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Well, as this is the first entry by me I just guess I better go and introduce myself. High, I'm 24 years old,  currently studying Mediadesign in the nice medieval touched city of Augsburg, Germany. I kinda dig all things fantasy and besides lots of reading and roaming through fantasy art try my hands on drawing myself which takes quite a bunch of my freetimes outside studying.
Currently in my final year so drawing is one of my few left sparetime activities in my very rare sparetime. Here's a portion of my work(most already a bit older) and I hope you enjoy it. And as it stands, I always appreciate some constructive criticism to enhance my skills, so thank you for any advice, remark or praise you feel to post. Thank you in advance!

I'll try to bring up some newer work as soon as possible. Currently on vacation and try to spend as time as possible on fooling around with my Wacom tablet.

Cya, Mangalore
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Submitted on
February 26, 2004