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Kuroshituji - Just Another Cup of Tea

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Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Lau Ranmao

Black Butler - Kuroshitsuji

Lau // mangalphantom
Ranmao // chibifiedkitsunes
Photo // e3Studios
Assists // Sarapungs-tokusatsu, MisaZophia

Dug this out of my picture albums to post up here 8D. This magnificent shoot sometime last year was one of those days where everything was shot very light heartedly, I think more crack shots were taken rather than srs-face ones xD. We spent time frolicking around bamboo groves, lakes and streams, and eating ice cream 8D.
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XD when I finish my Grell cosplay I'll think of this! (If I meet a Madam Red cosplayer!)
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lol, the expression
Reigan-Chan's avatar
Your face oh my god dead :iconilavplz:
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So much easier than trying to look cool xD
Katashi-Okenuth's avatar
hahaha i love it!! very beautiful and laus a butt
mangalphantom's avatar
I love making artworks like this, hahah xD. Cheers!
SakumaJanice's avatar
Lovely cosplayer~XD
tessucosplay's avatar
Haha, omg you guys! This is beautiful!!!! XD
mangalphantom's avatar
Glad you like it Tess, so much fun to make xD!
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Such a fabulous gif ahaha you're expressions xDbbbb
mangalphantom's avatar
So much easier making these things to serious-face photos xD.
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Epic LOL. I don't get tired of seeing this. It's very funny! And the idea was very intelligent and fun.
Congrats! You're fantastic! And the cosplay was perfect!
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Thanks a bunch! Its heaps of fun just playing around and making up stuff like this on the spot xD.
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You're welcome!
And keep doing stuff like this! It's wonderful and very fun!
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XD I can watch this over and over and over XD
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It was heaps of fun making it, glad you enjoy xD.
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Love your cosplays and this is quite funny XD
mangalphantom's avatar
Thanks a bunch, glad you like it xD!
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Haha, I love this ! xD
mangalphantom's avatar
It was good fun making it, thanks heaps xD!
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