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We’re happy to announce that R.u.N. Chapter #9 is available to our online manga reader.

You can now enjoy the return of R.u.N. in the first chapter of Volume #2 with the art style of our guest artist Luis Figueiredo Art. Read the latest chapter here:

We hope everyone enjoys the new chapter!
Hello everyone! It has been ages since our last journal entry here. We haven't been active for two years now in Deviant Art.

Two years ago, we starterd a Euro Tour promoting our manga series R.u.N. and last year we begun the production for our new mini manga series, Sphere of Salvation (S.o.S.).

We know that we haven't uppload any pages from S.o.S., but you can order a copy of it by supporting our Kickstarter campaign here:

S.o.S. Kickstarter campaign was funded in under 24h and we will soon announce the stretch goals.

A synopsis of S.o.S.:

S.o.S. is an espionage seinen manga that takes place in the era of Cold War. Ken, Dr. Hattori and Rosa, three different characters are forced to team up in order to protect Sphere of Salvation, a new technological miracle that is capable of changing the course of history. Whoever holds S.o.S. and masters all its hidden forces, will rule planet Earth.

Thank you for supporting our projects all these years. We are trully blessed with so many fans. We hope you will continue supporting our projects, even if the production is slow. ^^

Hello everyone!

Our Euro Tour continues! We’re so excited! From 2nd – 5th we will participate in Japan Expo the biggest anime convention in Europe.

You can visit this link for more information:…

We can’t wait to meet with new artists, cosplayers and fans! Drop by our booth 090 in Artist Alley and say hi. We’ll have R.u.N. Volume #1 copies and R.u.N. posters.
Hello everyone!

We've some amazing news. We'll begin a Mangatellers Euro Tour and participate in numerous anime cons all around Europe.

We'll have copies of R.u.N. Volume #1 & exclusive Art Prints! We had a fantastic time at THE COMIC CON in Greece… the previous week. So our next stop will be Dokomi, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

It's our first anime convention outside Greece! We’re so excited! Our booth is Z075
exhibitors/artist-alley/ . Drop by our booth, say hi and check out R.u.n. Volume #1 and much more surprises!! See you there!
Amazing! We did it!

We reached the goal thanks to all 105 amazing backers!!

Words can't describe our happiness and excitement!

R.u.N. Tankoubon Volume #1 will be printed in 2015! :D
Hey everyone!

It is the final week of our Kickstarter campaign! We are very close to the final goal! We have reached 86% of the goal! Only 5 days remain!

Check out our campaign and support our cause to print the first Volume of R.u.N.!
Hello everyone!

The first month of R.u.N. Volume #1 Kickstarter campaign was great!

We are already at 54% of the final goal! All the members of the team feel positive for the final result of the campaign.

You can always support us here: and help us reach 100%!

Pledge for a perk and win exclusive rewards! :D
Hello everyone!

We are doing our first step to the crowd-funding family of Kickstarter!

Here is the link of our campaign:

If the goal is reached, we will print the first volume of R.u.N. tankoubon. An original Japanese shonen manga book with 200+ action packed pages!

R.u.N. Chapters are free for everyone to read them here:

A big shout out to our partners in R.u.N. Kickstarter campaign.

- Parkour Generation (the traceurs behind the movie Yamakasi and the videogame Mirror's Edge)
- Dimitris Kyrsanidis, aka DK (the freerunner from Greece who got the 1st place in Red Bull: Art of Motion)

You can get a lot of exclusive rewards from R.u.N. Kickstarter campaign. For example exclusive posters, an OST, the manga oneshot "Thessaloniki Through Time", Hoodies and DVDs from Parkour Generation, postcards and amazing art works/art prints and commisions from the one and only Manos Lagouvardos, :iconsmolb:

Check it out and support our cause if you can! :D
Hello once again!

It has been a long time since we last updated the Journal. But we have some very good news!

First of all we would like to inform you that the new chapter of R.u.N. is out! You can read it in our online manga reader here:

We have also created a manga oneshot for the European Youth Capital 2014, called "Thessaloniki Through Time". It is only available in Greece for now. You can see the cover of this manga tankoubon in the pages of R.u.N. Chapter 7.

We will participate in the 8th International Manga Award with this oneshot. Wish us good luck!

More information about "Thessaloniki Through Time" will be out soon!

You can read some articles and interviews for "Thessaloniki Through Time" in the following links. They are written in Greek.……
Hello everyone!

We have some amazing news!

First of all we would like to inform you that our city, Thessaloniki has been voted as the European Youth Capital for 2014. You can see this link for more information.

The Municipality and the Cultural Section of Thessaloniki have chosen our team to make a manga one-shot for the European Youth Capital, where we will portray the city. The main characters of this one-shot will be the characters of RuN and some of the characters of Mythos.

This one-shot will be published by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and it will be printed as a tankōbon, which will be shared free of charge in all the events regarding Thessaloniki European Youth Capital.

In order to promote manga culture in Greece the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Japanese Embassy of Greece organized with us a two day event, called "RuN Thessaloniki & Japanese Anime Marathon Day" on 21st and 22nd September.

In 21st September the attendants could enjoy our artist :iconsmolb: live sketching and choreographies of Naruto and RuN from the Parkour Academy in Thessaloniki. There were also an Origami workshop, a cosplay workshop, two shops with Anime and Manga collectibles, and a DJ who played J Music all day long. It was a fantastic experience. You can check the videos below.


At the same day our team gave a speech in the Central Hall of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, about the manga culture, the world wide manga industry and the independent scene of manga and comics. In our lecture, the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr Boutaris, made an introduction as Sanji from One Piece. You can check the video below and watch our Mayor as Sanji and our lecture (the video is in Greek)


In 22nd of September the attendants could watch in cinemas the six following Anime Films provided by the Japan Foundation:
- Chibi Maruko-Chan
- Galaxy Express 999
- The Prince of the Sun: Hols' Great Adventure
- The Girl who Leapt Through Time
- Frantz Kafka's A Country Doctor
- Captain Harlock in Arcadia

It was an amazing experience for us to participate in the organization of such an event in our country. We also feel really honoured to make a manga for the European Youth Capital! We hope everyone will enjoy it!

We have some great news to share with everyone!

R.u.N. Chapter06: Boss! is released in our online manga reader.

You can read RuN Chapter06: Boss! here.

In this chapter we have some great news about an event that will take place on 21 & 22 September in our hometown, Thessaloniki in Greece. If you want to learn more about it, then check for #runthessaloniki in Facebook and Twitter and share the chapter! More information for this event will soon be revealed. Stay tuned!

Also you can read all the chapters of R.u.n. in the following Online Manga Readers.




Japan-Shin ( in French ) : 


Be sure to send us your feedback and your opinion about our works.



We hope you will enjoy the latest chapter of R.u.N. ^^

Hey everyone!

Sorry for my late journal entry. The adventures of Jean and Kishi continue in the fifth chapter of our webmanga series R.u.N. It has been a month since we released R.u.N. Chapter05: Time Trial. We hope you will enjoy it.

You can read it here:


Mangafox :

MangaInn :….

Japan-Shin ( in French ) :…


Be sure to send us your feedback and your opinion about our works.



We hope you will enjoy the latest chapter of R.u.N. ^^

Hello everyone!

Some great things happened the past months.

First of all our artist :iconsmolb: has participated in LSCC 2013 with a great success. You can read in his journal about his "adventures" in London.

On 7th & 8th of March the Japanese Embassy in Greece has organized a two-day event about Japanese Pop Culture. They invited us to do a lecture about the International Manga Industry and the process of making R.u.N.  It was a fantastic experience and a great honor for us to participate in such a huge event. For more information and photos about this event you can find in the official site of the Japanese Embassy in Greece here:… (the article is written in Japanese) or check our FB page for some photos of the event.

Last but not least the well known site Mangahelpers has started a series of interviews with various artists. We were picked for the first interview. It was fantastic! We were surprised that they chose us.. It is a big honor for us to be a member of such great community as Mangahelpers! You can read the whole interview here…

Oh! Almost forgot to mention that R.u.N. Chapter:05 is on the way! ^^

Until then, cheers! :D
Hello again! :D

We wish a happy and creative new year to everyone!

There was a slight delay in the release of the fourth chapter of R.u.N., but we somehow managed to stick to our program. We are happy to announce that the fourth chapter of R.u.N., called "Team Ninja!" is released in our official manga reader!

The title of the fourth chapter has nothing to do with the Team Ninja studio behind the Ninja Gaiden & the Doa series, so we hope it isn't as misleading as it sounds. ^^

You can read the fourth chapter here:…

You can also read R.u.N. in other online manga readers such as:




Be sure to send us your feedback and your opinions for our work.



We hope that we will manage to catch up with your expectations once again. ^^
Once again we are happy to announce that the third chapter of R.u.N., called "Time for Gymnastics...." is released in our official manga reader!

You can read the third chapter here:…

You can also read R.u.N. in other online manga readers such as:




Be sure to send us your feedback and your opinions for our work.



We hope that we will manage to catch up with your expectations once again.

Stay tuned for Chapter:04 in December.

On another note we have re-launched a new version of our site. You can learn more about our manga projects, our characters and the Mangatellers Team here:
We are happy to announce that the second chapter of R.u.N., called "Street Chase." is released in our official manga reader!

You can read the second chapter, called "Street Chase", in our official reader:…

You can also read R.u.N. in other online manga readers such as:




Be sure to send us your feedback and your opinions for our work.



We hope that we will manage to catch up with your expectations once again.

We would also like to announce that the third chapter of R.u.N. is going to be delayed until the end of October, due to heavy work load. ^_^
We are happy to announce that the first chapter of our Parkour manga series, called R.u.N. is released!

You can read the first chapter, called "I Must Hurry", in our official reader:…

Be sure to send us your feedback and your opinions for our work.





We hope that we will manage to catch up with your expectations.

Also we are sorry for the delay. We believe that the second chapter will be released in July.
Finally the time has come!

We are proud to present you our first One Shot manga story, which is called WiFi Wars. You can read it for free in our on-line manga reader:

The reader will also host the upcoming four chapters of our series R.u.N. The first chapter will be up in May, so be sure to check it out then.

Also you can visit our new updated site, where you can find more information about the characters and story of our One Shot WiFi Wars. Check it out in the section of Projects, where our One Shot is finally unlocked!

We hope you will enjoy WiFi Wars as much as we have done! Of course we will wait for your feedback. At least we hope that we have managed to meet up with your expectations.

More to come soon! ^_^
First of all we would like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone.

After a lot of discussion and organization of our schedules, we have come to the point where we are able to release our first manga series, R.u.N with our artist :iconsmolb:. We will release the first four chapters of R.u.N. (Remember Ur Nature) on-line in our site ( and they will be free for everyone to enjoy them in 2012. Each chapter contains twenty pages, except from the first one which will be thirty pages. According to our plan, the schedule will be the following.

On April 2012: R.u.N Chapter 01
On June 2012: R.u.N. Chapter 02
On September 2012: R.u.N. Chapter 03
On December 2012: R.u.N. Chapter 04

The chapters will be in the traditional manga form, which means that you can read them from right to left. They will be in English and the sound effects will be in Japanese. We have plans to release them in more languages in the future.

Also in March the final results of the Morning International Comic Competition will be announced and we can finally share with everyone our one shot, with which we have participated there.

Until we release the chapters of R.u.N., you can check more information about the plot and the characters in our site.
The results of the March Contest is out and the winner is the 22-years old mangaka 熊本(Google translates it as Kumamoto). You can read his oneshot only in Japanese here:….

We congratulate him / her (?) for winning a position in Wekkly Shonen Jumps' official site. ^^

We may have lost in this competition, but we don't stop here. We are planning to send our one-shot to the Morning International Comic Competition held by Kodansha…. This contest is in an international scale and according to the rules of the contest the text of the story can be in English. So there will be no problems there. We may present two or three pages (but without text) from our oneshot in the near future. Unfortunatelly the results of this contest will be announced in December of 2011. Until then, we can not reveal the full manga.

On another note our artist :iconsmolb: has made a fan art pic with the characters of RuN portrayed as Japanese Red Cross Society Members in order to support and promote the cause of Red Cross. You can view it here:

Of course we would like to say that we are not doing this for commercial reasons. We are a non governmental, non commercial, independent Greek art team which makes manga and supports the Japanese culture here in Greece. What we are trying to do with this picture is to make people both domestically and internationally support the efforts of Japanese Red Cross Society. Please check their site:…