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Rainmeter updater - 1.2.3



What is it ?
Here is a little skin that allows you to know if a new version of Rainmeter is available.

I added a 'no-texte' version if you want to have only the icon.
Green icon = Up to date.
Orange icon = There is a new version.

Thanks for their help : poiru, Faradey, smurfier, jsmorley.


1.2.3 Changelog (2013.04.28)
- Won't tell you that you're not up to date if you are on Rainmeter 3.0+ version anymore.

1.2.2 Changelog (2012.03.01)
- Make it compatible with Rainmeter updater (software).
- Fix error log : Measure: Invalid Substitute=" ":"","final":"0",beta":"1","RC1":"1""":""

1.1.1 Changelog (2012.02.23)
- Make it work with the new html code of the Rainmeter's download site.

1.1 Changelog (2012.01.16)
- You now have choice between release and beta version.

- Make you know if there is a new version of the skin by the skin it self (icon).

If you have any problem, error, question, idea or what, tell me.
Comments are welcome !

P.S. You may have 'V.0.R' version sometimes, to refresh the skin should solve the problem. I'm working on it.
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I'm having a problem with this skin.

I've been using this since around the time you uploaded it, and I've been very happy with it, but now as I'm using the 3.0 Beta, it keeps telling me there is an update for Rainmeter, despite that I am up-to-date with having the latest Version 3 Beta. When I click on it to open up the download page to get it's acclaimed update, I get the 2.5 final release, which is a step back from my Beta version.