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(I really hope the HTML Works cuz there are a lot more skinned apps in the extra images) AW EFF It doesnt. Go to: [link] to see preview images for all the screens
Fixed =)

My take on AMANA, originally by Imrik, Naalo, j3 and the 4Imp crew. I worked really hard on the litestep. It has much more web integration now (see details section after the other preview images).


// OS
Windows 7 x64 SP1
Icons → Sanscons by P.J. Onori
Litestep Shell (incl command line) → AMANA² by me
Wallpaper → AMANA² by me (really just a gradient... hah)

// Windows
Visual Style → Mod of AMANA for Windows 7 by Neiio (originally for XP by Imrik)
TrueTransparency Window Borders → AMANA² by me

// Apps
Mail/Browser → AMANA² Opera (mod of default skin by me)
Launchy → AMANA² by me
CD Art Display AMANA² by me

// WebApps
News Reader → AMANA² by me
Chat → AMANA² by me
Youtube → AMANA² by me

// Misc
Images from AMANA wallpapers by Imrik, j3
Images in the RSS reader are taken from the Final Fantasy wikia
And as Imrik said in 2007: "I would like to thank [link] and [link]" and all of the old-timers who are still around =D

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(Left to Right) Login, Loading, Apps, RSS Reader / Youtube, Control Panel Home, Control Panel Stats

Litestep Details
The login/loading screen are all done in litestep. Basically, windows boots to my account and displays the login screen (no password matching yet, but it's coming - it's a moot point, as I have a boot password set anyway...). The login text area resizes down and the loading circles resizes out. It's a pretty slick animation :). The loader animation is a throwback to the old days of cmd prompt where you would just use the / - \ | characters to make a spinning wheel.

The taskbar has an integrated information bar that shows battery, network and twitter info. Clicking on the twitter bird calls a php function (via LSActiveDesktop) that fetches and updates the latest tweet from my feed. Clicking on the box icon brings up the console.

The console is by far my favorite part of the theme. I took stole a lot of design cues from the terminal in the new tron movie. Clicking on the icons on the left side change the text in the left panel. The home screen displays weather, news, and social info (pulled from various RSS feeds). Clicking on the graph icon brings up system info (CPU clocks, RAM, etc). Currently, those are the only two implemented, but once LSActiveDesktop is more robust, the chat, reader, favorites, and video app should all be possible.

The right side of the console features a little text area where you can input !Bang commands. It's not LSXCommand, but a Text Box that parses bang commands and runs them. I wanted to use LSXCommand, but I couldn't (I can't remember why, just that it didn't work like I wanted...). You can actually control the console from within this command box (so you can feel extra l33t), but it's not useful for much else. Really more eye candy than anything.

Clicking on the <<- arrow in the top-left brings back the desktop. That's about it.

If you stuck through all of that text, I applaud you :)
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This looks really great! Really want to use this, but I can't get litestep to work on my laptop (currently using Windows 7 x64 as well). Got any tips?
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console doesn't work for1024*768 resolution
Sexapeel's avatar
Is there something I can do to not lose my wallpaper after logoff from windows?
B2-2's avatar
God, this is really beautiful, you and I to share Rainmeter skin and Youtube? :XD:
F8Fabe's avatar
can u share the wall? :)
ssihiss's avatar
i want ... teach me master
manjatsonic's avatar
I've been added to my fav :)
it's so simple, but smoothly and great looking.

keep mod!
Kamiru-desu's avatar
Amazing... are you going to release this?
VonHerzen's avatar
Good Work.
Cant get my hands on this.
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Very sexy.
I can't wait till it gets released. These aweseome themes are like the only ways I can learn to customize Litestep because of how little documentation there is on it.
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You should put that in the description so people wont stress you.

Relax if he says we will have it,then we will as allways xD be patient people.
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any news on its release? ill definitely get this working right :D
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Difficult level : Asian :D
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Hope you be releasing this soon dude course desperately wanna try it out, and besides no decent windows 7 themes at the moment!
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I will, but it might be hard to live with! It was designed for my machine and my resolution, so it might not look as good or work on other setups. I'm working on the release though!
Th3R0b's avatar
Impressive! I surely hate minimalism more then humanly possible but damn(!) I love
inverted stuff on light themes! Epic win
ekutah's avatar
Will this ever be released?
mangosango's avatar
Yup! But since it was designed for my setup, it might not work for you if your computer setup is too different from mine. There will be a release though!
ekutah's avatar
I'll make it work.
Is there an ETA?
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