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Meet Ari! (BATIM) by mangopaw101 Meet Ari! (BATIM) :iconmangopaw101:mangopaw101 1 0 Diagon, Dear? by mangopaw101 Diagon, Dear? :iconmangopaw101:mangopaw101 1 0 Frisk the Heart of the Underground by mangopaw101 Frisk the Heart of the Underground :iconmangopaw101:mangopaw101 0 0 Golden Freddy by mangopaw101 Golden Freddy :iconmangopaw101:mangopaw101 0 0 Mangopaw (I tried and Failed pretty bad) by mangopaw101 Mangopaw (I tried and Failed pretty bad) :iconmangopaw101:mangopaw101 1 0
Undertale OC Template (Read Desc)
   by HarmonyParty, Nov 5, 2015, 4:39:52 PM
   Literature / Fan Fiction / General Fiction
Name:  Mangopaw
Nickname(s):  M.P
Gender:  Female (Can GenderSwap)
Age: (No age, looks to be in teens)
Species/What Are They: DemiSorgeisck (No species really,goes by this though)
Soul (Color):  Orange/Red (Half & Half)
Atc:  80
Def: 90
Exp:  200
LV: 3000
Powers/Attacks: Dubstep Disk (Only attack known)
Weapons: Soul Scraper
Friends With: Frisk,Chara,Flowey,Sans, Pappy, Toriel, GASTER (Bendy, a diffrent game)
Neutral With: Asgore, Fell!Sans, X(Cross)
Enemies With: Fell!pappy, Nightmare!Sans
Family: (All Dead)
Crush(es): None
Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single
Personality Towards Humans:  Kind
Personality Towards Strangers: Quirky
Personality Towards Friends:  Rude, Kind, Strange, Quirky
Strengths: Soul Shattering Stare
:iconmangopaw101:mangopaw101 0 0
Mangopaw's Story (part 1)
Mangopaw's Story:
The sound of people yelling and screaming was too much. I was slowly arousing from my dream when a sudden realization hit me. There was smoke and screams in the air. There were people running and crying. There was a child at the end of my bed. The child wore a dress of orange and a crown of white. She was crying softly whilst looking at the door. Fire was pouring out of her hands. She was staring off into a distance not even realizing who she was sitting next to, or where she was. She disappeared without a trace.
"Mango, where did you put the wood?" Paw yelled across their camp. Mango ran in holding wood."It was in the bag near the hut made of grass!" She said as she hurried to place them on the ground, and surround them with stones. Fire dripped from Paw's hands as she tried to make the woods catch."Where are we going, Paw?" She questioned her friend. "To another dimension. We are going to go into the video game dimensions, and try to fit in." She said as she slowly
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Commissions! (Im bored!)
I'm not a good artist, but i want to do commisions for anyone who will accept!
Ill also accept less or more then 10 points if you want to negotiate about the price!

Please, i need points and im pretty bored.
I also have toyhouse, so you can message me on there.


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Meet Ari! (BATIM)
Here's a oc I made. And here is some infomation:

Ari's info:
Voice actor: Spotty/ Spotterin
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species: Three-Pronged Demon
Spotty's info: Spotty is the sister of _______ who happened to visit the studio often. Spotty would go with him, and after awhile she became very good friends with everyone. Joey even thought of making a character for her to voice (the character was then scraped) or to even let her voice Alice. When Henry finally arrived, Spotty had been turned into her scraped character (Ari) because Alice was angry at the fact that her friend could betray her and possibly replace her.
Ari's info: Ari was supposed to be a good friend of Alice who would later introduce her to Bendy. She was supposed to be adventurous and be used as a introduction of female adventurers to children. Just like how Bendy had Boris, Ari was supposed to be Alice's sidekick/best friend. Ari is clumsy and good at dancing, she isn't very good at singing, except for when she really tries. Ari's matching right-arm and right-leg sleeves are spotted as a reference to Spotty. Ari never made it to a cartoon. She was supposed to bake often and you can see her dancing hat and cane in her photo.

If she were ever in the game, since she was scraped, you would possibly be able to find a rough draft of her character in a trash can, which would make it so you know that there's another ink demon in the factory then just Bendy.
Diagon, Dear?
Sorry 'bout the large tag, I have many different communities, like amino, so I have to put clear to see tags.


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