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Swan Concept



So... Look what I found on my hard drive :).

I was originally going to submit this (a very incomplete version of this) for the Windows Deviant8 contest, but I didn't get done in time. I found it lying around in my dropbox and thought I should bring it up to date.

It's by far still a concept, but most everything here should be do-able in windows/linux. I'd really like to get everything skinned though, because I'm really quite happy with the way this turned out and I'm starting to like the OSX-ish interface. I think I may be getting mac fever. Oh noes!

Photos | Most are from Those that aren't are credited in the windows.
Wallpaper | Violent Crashing Waves by Michaelmjc: [link]
Icons | AMANA / Adobe CS4 (tray icons are minitray by code2) I can\'t remember where the Gmail icon is from, but I know I found it somewhere on weloveicons


Everything else in the mockup is by me :D

I would really love to make this, but I don't think I'll be able to do it on my own! Please tell me if you want to help!! :D
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Great concept! Too bad it's a mockup!