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Legend Has it Webtoon by JoLuffiroSauce
The Soul Chaser-Front cover by StudioKawaii
Sacred- Volume 1: Cover by SiSero
Sky by LewKat
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Soft Entered and Screams 2-3 Page by pearlANDblood
Demon Hunters Chapter 1 page 0 by darthmanga
Grand Peacekeeper and King  Whitlock by OgonoArtFamily
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Ryak-Lo 7th Anniversary by taresh
A Vampire's Easter Of 2016 by Level06
lidya by Endiria
estrrrrrruuu by Endiria
Action Manga
Zenyaku chapter 3 page 06 by shaunC
Zenyaku chapter 3 page 04 by shaunC
Zenyaku chapter 3 page 02 by shaunC
S.E.V.E.N. - Chapter 0, Page 1 by TirNaNogIndustries
Adventure Manga
Einleitung by SkyArtDesign
Comedy Manga
Terry and Terence page 12 by Nigzblackman
Terry and Terence page 13 by Nigzblackman
Terry and Terence page 8 by Nigzblackman
Terry and Terence page 9 by Nigzblackman
Doujinshi Manga
Back to life - Following the crimson butty, p. 18 by stefy9215
Back to life - Following the crimson butty, p. 19 by stefy9215
Back to life - Following the crimson butty, p. 17 by stefy9215
Back to life - Following the crimson butty, p. 16 by stefy9215
Drama Manga
Epic Chaos! Chapter 4 Page 7 by ArtByMelissaM
Epic Chaos! Chapter 4 Page 6 by ArtByMelissaM
Epic Chaos! Chapter 4 Page 5 by ArtByMelissaM
Epic Chaos! Chapter 4 Page 2 by ArtByMelissaM
Fantasy Manga
Dragon Signs 03 by DanielGreyS
Horror Manga
Soft Entered and Screams 4 Page by pearlANDblood
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[SH:Reboot] Page 5 by RaineYellow
Psychological Manga
UN 0 page 1 by WaywardAQUARIAN
Random Manga
Commission - Page by DanielGreyS
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(OLD) Love Metal Ch 1 pg 3 by HeartandVoice
Science Fiction Manga
S.E.V.E.N. - Chapter 0, Page 5 by TirNaNogIndustries
Slice of Life Manga
Lana chans Vixen App. page 1 by WaywardAQUARIAN
Shounen Ai and Yaoi
A Woman Scorned Page 1 by MegaAnimeFreak7
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Epic Chaos! Chapter 4 Page 33 by ArtByMelissaM
Fan Arts
Take a Breath by AyumiNazu
Even When (Here Is Love) by MMMMARRRR
WIP and Ideas
Car Wash Day  by Level06


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Manga Wonderland is a group that's made to help promote Manga Artist on Deviant Art. As artist to artist, we can all learn from each other in many ways. So let us share to the world the growth in our creativities.

We all got to start somewhere right?
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We're pretty easy going~
There's no restriction to submission except you have to be a member to submit something. ^^

To submit, please just follow these rules:
:star: Submit deviant in the correct folder, if not, Deviant will simply be deny, Just resubmit them in the correct place and you're good to go. ^^
:star: If you don't know what Genre to submit to. Just think of your Manga,and Pick the one that Speaks fo itself the most~
:star: Respect everyone and everybody in this group~ Treat Others how you want to be treated~ ^_^
:star: If you have any questions about ANYTHING, just send us a Note, We'll gladly try our best to answer~

More Rules will show up if needed

:star: Confused about where to submit stuff? Let this be your guide~… :star:
Hey everyone! I'm Nigel Zackerhia Blackman III aka Nigz and I've been drawing manga for about 6 years now.  My current project Double Blackness has been on going for about 5 years now. I did an online version for about 3.5 years and got up to about chapter 11 before I decided to pull it all down and make a printed version of the Manga. The printed version was released last year. Volume 1 was printed in October ,volume  2 was printed in February and then volume 3 was printed in June. I've been having a bit of trouble getting the word out and promoting my stuff as well as well as this summer my office had water get into it so I had to rip up parts of the walls and floors since they got moldy =( So this is where everyone comes in! With this campaign I want to get a few things taken care of

- Covering the cost of printing volume 4 and 5
- Part of the cost of fixing the office (repairs include, getting new flooring, fixing the walls that have mold, fixing the crack in the wall that had the water come in)
- Advertising(This pretty much means going to more conventions and teaching others about creating and printing manga and other things like advertising on other websites and such) and cost of getting a good professionally done website ( It costs A LOT to get a really good website made)
- Getting new art supplies and office things I need (A big one is lighting my office is dark like the batcave since its in the basement, Copic 72 sets A and C more colours means I can do better covers and put out colour posters not just the inked once i do, more brushes and nibs and 11x17 Bristol boards, there is probably other minor things I'm not thinking of at the moment but I'll be making a video of it all later)
- A chunk of the money also goes to Indiegogo and Paypal ( like I'd say about 10% of it will go to fees)…

this is the link to it.

Thanks for checking it out guys and be sure to share this with others as well even if you can't help, getting the word out helps

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It is just a picture I would like constructive criticism on from people who know Manga well (I'm new to it and so I don't have a lot of confidence that I'm doing it "right")
Anyway, this is my first attempt at doing a manga via digital art so looking for helpful suggestions in presentation, shading, ect...
Thank you!
Sebastianpanel1 by candaceleeparks
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