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MEME of DOOM by Mangakon MEME of DOOM :iconmangakon:Mangakon 2 2 Arthur by Mangakon Arthur :iconmangakon:Mangakon 0 0 Vanos by Mangakon Vanos :iconmangakon:Mangakon 0 0 Lee Kasawa by Mangakon Lee Kasawa :iconmangakon:Mangakon 0 0 Feet by Mangakon Feet :iconmangakon:Mangakon 0 2 A Landscape by Mangakon A Landscape :iconmangakon:Mangakon 1 0 Smooth by Mangakon Smooth :iconmangakon:Mangakon 0 0 Garnier by Mangakon Garnier :iconmangakon:Mangakon 0 6
Lost Boys
Look around your house. Do you have a TV? Do you have a computer? Or a game console, like a PS3 or a Wii? Do you have food in your cupboards? Do you have decent security for your house? Do you have clean water? You do? Well, surprise, surprise. Of course you do! Why wouldn’t you?
Consider yourself lucky. There are millions of people in the world who don’t have any of those. For example: approximately twenty-seven thousand Sudanese boys, named the ‘Lost Boys’, were forced by violence from their southern Sudan villages during the Second Sudanese Civil War in the late 1980s. Their villages were mostly attacked at night. The boys, some as young as three years old, ran into the surrounding forests to escape being shot and killed. Estimations show about two million Sudanese people were killed in the war.  
These boys then started walking to a refugee camp in Ethiopia, where they stayed until the Communists overthrew the government in 1991 and forced the young bo
:iconmangakon:Mangakon 0 3
A Violent Man
“So,” ventured McCoy as he sipped from a glass of strong alcohol, “what’s it like being married to an unfeeling computer?”
James Kirk leaned back in his chair. “You have no idea,” he said, “you have no idea how much emotion that man keeps locked up inside.”
McCoy cocked an eyebrow, a handy trick he picked up from Spock. “Really? I believe he claims to have no emotion whatsoever.”
Kirk picked up his glass and filled it. “Our first pon farr together… God, I can’t even describe it. I was just hit with this wave of emotion, it crashed against me in an almost physical way.”
Leonard McCoy drained his glass and poured himself another one. “Hmm. Really.”
Kirk uttered a short laugh. “Yeah. Spock is a very violent man, Bones.”
McCoy snorted with laughter and almost spat out his drink. “Spock? Violent? You have to be kidding me.”
Kirk shook his head and sank into a thoughtful silence. McCoy wa
:iconmangakon:Mangakon 9 5
Sleeping Beauty
It was the patter of rain and the hum of the TV that lulled him to sleep, but it was the lock clicking and the door being eased open that woke him. Wilson cracked an eye open and smiled the sleepy smile children use. “Hey you.”
House barely glanced at him. “Did I wake you, Sleeping Beauty?”
“Mmm,” Wilson moved over to make room for his friend and almost fell off the couch. “Not really.”
House limped across the living room and flopped onto the said piece of furniture. Wilson craned his neck to look at his fellow doctor. “Where were you anyway? It’s three in the morning.”
Gregory House shrugged and began playing with Wilson’s hair. He twirled and curled it between his rough fingers. James Wilson half-heartedly pulled away, murmuring “stop it, you’re being silly…”
But soon Wilson’s eye lids fluttered closed and he fell into a light sleep. House leaned over him and laid a soft kiss on his friend’s lip
:iconmangakon:Mangakon 3 5
The Eel
“For the love of sweet Satan, my head!! Arggh!!” Murdoc swung the door open, clutching said body part, “What is that banging?? Stop that banging!”
2-D, standing over the kitchen sink with a hammer in hand barely glanced at him. “It’s this eel,” he whined, a pleading look on his face, “Russel told me to knock it out, ‘cause he’s gonna cook it for s-”
“Stop it banging! STOP IT BANGING!” Murdoc screamed in his ear, causing his mild mannered band-mate to lose grip on the eel.
“I can’t catch it, look, it’s so slippery!” he began to stutter, “I can- I can- I can’t kill it!”
“Can’t kill it?” Murdoc growled in his British rasp, grabbing the eel and storming over to the oven, “whaddya mean you can’t kill it? I’ll show you how to kill an eel.” He began muttering under his breath. “Melt its face!”
2-D’s eyes got wide. “N
:iconmangakon:Mangakon 11 2
A Good Story
“Momma?” her little hand grabbed the top of my book and pulled it down, “why are you crying?”
I looked up in surprise and blinked the tears away. I hadn’t realized I was crying.
“Well, it’s because I’m sad.”
She tilted her head to the side and shook her blonde pigtails out of her face. “Why are you sad Momma? Nothing’s happened.”
I marked my page and patted the couch, inviting her to crawl up next to me. “A favourite character of mine has died, that’s all. I’m sad that he died.”
She stuck out her chin, which was still chubby with baby fat. “But they aren’t really people, Momma, they’re just fake.”
“I know,” I hugged her close and combed my fingers through one of her pigtails, “but I get attached to them, even though they’re not real.”
“How come, Momma?”
“Because,” I poked her in the tummy and made her giggle, “They’re almost like rea
:iconmangakon:Mangakon 6 10
Art Trade by Mangakon Art Trade :iconmangakon:Mangakon 0 4 Gorillaz by Mangakon Gorillaz :iconmangakon:Mangakon 1 4 Merry Christmas by Mangakon Merry Christmas :iconmangakon:Mangakon 0 16


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Beware of the Slash
Current Residence: Canada
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MP3 player of choice: iPod shuffle
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Personal Quote: Seven beats King!! wait, what??
:sing: Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Oh yeah baby. Its minus FIFTY out thar!!! That's why I'm not at school. Momma decided it was too cold for us to walk there and back. Flesh starts to freeze in under two minutes right now and its a five to ten minute walk to school, depending on how fast you go. :D yays for me!!

Wow, I have been uper active these last few days.

Sorry to all my watchers if this is an over load of stuff!! XDDDD

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Hi Arana, It's Julie!
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