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La rencontre by NorethNo
Character Art
The Adjudicator by SunlessRose
Relinquish by SunlessRose
Mother's Day Gift by SunlessRose
Sibling Rivalry by SunlessRose
Other Art
Ratzi smirk animated by Lazy-Gamer
CALM Cover Page by Lazy-Gamer
All the World's a Stage by SunlessRose
Boo - Halloween by Templarpt1993
Tutorials, Brushes and Extras
Leaf Brushes #1 by bis1994
Fern Brush for Clip Paint Studio by bis1994
Medieval and Fantasy Brushes #1 (Clip Studio) by BlueWolfArtista
Vector Free Transformation Auto Actions for CSP by QTMarx
LAWO_Ashes_to_the_wind_1_Page 005 by Aimka-storyteller
The Smudge Sheet - Part 1 by Sukala-AP
The Smudge Sheet - Part 2 by Sukala-AP
[c] Angels are calling by Zliva
Things_that_happen_sometimes_Page 023 by Aimka-storyteller
My love, my soul, my heart are yours by Aimka-storyteller
Without_tempting_fate_Page 029 by Aimka-storyteller
Without_tempting_fate_Page 028 by Aimka-storyteller
Fan Comics
Dragon Ball 2077, page 1 by GMatoshi
Dragon Ball 2077, page 3 by GMatoshi
Dragon Ball 2077, page 2 by GMatoshi
Salva-nos - IInd Volume - 5th Chapter - 23 by Templarpt1993
Fantasy and SciFi
Grand SeVen Chapter 2. Page 70 by Lazy-Gamer
Salva-nos (Save us) Remaster 048 and 049 by Templarpt1993
Grand SeVen Chapter 2. Page 69 by Lazy-Gamer
Grand SeVen Chapter 2. Page 67 by Lazy-Gamer
General and Other
Inheritance Chapter 4- Page 39 by SunlessRose
Inheritance Chapter 4- Page 40 by SunlessRose
Inheritance Chapter 4- Page 36 by SunlessRose
Inheritance Chapter 4- Page 37 by SunlessRose
Historical and Alt History
Salva-nos (Save us) Remaster 050 by Templarpt1993
Salva-nos (Save us) Remaster 047 by Templarpt1993
Salva-nos (Save us) Remaster 043 and 044 by Templarpt1993
Salva-nos (Save us) Remaster 041 and 042 by Templarpt1993

Mature Content

CALM. Chapter 1. Page 42 by Lazy-Gamer
Modern and Superhero
[WEBTOON] Assassins Creed HellRaiser by ReGaSLZR
LAWO_Ashes_to_the_wind_1_Page 004 by Aimka-storyteller
The Tale of Rabiah Book 1 chapter 1 Page 9 by Koimonsters-khaos
[HellRaiser teaser] Uncaring Olympian by ReGaSLZR

Submission Guidelines

Welcome to Manga Studio Comics, the place for comic fans and comic artists who use manga studio. Anyone is welcome to watch, join, and submit to the group.

To submit, please keep in mind that your work must be created in part or completely in Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint. Make sure before you submit that you put a note in your comics that you used Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint in your piece's description.

The galleries are divided by genre. Please put your comic in the folder that best describes your comic. Work that is submitted to the wrong folder will be rejected. If there is not a folder for your genre, post a comment and we will make one for you. ^_^

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ.
I'm sorry I didn't approve a bunch of things. I haven't had any internet access for almost a month. It is finally back (though spotty) so I have approved those that haven't expired. If your request expired, please please please submit it again.

Again, I'm so sorry. It sucks not having any internet.
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kovacsyaka Featured By Owner May 29, 2022
hello good morning guys.
I'm looking for a quality artist or studio that is available and interested in doing multiple pages of manga.
who is interested, send me a message to
with your portfolio and how much you charge per page.
Fibrous Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
Hey guys, hope it's all right to post this here, it's called Storm. It's a discord community for web3 + design.
illusses Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for requesting my comic! >v<
Aimka-storyteller Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2019  Professional Artist
Hello, is this group still active?
Tealya Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm still here and people are still submitting. I would love to get it more active. If you have some suggestions, I'd love to hear.
Aimka-storyteller Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2019  Professional Artist
I see.
I was asking just because my submissions are expiring
Tealya Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I apologize. That's my fault. November and December get very busy for me. I will try better to stay on top of it.
sherkira Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello im looking for someone to do a comic trade with me if your interested on making one with me please note i do traditional 90's/2000's manga art style drawings you can check them out on my art gallery page if you want if you have any questions please let me now i'm looking forward in working with you
DerekDwyer Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks very much for another request =D
Lucina-Waterbell Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Many Thanks for the request! .:Happy star:. 
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