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Which of these things on a human is creepier? 

28 deviants said Grotesque protrusion of bones
14 deviants said Facial deformities
14 deviants said Abnormally long limbs
11 deviants said Eyes in places they shouldn't be
4 deviants said Anything off putting in the eyes
2 deviants said Animal-like teeth/nails
2 deviants said Smth else (pls do tell)

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Didn't wanna upload them one by one or in groups bc that's too many notifications. 


Zachariaface by MangoMendozaMain character, he looks older than he is (19) and this is on purpose. He's a troubled hero, constantly fighting between his darkness and his light. Zacharia let out Zorhan after a rather dramatic mental breakdown. His frustration with the cruelty of people and his love of his community are the main things that cause trouble. Because I love to shamelessly make 50% of my main characters transgender, he is a trans man.


Kuzeyface by MangoMendozaZacharia's disgraced older brother, he plays an important role in the story. The reason why he was forced to leave home was kept between his parents, his "transgressions" were never spoken about to anyone else. (Their mother looks more Asian which is why he came out looking that way. Zacharia looks more like the dad.) 


Hilalface by MangoMendozaShe's the love interest and an avid historian, very well educated. Hilal also loves conspiracy theories which comes in handy later one. She has a power but doesn't want to use it, her ability to see creatures other people can't sometimes gets a little freaky. Abdulmutalib taught her how to uses roses to heal and calm others as well as herself. (Her colours are supposed to be opposite of Zachara's which means bright, vivid and blue)


Iskanderface by MangoMendozaHe's a wild card, you can't tell if he's good or not until later on in the story. He was Konstantin's student but was forcibly removed from his tutelage by a special council because of his recklessness. He could care less about what people think, however, and does whatever he wants. One rule, though, is that he does not kill people.  


Konstantinface by MangoMendozaHe's Zacharia and Kuzey's current mentor. He's an albino and has almost lost all his sight. He is the keeper of what is known as Dark History which includes banned spells and whatnot. He's a big fan of creepy staircases, white suits and ringlets.  


Abdulmutalibface by MangoMendozaA close friend of Iskander, he was asked to accompany them due to his calming and healing powers. His ability to manipulate dreams also comes in handy. Abdulmutalib has gone through many names to the point where the only one who can remember his real one is himself. He is a quiet man and keeps to himself most of the time. 

Ying Yue

Yingyueface by MangoMendoza Ying Yue is the warrior, she helps Zacharia with the physical aspect of his powers. She's very cold and the exact opposite of Abdulmutalib, she dosen't like him because he's too "maternal." She can be hostile but she's not a bad person, just too old to give a damn. This, however, causes lots of problems.  


Burhanface by MangoMendozaZorhan's most trusted and beloved companions. He whispers like the devil and even engages in light cannibalism here and there. Burhan is rotten however he does have his weak spots. None of them include his son.


Iliaface by MangoMendoza Burhan's son. His father hates him because of his mother. Ilia is a shapeshifter, he keeps this form to please his father because he looks like the male version of his mom. Burhan hates her so much he killed her and everyone in her village. Ilia is a powerful shapeshifter so he is used as a pawn by his father, often being made to do unsavoury things due to threats.  

Lan Fen

Lanfenface by MangoMendozaShe's an Instagram model. Her powers are related to Iron Ore, or blood, which is very rare. There is nowhere to get information on it so everyone finds out what she can do as she does it. She's an amazing liar, shameless and a total sociopath. Lan Fen comes after Kuzey in the hopes of,'ll find out later. 


Still need to design's not coming out as scary as I want. He's supposed to represent all that's rotten and vile in humanity, his form is supposed to be a perversion of the human body but by GOD it is difficult. Gotta find my inner Guillermo Del Toro for him (and everyone's alternate forms). 


 Untitled by MangoMendozathumbnails for the uzbekistan card. i find that thumbnailing is good for when i dont have any inspiration for a piece 

zacharia is 19 but looks like a full grown man and that’s intentional. he’s like someone i know...she had the same face at 17 and looked 30 and she still has it now at her late 40s and STILL looks 30 mashallah
Ikats-rep-uzbek1 by MangoMendoza
Eldr-Fire fire won, it's Uzbekistan!
Ok y'all, one card is done and another is on the way which means it's guessing game time again! The person who guesses the next country correctly gets a chibi or pixel doll of their choice. The Malaysia card will be done soon Inshallah.
Capture by MangoMendozaredid the entire malaysia card lets GOOOO
Hhhh by Bigsleeves-ArtsNot posting the Iran card until I'm happy with it.'s the next card for guessing game time! Whoever can guess what the next country is gets a chibi or pixel thingy of their choice.
Kainatarma wins! It's the Philippines! 
White Palace of the Potala by Bigsleeves-Artscharcoalfeather won! The answer is Tibet!
With the Pakistan card done, it's time for a new one! Who can guess from this image what country is next? (Winner gets 1 lil chibi of their choice)


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