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  • Listening to: Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb
  • Reading: Hick
  • Watching: Beetlejuice
  • Playing: Wish I was playing DMC Devil May Cry :T
  • Drinking: Dust. So thirsty D:
Most you might not know that I am a writer and I go to a school for creative writing. So I have a ton on stories and poems. So I was wondering if any of your guys or gals would be interested?
  • Listening to: Vast- Don't take you love away from me
  • Watching: Doctor Who
So here I'm back. Not so exciting but I'm going to be posting more stuff on a daily to two day bases. To kick up my active deviantart I'll be soon be opening commissions.
I'm so pumped on carpe diem from the dead poets society XD, I'm most likely going to add that to my life philosophy, carpe diem is like the best thing anyone can believe in. I'm going to the society every thursday XD.
sorry I haven't been uploading anything, I'm a bit busy with school but once I get use to the work I'll be back with a ton of work. ^^…
The title is basically all i have to say XD