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Paperbag .PSD

Wanted to develop a design prototype of a branded paperbag but surprisingly enough I couldn't even find a photoshop shape on dA. So I decided to do it all from scratch myslef in PSD format. Can anyone tell me how to convert it to a shape in photoshop.

Otherwise feel free to edit it... just credit.... Love ya all....

I'm moving in the corporate line with my designs so expect more in the coming days
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hey, thank you so much for sharing the .psd file! i hope to learn from it : )

i don't know how to convert to a custom shape myself but i have seen some tuts that's i've bookmarked. i will look through my bookmarks for you and when i find it i'll come back to share it with you.

in the interim try because i'm pretty sure i've seen a tut there ... also, if you go to and go to product help > photoshop > and then type in the search box something like ... how to convert artwork to custom shape etc. but, hopefully i'll be back to post a link for you. take care, and thanx again!
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thank you this is wonderful
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Nice Work..
Free PSD Files:
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thanks a lot!good work.
Very cool! Thanks!!!
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hey just letting you know that I used your image in a uni assignment at [link]

credits in html

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thank you! we love ya too :hug:
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Welcome mate!
very nice.
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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perfect ! thanks !
wow nice!
thanks muchos mas
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nice resource :P congrats
thanks for sharing this :)
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nice 1 bro...!for ur question...just simply go to Menu bar+Edit+Define a shape....
hop answer the question..!
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