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Kite Flying

By mangoshell
Aww mannn, I was gonna sleep at 9 today..but I started on this and couldn't stop. -_- I'm in love with the linear dodge filter <3

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I looove flying kites. *talks to girl in picture* Get a delta, girl! Stunt kites more fun than the single string kites. :D Unless you have a battle kite, I hear those are fun but I have no idea how they fly those tiny things in combat with just one string.

Anyway, I love the summer feel of this. Takes me back to vacations on the beach on the coast of Washington...
Wolfsmell's avatar
Great use of color. It just looks so pretty :D
Hiwiwy's avatar
Love it! Great perspective!
Ms-Klokker's avatar
The colors are amazing!
Mistgod's avatar
I love this piece! What an amazing perspetive! There is a lot of emotion in this. Wonderfully presented. It is very uplifting (no pun intended) and upbeat. Great use of color. :-) Did you work from a photograph or something? Just curious how you got the perspective so good.
mangoshell's avatar
thank you very much! haha puns are fun. nope, the only reference i used for this was for the kite. i just sketched the idea of the form first and added on to it. :)
Mistgod's avatar
Wow. I am impressed! It turned our really nice.
IssamShahid's avatar
Man, I love this. How are you so awesome? :P
mangoshell's avatar
no, YOU'RE awesome
thanks :)
drextalorr's avatar
This is awesome! Very nice composition, and you really get the emotion coming from the girl. I'd work on the clouds a little more, since they seem kinda blotchy. I'd prefer them to be a little harder (brush-wise) and more pronounced, but as they are they're not half bad. :D Good job!
mangoshell's avatar
haha, i need to draw clouds more. clouds are pretty. thanks for the feedback!
drextalorr's avatar
You're welcome!
the sun and the sky is just amazing...
the colors...
i am in love :heart:
Purplepuppychan's avatar
WOW! i wish i could color like that! but i'm to lazy TT^TT
ToastsaoT's avatar
Yeah you are a great artist!

My question is, is this Canvas, or Digital
mangoshell's avatar
thank you!
it is digital :)
ToastsaoT's avatar
I have been wanting to learn how to do that
Just don't know how, haven't been taught.
mangoshell's avatar
you just have to keep trying!!
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