
Thanks so much!

Honestly, if you don't have ballet experience, I would strongly recommend not getting pointe shoes unless you're planning to deshank them. Instead, you could look into getting demi-pointes, which will give you the exact same look as regular pointe shoes but they won't be as painful/dangerous to wear. :)
Double-A-Cosplay's avatar
Oh don't worry we are going to deshank them, we were in ballet when we were little but know that if we try to stand on point we would mess up our feet. Do you have any reccommended places which sell demi-pointes?
MangoSirene's avatar
Your best bet would be going to your local dance store to get a professional fitting, then see if they sell demi-pointes or could recommend a particular brand you should look into online. :D
Double-A-Cosplay's avatar
Okay thank you, I think we might just got with regular ballet flats, it all depends on the price if the pointes are on sale still (and then we have to deshank soo >.<)and we are already buying 120 dollar wings and haven't gotten pricing on our actual costumes yet so it all depends on how much now. Thanks for all the help!
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soooooooo beautiful. This cosplay is amazing and you look amazing wearing it ^^. Also I agree that the sit you mention above is awsome
MangoSirene's avatar
Thank you, that means a lot to me!! :cuddle:
nanahara7's avatar
your very welcome. You certainly have to be one of only a few cosplayers I'd love to meet, both for the fact that you have amazing talent in making cosplays and also if your appearances on youtube is anything to go by your just an awsome person to know.
MangoSirene's avatar
:blush: Oh my gosh, thank you so much for all the amazing compliments! ;o; Maybe we'll get to meet one day!! :D
nanahara7's avatar
your very welcome and yes hopefully one day I will have the pleasure o meeting you. Also, I'm not 100% but I think from one your videos you mention your on some sort of fashion course? If so that's really cool cause I'm in a fashino course the now as well lol. How is your course going?
MangoSirene's avatar
I was a fashion design major last year, but I made the decision to switch to Fashion Business instead, as I want to go into the wedding industry. :) I've really enjoyed all my business classes this year, especially Accounting! How are your classes? :D
nanahara7's avatar
Well I'm doing Fashion design the now and so far Im enjoying it alot. Learning a good amount about making my own patterns and such. My cosplays are improving with what I've been learning as well lol. A bit stressfull the now though with getting stuff done for the deadline, but it's all worth it ^^.
MangoSirene's avatar
Oh, that's so wonderful!! :hug: I definitely remember what it was like with the deadlines, though! But hey, it's good practice for when you're rushing to finish things before a con! ;P
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Let the spam being~
That video has gone to ma faves man.
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I knowwwww when they started performing during the livestream I started fangirling like crazy! :faint:
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