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Fight by alesan94
She Ra by alesan94
Shanks by alesan94
Scarlet Witch by alesan94
Traditional Art 4
OC: Aquarelle Stars by MaoMint
Mermay watercolor mermaid - Fireflies by Inntary
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YCH #8 SET PRICE 4 slots OPEN by Grimlai

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Android 21 x Majin 21 (v2) - SIDE OF HISTORY by BlueGraves7

Mature Content

Android 21 x Majin 21 - SIDE OF HISTORY by BlueGraves7
Art Summary 2020 by MbTheGray
Teresa from Full Metal Panic 2 by Heatray2009
Teresa from Full Metal Panic by Heatray2009
Maki talesrunner FANART by uwiieekawaii
Ramlethal Valentine FANART by uwiieekawaii
C - Linda by Isi-Daddy
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Midoriya - Strength with a good heart ( Deku ) by SuuSlimeGirl
Blood Moon by HaruShadows
[OPEN] Halloween Gacha game by Inntary
Commissions open upd 2021, May, 09I`ll draw fantasy art based on your photo or your imagination. High resolution. Within a week from the date of the order :)You can use the commission as you see fit. This can be either for personal use or commercial use (this is not necessary, but if you tell me how you will use it, I will be happy). I can do:Original CharactersGirls/ BoysReal peopleFanart / online games charactersLight NSFW / NSFW but so that the genitals are not visible :)Light Bondage, BDSM, barefootHumans / kemonomimi / light Anthro HumanizationI can`t do:Not too detailed backgroundNot draw children, furry, animals, old mans.Not draw guro,RulesPayment via PAYPAL only.I'll start working once full payment was paid.Every commission piece will be submitted to my social media including progress, snapshots, or sometimes progress video. Please tell me before ordering if you feel inappropriate or it is private work.No refund after sketch confirmed!When the commission will be finished, you will receive an original size image via stash. A small size image will be submitted to my gallery.During the creation process, I will show you sketches, sketch+paint, and almost finished work. You can only make changes 2 times: the first time - at the sketch stage, the second - small edits before the final.Price Bust (on the chest) is $70 Half body (on hips) is $90On knees and lower is $110Full body is $1302 characters together and more than + 100% for each characterIf you have already commissioned me at least once, then there are other prices for you.,How to commission?Just send to me a note as you comfortably:a note on Deviantarta DM on Instagram @grimlaiI'll ask you:Portrait/ halfbody/ on knees and lower/ full bodyCharacter reference. At least one image.Character description: personality, race, etc.Extra Information: some things you want me to notice or add, pose, background, etc.See you soon!,
DWOAH: Harley Quinn vs Junko EnoshimaDeadliest warriors of all historyHarley Quinn vs Junko EnoshimaThe joy and despair of insanityHarleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn info:Height: 5 foot 7Weight: 140lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Baseball Bat, Giant Mallet, Dual Revolvers, Pie Bombs, Jack-in-a-box Bombs, Bud and LouStrengths: Ever since her introduction in the animated Batman series Harley Quinn has become one of the worlds most beloved comic book femme fatales, Peak human strength (Despite her lithe frame Harley has shown remarkable strength, Can lift and swing her oversized Weapons like they were weightless, Has knocked out Batman on several occasions, Nearly broke a mans hand by squeezing it too hard, Managed to resist and crawl out of a Gravitational Field that left her in a small crater), Above peak human durability (Harley has shown several near superhuman feats of durability on multiple occasions, Shrugs off falls from great heights, Survived being struck by Killer Croc, Shrugged off countless beatings from the Joker, Laughed off several shocks from an Electruction Chair), Peak human speed/Hypersonic reactions (Can casually dodge bullets from even point blank range, Jumped over a speeding car), Genius intellect (Despite her ditzy demeanour Harley is extremely intelligent, Has a doctorate in psychology), Is extremely athletic and a natural gymnast, Is a master combatant of both Melee Weapons and Firearms, Her physical has been improved twice by Joker and Poison Ivy (Increasing her strength and durability and making her immune to nearly all known drugs and poisons as well as Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin to the point that she jokes that she huffs it for fun), Managed to tame two Hyena’s (Bud and Lou are extremely intelligent even by Hyena standards), Possesses both a Black and a Red Lantern Ring, Both survived in Hell and was kicked out for being too cheery about her situation.Weaknesses: Despite her intellect she is prone to ‘ditzy blonde’ moments, Her feelings towards the Joker whether it be love or hate can be easily manipulated, Despite her enhancements Harley is still below a superhuman in attributes.Junko Enoshima info:Height: 5 foot 5Weight: 99lbsWeapons: Assorted Traps, Baseball Bat, Ice Pick, Grenades, Knife, Monokuma Units, Ultimate Despair TapeStrengths: Is one of the most recurring and arguably the main villain of the Danganronpa series, Peak human strength (Despite her lithe figure Junko has shown feats of impressive strength on multiple occasions, Knocked out Makoto Naeji with a single hit, Threw a metal Wrench so hard it became embedded in a wooden beam), Superhuman durability (Despite being completely human Junko has shown feats of near impossible durability, Shrugged off being hit by a Firetruck, Being burned alive and even being sent out into space before reentering Earth’s atmosphere), Peak human speed/Hypersonic reactions (Scales to Yasushiro Hagakure who dodged Helicopter Machine Gun fire), Genius intellect (Is easily one of the smartest characters of the series, Convinced over 2000 students to commit suicide, Caused the tragedy), Is the Ultimate Analyst (This allows her to figure out nearly everything about someone with a single glance), She is also the Ultimate Despair (This allows her to make almost anyone lose hope and kill themselves).Weaknesses: Despite her superhuman durability it has been inconsistent at times (Was knocked out by Izuru Kamukura), Is so obsessed with Despair it causes her to leave gaping holes in her plans just so she can experience the Despair of loss from time to time, Those with extremely strong wills can overcome her Despair, Her Monokumas had a weak spot in their left eye.Battle begin!(Hope's Peak Academy)Junko looked up from her phone as the sound of a nearby explosion drew her attention, the Ultimate Despair sitting up in her makeshift throne as she called for one of her many robotic Minions “Monokuma!” she snapped to which one of the murderous Bear Bots rushed to her “I didn’t order for one of the Grenade Traps to be set, care to explain what’s going on?”.“I believe we have an Intruder ma’am! They should already be being dealt with” the Monokuma Bot stated to which Junko decided to check by pulling up one of the security camera feeds for the Academy.But instead of a fresh new corpse to go alongside the students she had convinced to kill themselves the screen showed countless destroyed Monokuma Bots and among them a lone woman in Clownish makeup wielding a comically large Mallet.“Sheesh, looks like Toyman had a field day here” Harley commented, kicking one of the ruined Monokuma’s at her feet “kinda cute though, shame about tha Claws and trying ta kill me”.As if on cue as she said that the sound of more Monokumas rushing down the hallway drew her attention, Harley grinning gleefully as a good ten more came at her prompting her to reach behind her as they leapt at her.As the first Monokuma bared its Claws and was ready to slash it was suddenly struck in the face with a Pie, the cream of it coating its visual sensors preventing it from seeing the beeping Bomb that was stashed in the Pie before it detonated, the explosion destroying the first six Monokumas whilst leaving the remaining for ‘dazed’ with damaged sensors leaving them easy pickings for Harley’s Mallet.Laughing to herself as she pulverised the last Monokuma to sparking pieces Harley only stopped when a screen lowered from the ceiling and sparked to life showing Junko’s image on it “now who do we have here?” Junko asked as she eyed Harley from top to bottom, her Analyst ability kicking in telling her everything about the intruder “let’s see, Harleen Quinzel, psychologist, lackey to the Joker”.“Hey! That’s ex lackey!” Harley snapped back “I run my own thing now! And what do ya have my Wikipedia page open or somethin’?”.Scoffing at Harley’s words Junko responded not with words but a button press, opening the floor underneath Harley’s feet to reveal a Spike Pit underneath “bye bye!” Junko beamed almost childishly, waving as Harley fell into the Pit “well that was easy”.Yelping as she fell into the Pit Harley stuck her arms and legs out to press them to the sides of the Spike Pit, showing off her great strength and acrobatics skill as she then proceeded to work her way up the Pit, hopping out a mere ten seconds after she had fallen in making Junko raise a surprised eyebrow “ok, let’s try Grenades!”.With that she pressed another button on her phone prompting several ports in the walls and ceiling around Harley to open up causing a volley of live Grenades to fall through towards her “fore!” Harley then shouted gleefully swinging her Mallet hard as the Grenades came at her.As Harley’s Mallet made contact with several of the Grenades the camera feed went dark alongside the sound of a distant explosion bringing a smile to Junko’s lips, her smiling being short lived however as her eyebrow then twitched “no, she survived that” she stated with a sigh as she then got up “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself” she muttered getting up from her throne and collecting several Weapons “I bet the bitch isn’t even that charred”.As stated in the now blackened and destroyed hallway Harley Quinn skipped out of it only with minimal damage, her Mallet having smacked the Grenades back against the wall giving her ample time to duck and cover to avoid the majority of the blasts “”this place is fun! Wonder what’s next for me” she pondered as she tossed her now smoking Mallet away, the wood of it having heavily charred from the close proximity to the explosions as she swapped to her ‘Goodnight’ Bat.Turning a corner and walking through a doorway leading into a large courtyard Harley grinned wider as she was met with yet more Monokuma units, the Madwoman pulling out another Pie Bomb whilst twirling her Bat in her other hand as they noticed her “come on, let’s get crazy!” she exclaimed as the Monokumas rushed to attack her moving much faster than the ones before them.Ducking and weaving as the first Monokuma wildly swung its Claws at her Harley grit her teeth as she felt its Talons rake across her left shoulder, drawing blood as it cut through her costume “oh I’m sending whoeva made you tha bill for that!” she snapped before quickly ducking as a Beast Monokuma lunged at her, its Claws raking at the air where her head had just been allowing her to quickly stick her Pie Bomb to its body and allowing it to fall into the crowd of other Monokumas as the Bomb went off destroying them.Giggling at the sight Harley then turned at the sound of marching to see Bomb Monokumas marching towards her, the Robots decked up in Riot Gear whilst Destroyer Monokumas shot up into the air over them via Jetpacks.As they advanced on her Harley swapped her back for her Revolvers, spinning the chambers before pulling back the hammers with a wild smile, her eyes wide with glee as she then opened fire, expertly shooting each Monokuma in the left eye having noticed a structural weak point in that area after realising that the Robots went down much easier when hit there.As the Monokumas fell Harley sighed rubbing the side of her head with the still smoking barrel of one of her Revolvers “phew, this is quite-a workout” she panted before suddenly grunting in pain as she felt a sharp stabbing pain through her abdomen, looking down to see that an Icepick had been forced through her back and out of her front neatly impaling her.“You’ve been breaking my toys” Junko hissed before quickly jumping back leaving the Icepick inside of Harley as the older woman spun around to try to strike her with the handle of her Revolver, Harley quickly reloading and starting to shoot at Junko who promptly dashed away deftly avoiding the bullets as she disappeared through a window back into the school hallways.“Oh, wanna play hide and seek?” Harley grunted as she then pulled the Icepick out of herself, tossing it aside and holstering her Revolvers before bringing her fingers to her lips and whistling loudly.Within seconds of her whistling the sound of chattering laughter echoed down the hallways before two Hyena’s emerged from them, Bud and Lou eagerly running to their Mistress to which she happily stroked their manes “wanna play babies?” she cooed as she then picked up the Icepick, holding it by the tip and bringing the handle to her Hyena’s muzzles allowing them to get Junko’s scent from it “go find her boys, it’s snack time!” she then beamed, sending the Hyena’s cackling down the hallways to hunt for their prey.Heading into one of the classrooms Junko drew her Knife as she could hear the rapid paw falls and echoing laughter coming down the hallway after her, the Despair steeling herself as the door to the classroom suddenly burst open with Bud and Lou charging through to lunge at her.Lashing out with her Knife as the Hyena’s were upon her knocking her back onto a desk Junko carved across Lou’s side drawing blood and making the Hyena yelp before she planted her feet to his stomach to kick him off of her.Flipping the Knife in her hand Junko then aimed to stab at Bud when suddenly Harley was upon her, bringing her Bat down hard upon Junko’s head as she was preoccupied with Bud, the hit having enough force to break the desk beneath her sending both women to the floor.With Junko pinned beneath her Harley pressed her legs to Junko’s sides to further keep her in place before starting to bring her Bat down upon her head over and over, the satisfying ‘thunk!’ of the Bat meeting the Despair’s skull echoing out over and over but to Harley’s annoyance Junko’s skin barely even bruised let alone her skull cracking.“Come on! Come on! Where’s! Tha! Splatter?!” Harley exclaimed as the floor beneath them started to crack and give way, Junko gripping her Knife tighter as she took the repeated blows to the head in her stride before suddenly stabbing Harley in the shoulder, Bud narrowly missing a bite to her arm as he tried to stop the attack on his Mistress as Harley cried out in pain “fucking bitch!” she then snapped bringing her Bat down even harder upon Junko’s head, the impact of it cracking the rotting floor even more causing it to give away sending both women down to the floor below.Tumbling as she landed in the darkened long since used classroom below Junko grunted as she rolled, groaning at the throbbing in her head before she picked herself up, looking around to see that Harley was nowhere to be seen “come out come out wherever you are” she hissed pulling out her own Baseball Bat when she began to hear a jaunty little tune.Was it...pop goes the weasel?Looking down as she realised the tune was coming from the floor she noticed a Jack-in-a-box that was unwinding itself, playing its happy little tune until the final crescendo as its lid popped open.But instead of the Jack jumping out on its spring a Bomb with a lit fuse shot out right in Junko’s face “ah shit!” she just managed to let out before it went off in her face, the blast knocking her back and straight through the classroom wall making her slam into the lockers in the hallway outside.“Ha! Fell for the oldest trick in tha book!” Harley laughed as she emerged from around a corner, palming the head of her Bat as Junko slowly picked herself up, her uniform scorched and smoking from the Bomb blast “come on, let’s get crazy!”.As Harley then raised her Bat again Junko then suddenly pulled out a remote and pushed the button on it, causing a large screen to be lowered from the ceiling drawing Harley’s attention as Junko then turned on the Ultimate Despair video.As soon as the flashing images started to play on the screen Harley stood transfixed, her already warped mind starting to break even further as she, for the first time since she found out that the Joker never truly loved her, began to give into despair, her Bat falling from her hand as it then inched to one of her Revolvers, drawing it and slowly bringing it to her head, the sight making Junko grin and laugh maniacally.Watching eagerly as Harley then placed a finger on the trigger Junko’s grin fell as suddenly Harley began to laugh “ha! What a riot!” she cackled moving the Revolver from her head and shooting the screen to turn off the Video.“What?! How did you resist that? Now one can survive the Ultimate Despair!” Junko shrieked to which Harley laughed again.“Oh sweetheart I spent years shackled ta an abusive Clown, was in and out of Arkham more times than I can remember and I’ve been to literal Hell! Some flashy little video nasty ain’t gonna do shit ta me! Sick her boys!” Harley snapped back with a snap of her fingers prompting Bud and Lou to rush out from the shadows to attack Junko again.Enraged by Harley’s resistance to the Ultimate Despair and her mocking tone Junko rushed at her whilst Bud and Lou snapped at her, their Jaws snapping at her leg and arm clamping down hard enough to draw blood as Junko collided with Harley, the force of the tackle along with the sheer weight of Bud and Lou knocking Harley off of her feet, all four of them hitting the rotting floor hard enough to break through it again sending them down into the basement floor.As they landed both girls rebounded off of the floor, Junko rolling as Bud and Lou released her whilst Harley fell a few metres away and screamed in pain as a broken piece of rebar that was jutting out of a broken wall impaled her through the leg effectively pinning her in place.Grabbing at the rebar Harley started to try to pull it free, Lou rushing to her side and biting at the rebar himself to try to pull it out of his Mistress whilst Bud attacked Junko again, the Despair reacting faster to knock the Hyena down with a swing of her Bat before striking Bud over and over about the head until he stopped trying to get back up, the Hyena whimpering as blood trickled down his fur.Looking back to Harley Junko was about to insult and go into a monologue when suddenly her Analyst ability kicked in as Harley suddenly pulled out a Ring from her costume and put it on, the images and information Junko was getting from it making her blood run cold and screamed at her to get away and made a tactical retreat.Turning to make her retreat Junko flinched as she felt sharp Fangs around her ankles and looking down she found that Bud had recovered slightly and was now clasping at her leg “get off of me you filthy!” she snapped raising her Bat again when she felt a human hand grab at her side.Looking down her eyes widened in horror as she found the reanimated body of one of the students she had forced to suicide now grabbing at her, the girls neck still red raw and broken from hanging herself as more reanimated students came shambling out of the shadows towards her.“You wouldn’t believe the kinda stuff ya can buy online” Harley commented as the Black Lantern Ring on her finger shown a deep unholy black, it’s power allowing Harley to resurrect all of Junko’s victims in the school grounds which promptly started to advance towards their murderer.Starting to panic as more Zombies shambled towards her Junko started to wildly swing her Bat at them whilst trying to pull her leg out of Bud’s Jaws, the Hyena refusing to let go until Harley whistled for him to come to her prompting him to release Junko and stagger back to his owner who had managed to remove the rebar from her leg.As Junko was quickly beginning to become overwhelmed with the reanimated bodies of her victims Harley turned to take her leave, taking a moment to plant several Pie Bombs on one of the structurally integral cement pillars of the basement before placing a Jack-in-a-box Bomb at its base, giving herself just enough wind up to allow her and her Hyena’s to leave as more Zombies shambled by her towards Junko.“Toodles!” Harley then beamed as she then ascended through the hole in the basement wall, Bud and Lou clambering up the rubble after her leaving Junko to fight off the Zombies to the tune of pop goes the weasel.Cracking one of the last Zombies skulls with her Bat Junko stood panting with her body now covered in bite and scratch marks, her eyes wide and manic as she looked around for Harley only to see her ‘parting gifts’ at the base of the load bearing pillar as the tune reached its end, her eyes widening further and her lips twisting into a broken smile as she realised what had happened and she was filled with the addicted overwhelming despair she loved, the blonde seemingly accepting her fate as all the Explosives went off, destroying the pillar and causing the entire structure of the School to come down upon her, crushing her and her victims under several hundred tons of debris whilst Harley watched smiling from the outskirts.Winner: Harley QuinnNow I’ll admit that this was a match up in which the outcome was set to be completely different until I did some last minute extra research on Harley and realised that she had access to literal Lantern Rings.Without the Rings however the fight would have still been extremely close as even though Junko had the durability advantage along with her Analyst ability to tell her near everything about her opponent Harley had the advantage in every other category, mainly in sheer skill in combat as Harley has always been hands on with her fights whilst Junko preferred to use her Traps and Monokumas to mainly do the killing for her and whilst Monokumas can easily slaughter regular people Harley has taken on and beaten several Metahumans in the past so the Robotic Bears would be childsplay for her.The fact that despite having a weaker durability Harley can take one hell of a beating herself having walked away from things that should outright kill normal people.And people might argue that Harley should have been forced to suicide via the Ultimate Despair Video to which I retort that Harley has gone to literal Hell before and was so ok with her situation that Satan kicked her out for essentially ruining the mood so a video showing her several atrocities would essentially be the same as America’s funniest home videos to her.So whilst I understand why a lot of my readers voted Junko for this fight the fact that Harley has access to LITERAL LANTERN RINGS tipped the favour of the fight to heavily in her favour upon using one that I had to side with her in the end.At least Junko got to have one last rush of despair before the end.
DWOAH: Kimeramon vs Mighty Morphin' MegazordDeadliest warriors of all historyKimeramon vs Mighty Morphin’ MegazordWith these Beasts combinedKimeramon info:Height: 65 feetWeight: 10 tonsWeapons: Tooth and Claw, Acidic Flame Breath, Poison LasersStrengths: Is considered to be one of the most feared and powerful Ultimate level Digimon, Extreme strength (Easily overpowered the Digidestined’s Champion level Digimon physically), Extreme durability (Tanked dozens of attacks from both the Digidestined’s Digimon and wild Digimon whilst on its rampage), Massively hypersonic speeds (Easily outsped Champion level Digimon and kept up with other Ultimate levels whilst in flight), Is stated to possess the power of each Champion level Digimon’s Data that comprises its body.Weaknesses: Is highly unstable causing it to be near uncontrollable.Mighty Morphin’ Megazord info:Height: 134 feetWeight: 570 tonsWeapons: Bare Hands, Power Sword, Cranial LaserStrengths: Is the first and easily the most famous of all of the Megazords, Demi-Godlike strength (Thanks to its massive size the Megazord possesses immense strength, Can harm Rita’s Monsters after they had become Giants as well as other Zords, Can lift thousands of tons), Demi-Godlike durability (Can tank blows from even the strongest of Rita’s Monsters and other Zords, Its Mastodon Head Shield is near indestructible), Extreme speed (Despite its huge size the Megazord can move at high speeds in combat), Defeated dozens of Rita Repulsa’s Monsters.Weaknesses: Thanks to being solar powered the Megazord cannot fully function at night or during a solar eclipse, Was destroyed by Lord Zedd.Battle begin!(Angel Grove)It had been just another peaceful sunny day in Angel Grove when the sky tore open with a dark portal and from it emerged a huge Chimeric Creature, the Digimon roaring and bellowing in both rage and pain as its body writhed and thrashed as it came crashing to the ground hard enough to cause a small tremor, its body seeming at war with itself as the different sequences of Data within it clashed and didn’t properly combine.Upon landing Kimeramon let out another pained roar as a green glowing Flame erupted from its mouth “HEAT VIPER!!!” the Digimon bellowed, unleashing the Acidic Flames upon the area around it setting the grass and trees aflame.As the Digimon began its rampage the sound of crashing thunder rang out above it followed by metallic roars and screeches, Kimeramon turning towards the noise to see the Zords rushing towards it.“We need Megazord power now!” Jason declared as the Zords then became to morph and combine, each Ranger sounding off their Zord in sequence.“Mastodon!”.“Triceratops!”.“Pterodactyl!”.“Sabertooth Tiger!”.“Tyrannosaurus!”.With that the Zords came together and combine to create the huge humanoid Megazord, the giant Robot standing at more than twice the Digimon’s height casting the Beast in shadow as it stomped towards it but Kimeramon showed no fear, only more wild rage as it unleashed a Heat Viper right at the Megazord scoring it right in the chest.The blast made the Megazord stumble momentarily but it quickly righted itself to surge forward, swinging its arm low to slam its metallic Fist to the Digimons face, sending it skyward as the uppercut lifted it clean off of its feet.As the Digimon was knocked into the air the Megazord grabbed hold of its tail before using it to slam the Beast to the ground, the ground shaking from the impact before the Megazord lifted the Digimon to repeat the action again and again, spinning around as it threw Kimeramon around like a ragdoll.As it was slammed down onto its back again damaging its Devimon set of wings the Digimon managed to fire another Heat Viper at the Megazords shoulder were the Mastodon Zord was connected, sending sparks flying off of the Mech as it released the Digimon in recoil to the attack.“This Monsters got some fight to it! Raise Mastodon Shield!” Jason ordered to which the Megazord complied, raising its left arm as the Mastodon head at its hand fully opened, the wide head and ears of it forming a Shield which the Megazord promptly used to block the next Heat Viper from the Digimon.With the Shield blocking the Digimon’s Flaming Breath the Megazord marched forward before reaching down to grab hold of of its MegaKabuterimon arm, using it to wrench Kimeramon from the ground before outright tearing the arm off via a rough kick to the Beasts abdomen, leaving the arm dissipating in its grasp whilst the stump of it leaked data from Kimeramon’s body.Roaring in pain at the loss of its arm the Digimon then went on a feral attack, splaying its wings before using them to shoot forward into the air, starting to circle the Megazord at blinding speeds whilst taking swooping swipes at the Mech, making sparks fly with every hit before shooting higher into the air and splaying out its wings and remaining three arms.“HYPER ARMS!!!” Kimeramon bellowed as it suddenly charged and fired a deep purple blast of energy from each arm and wing, converging into one larger Laser which struck the Megazord hard before it could raised its Shield.“We’re taking too much damage from this thing!” Kimberly exclaimed as sparks flew from each Rangers control station, the Hyper Arms sending the Megazord stumbling back as the Digimon kept up the attack.“Keep pushing forward! We can do this!” Jason responded as the Megazord planted its feet and raised its Mastodon Shield to start defending itself from the Hyper Arms blast, the Mech then marching forward through the attack “fire Cranial Laser!”.With that the Megazord started to charge its head Laser, using its Shield to keep the Hyper Arms occupied before firing a powerful blast from its head, scoring the Digimon square in the chest to knock it out of the sky.Crash landing hard Kimeramon thrashed and writhed to force itself back up only to suffer a backhand to the side of the head as the Megazord went on the attack, the large Mech delivering punch after punch knocking the Digimon around barely giving it a chance to retaliate as the Megazord rained punch after punch to the Beasts head, steadily cracking the Kabuterimon carapace that covered its skull.As the carapace began to crack and splinter the Kimeramon ducked to dodge another swing from the Megazord before biting down hard on its right Mastodon arm, sending sparks flying from it as its Teeth carved through the metal whilst the Claws of its three arms carved and raked at the rest of its arm.More sparks flew in the control stations as the Megazord staggered and recoiled from each Clawing attack from the Digimon, the Mech then using its Shield arm to attack the Digimon’s head, raining more blows down on it until the Carapace finally cracked, its horn snapping off making the Beast roar in pain as more data began to leak out from its wounds.As the Digimon let go the Megazord slammed it away with a sweep of its arm before throwing its right arm to the air “we need the Power Sword!” Jason declared as lightning began to strike around them, the aforementioned Sword then descending from the sky before being caught by the Megazord.As the Megazord caught the Sword it was struck several times by lightning until it glowed a bright crimson red “alright let’s finish this! Hyaaaa!!!” Jason declared as the Megazord brandished the Power Sword and surged towards Kimeramon, the Digimon bellowing feral-ly as it took to the air again and swooped towards the huge Mech.As the Digimon shot towards it the Megazord then swung the Power Sword, the huge Blade cutting straight through all four of the Digimons wings sending it crashing back to the ground before the Mech turned around to ready itself again, Kimeramon roaring even louder in rage as it picked itself up and started to charge more Flames from its more.“Heat Viper!!!” the Beast bellowed launching its Acidic Flames again to which the Megazord blocked it once again with its Mastodon Shield, the Mech marching forward through the Heat Viper before swinging the Power Sword again as it surged forward passed the Digimon.As the Blade made contact the Heat Viper was cut off, Kimeramon’s eyes widening and dilating as a long thin bisection line ran across its head from its mouth, the top half of its head then slowly sliding off before dissipating into data, its body soon following suit in breaking down into data as it fell leaving nothing in the wake whilst the Megazord stood victorious.Winner: Mighty Morphin’ MegazordOnce again I have to apologise for how late this fight has been but if anyone has read my previous journal will know that I have gone through a family tragedy and have been dealing with...well, surviving it.But anyway, why does the Megazord beat Kimeramon?Well when it comes to outright power both fighters are relatively well matched with both being able to combat and destroy extremely powerful Digimon/Monsters with relative ease.What gave the Megazord the edge in my opinion however would be a greater durability and the fact that Kimeramon is an imperfect unstable fusion of Digimon to the point that it can be considered to be in constant conflict with itself during it into a feral animal rather than the trained obedient fighter the Digimon Emperor hoped it would be.So with the fact that Kimeramon would be fighting like a rabid Beast and attacking without thinking compared to the Megazord being piloted by five extremely skilled and intelligent Rangers the fight would sooner or later not end well for the Digimon.
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Your Hairs Down?? by Risen-Dawn
Digital Art 5 FULL
Star of Destiny Reboot Preview by hythrain
Digital Art 6 FULL
Violet Cupcake, Anyone? by RedAceStarz
Digital Art 7 FULL
Commission Headshot Batch Num. 1 by Vanillasama67
Digital Art 8 FULL
Dawn of a New Chapter by Glitched-Ryu
Digital Art 9 FULL
Animal Design - Corolo(Recolored) by HivanDevArt
Digital Art 10 FULL
fluffian Adopt Auction (CLOSED) by Bai-Jiu
Oc Fanart FULL

Mature Content

Last dragoness by sionra
Oc Fanart 2 FULL
NieR Re[in]carnation by Cerulea-blue
Mature FULL

Mature Content

Commission - Alisa Southercross - censored ver by Arthursirius
Mature 2 FULL

Mature Content

Digital Dump by JJJorgie
Secret Santa 2012
-- Chibi Commission for BlackBeta13 01 -- by Kurama-chan








Welcome to MangAnimeArt!


:groups: Hi everyone!!! :groups:
welcome to MangAnimeArt group!
if you want to join in it, please respect all the rules:

:bulletred: RESPECT ALL MEMBERS, this is the most important rule of this group, always remember to respect others if you want to be respected back

:bulletorange: you can put it 6 images at week
:bulletyellow: Please, put pictures in the correct folder ;)
:bulletgreen: Affiliation with other groups are always accepted!
:bulletblue: We can publicize your events and contests
:bulletpurple: yuri, yaoi and hentai are accepted, but to respect mature filters! :censored:
:bulletwhite: HAVE FUN!!!

:groups: Main Folders Instructions :groups:
:bulletred: TRADITIONAL ART: Every pictures about manga and anime in traditional style.
:bulletorange: DIGITAL ART: All pictures made by digital way.
:bulletyellow: OCs FANART: Pictures with particular way to draw your Original Characters.
:bulletgreen: SPECIAL THINGS FOR YOU: Pictures have a special meaning for you.
:bulletblue: COSPLAY: Your works as cosplayer or as cosplay photographer!
:bulletpurple: GIFS: Animation World is here!
:bulletblack: STAMP: Your stamps can stay here, not over!
:bulletwhite: LITERATURE: Your Fan-fictions or short stories about all manga or anime.
:bulletpink: MANGA TABLES: it's for your personal manga fanart, about your characters and other...
:bulletred: MATURE: For censured deviation and for sexy images withou a censor.
:bulletorange: CHIBI: sketched chibi, digital chibi and traditional chibi are all accept!
:bulletyellow: 3D ART: things you create with 3d modelling!
:bulletgreen: HANDMADE WORKS: in short, everything you create over drawing related to anime and manga!
:bulletblue: SKETCH AND WIP: the name say all ^^

:groups: Problems :groups:
-If you have any problem with something or someone (I hope not!), please tell me about it!
Nothingh else to say, just a little thank to all! :blowkiss:
-If you see that a folder is full, send a note to the group or to the founder!
You just need to say us and we will create a new folder!

:groups: Points Problem :groups:
It's not about the Super Group Option;
if someone wants to know to others deviants for his/her :points: commissions, send me a note for adding your name on the following box.
Hi all!

We thought that this events would have been successful because so many deviants asked us if this group was forgotten or dead.
We haven't create a new journal until today because we hoped some other deviants would have asked to join to Secret Santa.

We are sorry with deviant who wanted to join in the event but we do't have enought people to start.

After holiday we will think about creating some new events to give new life to the group.
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[$5-$8] Chibi Icon and Chibi Pixel Icon [OPEN];;Hi Hi! I decided to open these commissions as I want to save money, this time I will sell them much cheaper than normal so do not miss this opportunity There are only 5 slots at the moment, when those 5 fill up I will add more, so calm down, don't worry, everyone will be able to buy a slot! Pixel iconPixel icon, I will give you the icon in two sizes, 50x50px and 600x600px, the large size looks in a very good quality and does not look pixelated or with poor quality. I accept points and paypal.The icon takes between 3 days and a week to be ready.You pay the amount and after that I start working on the sketch.I don't send sketch progress but I ask you to please, in the form below, be as specific as you can. You can also include images of poses or expressions if you want. Chibi iconChibi icon, 2000x2000px, I'll give you a 150x150 version to use in Deviantart I accept points and paypal.The icon takes between 3 days and a week to be ready.You pay the amount and after that I start working on the sketch.I'll send you the sketch so you can see if you want any changes. The changes will be free to the exception that it is a change that requires drawing again from 0.Or have you ask to make sketch changes once, and then when you show the sketch ask again for more changes and so sucesively. If this happens you will be charged $2 .To avoid all this I ask you to please, in the form below, be as specific as you can. You can also include images of poses or expressions if you want. I DO...  Furry / Anthro / Kemonomimi Humans  Humanoids Demons ORIGINAL Characters. I don't draw "Recolor Characters"  Some species of deviantart (ask me if I can draw them)  I DON'T...Mecha Old people Recolor characters Fanart NSFW GoreFill this form please Name + Reference of the character:Commission Type: (Chibi icon or Pixel Icon)Payment: (Paypal or Points) (Don't give me the points until I've sent you a link where you can pay me with the points) (If you're going to pay with paypal, leave me your e-mail so I'll send you a invoice)Description of the character: (Personality, hobbies, etc)Do you want a white outline?:BG color:Character expression and pose:Something you want to say:
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[+VIDEO] Commission - Childish Angel by Meryosie   Sailor Moon: Usagi by Meryosie  
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Auction open ♥
[ADOPT]Stimpank Mouse girl[OPEN] by OldFoxDlA
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