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Main rules:

:bulletpurple: Be nice to other members!
:bulletpurple: You have to love Manga/Anime!
:bulletpurple: Please note me immediately if a folder you need is missing!
:bulletpurple: DO NOT contribute to the featured folder!
:bulletpurple: Please just submit your best works!
:bulletpurple: AND submit to the right folders! (If you made a mistake please note me immediately!)

What am I allowed to submit?

:bulletpurple: Fanart:
You are not allowed to steal art!
It doesn't matter whether it is traditional or digital art!
You can also post fanfics!
You mustn't submit nude characters!

:bulletpurple: Cosplay:
The picture must include at least one character of a Manga/Anime!
The photo should be of a good quality!

:bulletpurple: Screenshots:
Screenshots are not allowed because they are not your own work!

:bulletpurple: Animations/Icons/etc.:
Must show at least one Anime/Manga character!
Should not contain violence/gore!

Special Members you should check out:

:iconlillim00: :icongrell-sutcliff-08: :iconmikiwing: :iconsuyi-chan: :iconholderoftruth: :iconyukichiart: :iconmarosar:

Group Info

Welcome to MangAnimeForever!
This group is a great place to share your favourite Anime/Manga related pictures, cosplays or animations with other members who just love Anime and Manga! So please join and contribute your best works so we can build one of deviantART's greatest and most varied groups!
Founded 10 Years ago
Jul 3, 2013


Group Focus
Art Collection

369 Members
288 Watchers
23,587 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Kuroi Namida by KisaSwan
Circus Monster ~Sebby origin story FF by JeanLuz
[Days of Dash] by alexanong
Clarity by Lawlietlovescake99
If you won't go, manager, I'll go alone by aPandaCosplay
Flora Politis The Centurions by florapolitis
Flora meeting Yuri by florapolitis
Flora's family with Yuri and Liz by florapolitis
Angel Beats
Flora Street Artst 02 by florapolitis
yui by animenyancat
Kanade by animenyancat
Kanade by WorldLeader
Hey, eyepatch by aPandaCosplay
Gowther - Seven Deadly Sins by aPandaCosplay
Irene Adler - Moriarty the Patriot by VampiresaQueen
Osamu Dazai FANART by VampiresaQueen
Menma Meiko by Anji-Melody
Menma doesn't want by nackmu
Sharing by nackmu
Menmaaaa! by nackmu
Roll Light Model DRN-002 Eletronic Brain by florapolitis
Siren by Weeping-Jester
Dream Space by Weeping-Jester
Black Unicorn by Weeping-Jester
Avatar - The Last Airbender
Aang and Katara by Hde-and-seeK
Fetishes... by 7thCobweb
Toph Moments by 7thCobweb
Toph by 300rupees
Hand painted Bakuman bag by SimonaZ
MashiroxAzuki by MashiroSaito
Takagi akito (shujin)-bakuman by marosar
Mashiro moritaka(saiko)-bakuman by marosar
Black Rock Shooter
Black Rock Shooter by kawaiinekolover24
Chibi Dead Master by kawaiinekolover24
Dead Master by Xscapix
Black Rock Shooter by Nekkohime
Black Cat
Eve by wingednekoX
A wounded cat by wingednekoX
Train Heartnet (Markers) by Chemicalgirl7
Eve - Black Cat by Chemicalgirl7
Bleach - Unohana  by 00000Art00000
Blue Exorcist
Yukio and Rin Okumura by Lawlietlovescake99
chii... by marosar
One Does Not Simply_Clannad Afterstory by 7thCobweb
Code Breaker
Code Geass
Code Geass - Lelouch by 00000Art00000
Cute Pikachu hat by aPandaCosplay
Professor Stein, Gojo Satoru and Kakashi Hatake by 00000Art00000
D. Gray-Man
Allen Walker by Ellbellks
Darker than Black
Hei by Ellbellks
Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland-Shiro by 00000Art00000
Death Note
Death Note x Re:Zero - Ryuk and Subaru by 00000Art00000
Detective Conan
Detective conan ( Case closed ) by Momo11997jb
DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri. (Fanart) by Samy-Consu
Dragon Ball
Videl / Mirai Videl by Bella-Colombo
Durarara-Celty Sturluson by 00000Art00000
Elfen Lied
Fairy Tail
NALU Pin/Sticker design by SoulEaterLover123123
Fruits Basket
Hand-painted Fruits Basket heart-shaped box by SimonaZ
Fullmetal Alchemist
Mustang and Crew by ian9000
Olivia Liang as Chun-Li (Street Fighter) by MZimmer1985
Howl and Sophie by marosar
Happy New Year 2017 by Devi-chans-Art
Haruhi Suzumiya
Mikuru Asahina by bardiel66
Schrodinger - The Portrait of The Messager Boy by Sheila-Sama-15
Commission to Atretium - Polland (scanned)  by deidara1444
MangAnimeForever-Icon #2 by Animance
Sesshomaru and Emma by 00000Art00000
Junjou Romantica
Misaki and Usagi san-Junjou Romantica by Hde-and-seeK
Yui Hirasawa by kawaiinekolover24
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Daemon Spade Version 2 by Egenysh
Kuroko no Basuke
kuroko no basuket by ken darkheart by Kenichi25 by Kenichi25
Ciel Phantomhive is me by Egenysh
Lovely Complex
lovely complex Risa Koizumi by Kworu
Alibaba x Morgiana - Engaged by KisaSwan
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! draw by Kenichi darkheart by Kenichi25
Mirai Nikki
Mirai Nikki by 00000Art00000
Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu No Taizai- 10 Commandments by 00000Art00000
Naruto and Sakura by 00000Art00000
Shion and Nezumi by Hde-and-seeK
OCs, Anime related art, Other
Strawberry Lizard by Xscapix
One Piece
Zorojurou - Roronoa Zoro - Ronin OP by KisaSwan
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Kyouya Ootori by carolin36v
Pandora Hearts
Hiding by Schneefuechsin
Kyoto Pokemon Center by Xscapix
Hand painted Ranma 1/2 apron by SimonaZ
Rosario to Vampire
Sakurasou no pet na Kanojo
Mashiro by alexanong
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Redraw by marosar
Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi
Shakugan no Shana
Shana- Shakugan no shana by Andreacmh
Shaman King
Shingeki no Kyojin
Attack On Titan - Eren by 00000Art00000
Shugo Chara
amulet hearts by marosar
Skip Beat
Soul Eater
SoMa pin/sticker design by SoulEaterLover123123
Spice and Wolf
Holo by alexanong
Steins Gate
Steins Gate by 00000Art00000
Strike the Blood
Aiba Asagi by alexanong
Sword Art Online
Kirito X Asuna - Sunset Romantic by Nightwishrockz
aisaka taiga by ken darkheart by Kenichi25
Uta no Prince-Sama
Shou Kurusu by loomy88
Vampire Knight
The Bride of the Prince by Saoirsa
Ready for my show? by aPandaCosplay
WIPs, Lineart, Unfinished Art
Cycle by Xscapix
Wolfs Rain
DARCIA ( wolf's rain) by Samy-Consu
Zero no Tsukaima
zero no tsukaima by Andreacmh


Hey everyone~

Since the voting ended yesterday I counted the votes and here are your winners!
It was a very close but yet obvious result.

The first place goes to :iconholderoftruth: with their beautiful submission:

Soul Evans - Going to Sin City by HolderofTruth

Congrats! Your prizes are:
50 :points: from :iconlaneheles:
20 :points: from :iconsuyi-chan:
a drawing from :iconyokowulf: and :iconlaneheles:
a full art from :iconlillim00:
a chibi and a full body sketch from :iconmikiwing:
a llama from :iconyokowulf:, :iconanimance:, :iconlaneheles:, :iconlillim00: and :icongrell-sutcliff-08:  
a feature on the group's frontpage in the section "Special members"

Second is :iconyukichiart: with their entry:

Inside the fire- contest entry by Yukichiart

Your prizes are:
16 :points: from :iconsuyi-chan:
5 :points: from :iconlaneheles:
a colored doodle from :iconlillim00:
a chibi from :iconmikiwing:
a llama from :iconanimance:, :iconlaneheles:, :iconlillim00: and :icongrell-sutcliff-08:
a feature on the group's frontpage in the section "Special members"

And our third winner is :iconmarosar: with their drawing:

Apocalyptica-Hope by marosar

You will receive:
10 :points: from :iconsuyi-chan:
a small black & white sketch doodle from :iconlillim00:
a chibi from :iconmikiwing:
a llama from :iconanimance:, :iconlaneheles:, :iconlillim00: and :icongrell-sutcliff-08: a feature on the group's frontpage in the section "Special members"

Congrats to all the lucky winners and thanks to everyone who submitted their beautiful pictures! You will all receive a llama from :iconanimance:, :iconlaneheles: and :iconlillim00: & all your submissions will be put in the featured folder!

Have a nice day~
***Winners will be announced soon!***
Hello dear members~

First of all, thanks to all the great artist who submitted so many wonderful pieces of art, I'm really overwhelmed by your creativity! Since the submission time is over, the contest folder is now closed and you are not able to submit your art anymore. Any request of accepting art that was handed in too late or didn't follow the rules will be ignored.  

So, here are the rules for voting:

:bulletblack: Make sure to be a member of this group!

:bulletblack: You may vote for 5 entries of your choice, you are allowed to vote for less submissions.

:bulletblack: You are not allowed to vote for your own entry!

:bulletblack: Just leave a comment down below that contains the corresponding numbers in order to vote. You can also send a note to me.

:bulletblack: The voting will end on January 11th 2014, 23:59 (German time)

:bulletblack: Be fair (;

~*And now, please take your time to look through the entries and choose the ones you like*~

1. Kuroi Namida by KisaSwan
2. Circus Monster ~Sebby origin story FF by JeanLuz (NOTE: This is a story, please read it before you vote! Thanks~)
3. [Days of Dash] by alexanong
4. Clarity by Lawlietlovescake99
5. :thumb415961032:
6. :thumb416912105:
7. DIFFERENT SENSE by Samy-Consu
8. :thumb417167222:
9. Ma-Ka-Se-Te Tonight (Music Contest) by D2a3n4i5e6l7
10. :thumb417252270:
11. Soul Evans - Going to Sin City by HolderofTruth
12. Dancing In the Velvet Moon by agentrina
13. Nobody Wins by KAI314

Mature Content

Hetalia: Gilbert Beilschmidt aka Prussia by 7thCobweb

15. Come Little Children: Music Contest submission by RyuuHana24
16. Radioactive by RenTamashi
17. Apocalyptica-Hope by marosar
18. No Rain No Rainbow by Orenji--kun
19. :thumb424110358:
20. Inside the fire- contest entry by Yukichiart
21. Dance with the Devil by angelbelievers
22. Rin-Kagamine, Magical Mirror by Suyi-chan

~Good luck to all the contestants!~
More Journal Entries


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