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Books at the Public LibraryBack in the 2000's I frequented the public library. When I did I at times would go read books on subjects about our major societal woes and moral issues; child sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, incest, rape, teen pregnancy, alcoholism and underage drinking, sexual harassment, violence in schools, children with disabilities, poverty and homelessness, drug abuse, and drug screenings, gun control, the death penalty, and dropping out of high school.What I found in many of these library books are inaccurate and misinformation, stories of people who've been in certain horrible situation who only go by their first name only, one-sided stories with personal biases, passing the buck and blaming the wrong people for our societal woes, and insisting the only solutions to these societal woes are more conventional and increasingly conservative solutions, which do the exact opposite of it's intended purpose.Personally I do not trust any of the literacy at the library. I have a good reason why; the books at the library provide the wrong answers to our problems and only make things worse. On top of all of it there is no humanity. If there is any humanity to be found there is inadequate humanity. The rhetoric is not only bias, but it's also been sterilized.I will give you an example of what I'm getting at; when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse the library books say that the cure for alcoholism is alcoholics anonymous, twelve steps, and complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The biggest problem is that AA and twelve steps isn't right for everyone. There is a reason why outreach isn't for everyone, it follows the "One size fits all" philosophy. Humanity doesn't follow that idea. "One size fits all" solutions to any of our societal woes does not fit everyone. One size does not fit all for a perfectly good reason, no one human mind thinks like the other. If you try to tell that to a health class teacher they will treat you like an idiot.Also, when it comes to information about alcoholism and drug addiction it's the same thing with the DARE and health class in high school. The information in these library books are bias, inaccurate, and misleading at best. Besides AA and twelve steps these books insist that the legal age to be an adult is 18 or older and the legal age to drink alcoholic beverages and partake in any vice one pleases being 21 or older is right and just and does make sense and makes it all about health wellness and responsibility, but there is no consistency with these laws and in this argument. Anyone who objects to the legal drinking age of being 21 or older is demonized treated like a criminal. On top of that DARE, health class, and library books about drug addiction and alcoholism do not attack any underlying causes and there is no humanity. This is exactly why a drug and alcohol free life isn't for everyone and no one likes to be told how to live.When it comes to child abuse the information is misleading, completely inaccurate, and incomplete. When it comes to emotional abuse the language the rhetoric blames the child's below normal intellect for the parents behavior towards the child. This is the same logic on Malcolm in the Middle, I don't find the comedy funny, and I take it as an insult to watch. In reality is the child is not the one to blame, the parents are the ones to blame. The child didn't deserve this. No child deserves any amount of abuse from his parents.It's the same thing in that same book with child sexual abuse. The same misinformation that we learned in grade school, all acts of child sexual abuse involve "bad touches". That information is vague, misleading, and inaccurate at best. Beyond that in information about child sexual abuse, just like in grade school, and with other information on these topics, as well as in health class and DARE is preachy and no one like to be preached at. The problems with child sexual abuse, incest, and rape go far beyond that.These books also have misleading statistics. Personally I don't base my life on statistics. For me I believe that statistics are completely inaccurate, unreliable, and only tell less than half the story. Human beings are not statistics. When it comes to statistics there is no humanity.These are the reasons why I don't trust anything the public library says. I'm a nonconformist who will turn to alternative sources of information. I will look online for alternative solutions to our societal woes. As a nonconformist I would advocate for harm reduction for IV drug users and alcoholics. Here is a perfectly good reason why; Canada and Switzerland employs harm reduction. If the conventional methods don't work the do more harm than good. I find harm reduction a more humane method of dealing with our society's woes. It's a rational solution and it's a means to deal with problems that refuse to go away. It's better than treating people like criminals and demonizing them. These are all the more reasons why I don't rely on information at the public library and life's solutions don't come from library books.
Anime Fest
Sailor Moon Redraw by KaenBlue
sketch ( oh sangwoo) by JohnnyBen92
sketch (10-12-2018) by JohnnyBen92
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George Arthur Summer House, Key West Florida by Andreasantoni
George Arthur House, Philadelphia Pennsylvania by Andreasantoni
Fin by Andreasantoni
George Oliver Arthur Page 84 by Andreasantoni
Cessna Citation Mustang by Andreasantoni
Eurofighter Typhoon Profile by Andreasantoni
Beechcraft Baron 58 Profile by Andreasantoni
Airbus A340 Profile by Andreasantoni
The Great Gatsby
+The Great Gatsby Cover+ by DeathMcHandsome
GG p.80 by DeathMcHandsome
GG p.79 by DeathMcHandsome

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GG p.78 by DeathMcHandsome
Operation Bonestorm
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Haruhi Suzumiya at Naka-kon 18' by Andreasantoni
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Sketching Phases: Princess Enne by Nsio
My Little Pokemon Rivals by kianamai
Keep Mind
Keep Mind c2p15 by Fraescanvas
Pettan Pettan Tsurupettan by Andreasantoni

Group Info

This is a group for Americans who desire to become Mangaka. Weeaboo and Wapanese from America, Canada, and Europe are welcome to join.

-Full length Manga is preferred
-Short Story Manga is welcome
-Volume set Manga is welcome
-Hand written Manga is a must
-Computer drawn Manga is also welcome
-Cosplay photos are welcome
- Artistic nude photos or anime picutres are welcome

We also except
-Floor plans
-Anime character profiles from Manga

-Being a dink
-guro and anything graphic
-infringing on anyone's beliefs
-hating on the basis on skin colour, religion, ethnicity, creed, or ancestery
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Dec 10, 2011


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Art Creation

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Individual/Independent Manga and anime

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Irasshaimasen! Please come in, come in!
Welcome to the ✧ALL NEW✧ commission journal for a neojaponist piece of art by jcorbari!
There's a lot of new options available, now starting at only $8! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)


Get 15% off if you already ordered before or up to 20% off if your subject was created by me! (Most notably the Dimensional Ladies)


Original Characters (OCs)
Ecchi (females only)




Ioruvie [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Canary [CloseUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Iris [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Feyarin [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Vapor [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Alice [CloseUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Raven [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari
AKINO-75 [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Piper [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Eleanor [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Jana Hockner [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari

Bella-Donna [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Seil [CloseUp your OC!] by jcorbari
Moon [PinUp your OC!] by jcorbari

(Click to expand! Please visit my gallery for more!)



A square canvas headshot illustration that can be used as an icon on any social media of your choice. Canvas resolution: 1080x1080 px
Lineart: USD 8 or 800 points | Colored: USD 14 or 1400 points

Waist Up

A medium shot illustration. Canvas resolution: 1200x1920 px
Lineart: USD 15 or 1500 points | Colored: USD 19 or 1900 points

Thighs Up

A 3/4 shot illustration. Canvas resolution: 1200x1920 px
Lineart: USD 21 or 2100 points | Colored: USD 29 or 2900 points


A fullshot illustration. Canvas resolution: 1200x1920 px
Lineart: USD 29 or 2900 points | Colored: USD 39 or 3900 points

Character Sheet

A reference guide of your original characters. Includes 02 fullbody illustrations (front and back views), and 03 facial expressions. Canvas resolution: 2400x1920 px
Lineart: USD 59 or 5900 points | Colored: USD 79 or 7900 points


Extra gigs available for PayPal orders only


Add more characters to your illustration!
Each character adds up 100% over your original order


I will add a simple background to your illustration
Adds up 50% over your original order.

Fast Delivery

Please note that due high demand, the current estimated delivery for commissions is 2-3 months. This option puts your order on a 07 days high priority list. I will also submit you WiPs (Work in Progress) step-by-step for approval - see my ToS for more info.
Adds up 100% over your original order.


Check my ToS for more info on my revision policy.
Adds up %50 over your original order. Can also be purchased after the piece is finally submitted.

Commercial Use

The listings above only accounts for personal use commissions. Add this option for a full commercial licensing.
Adds up 50% over your original order


1) simply fill the following form
2) reply to this journal; DM me on Instagram or e-mail me at

Payment method: [  ] Points [  ] PayPal
Commission: [  ] Headshot  [  ] Waist Up  [  ] Thighs Up  [  ] Fullbody  [  ] Character Sheet
Colored: [  ] Yes  [  ] No
Extras: [  ] Character  [  ] Background  [  ] Fast Delivery  [  ] Commercial Use [  ] Revision
Notes and references:
Terms of Services*: I've read and agree with jcorbari's ToS.


Follow your orders here!

6. (OPEN!)
5. :iconglitch-r:
4. :iconrabidmomento:
3. :iconblavkk:
2. :iconmythic-angel:
1. :iconluckydiime:


MONOCHROME - simple bg

Portrait: 20$ (1600 point)
25$ (2000 point)
Waist: 3
0$ (2400 point)
40$ (3200 point)

How Can You Learn to Behave..... by NguyenHuuHongVan

(Extra 10$/ 800 point for extra character)
(You can request me for spot colour in places like the eyes, piece of jewellery, part of the clothing etc, for free as it still consider monochrome.)

FULL COLOR - simple bg

Portrait: 30$ /2400 point (simple BG)

Still Alive by NguyenHuuHongVan   Kabuto Yakushi by NguyenHuuHongVan

(Extra 5$ for more complex bg)

Bust:  40
$/ 5000 point (+20$/1600 point add character)

Komorebi ( Shirtless ver) by NguyenHuuHongVan  Komorebi by NguyenHuuHongVan

Waist up:
(without BG or simple BG) : 50$/ 4000 point

(+30$/ 2400 point for complex background)
(+35$/ 2800 point for additional character)

Kabuto - Reimagine by NguyenHuuHongVan

(without BG) 65$/ 5200 point (+$45/3600 point add character). Max 3 character.
                  (simple BG) 
70$/ 5600 point (same as above)

The wolf remember... by NguyenHuuHongVan    Sun And Moon by NguyenHuuHongVan

 Fullbody with complex BG:
75$/6000 point (+$45/3600 point add character). Max 3 character.
Collide nude by NguyenHuuHongVan   Collide by NguyenHuuHongVan


Please note that these are prices for PERSONAL commissions...not commercial. If you want that I draw a cover art for a book, novel, CD, card art...and so on, then contact me separately at . Samples and prices check below. Prices DO NOT include PayPal fee. Further issues concerning payment can be discussed with me.
These are prices without PayPal fee (PayPal will count how much fee you'll have to pay at the end). Fees you can count with calculator here.
  1. When you pay with paypal, send the payment through 'goods/services' and don't forget to select 'no shipping/address required'!
  2. PLEASE include your username and what for you pay when sending payment with paypal, like: XXXXX for YYY commission. if you don't I will not know who paid and what for!
  3. Do not pay before I accept your commission. I will tell you where and how to pay after I accept it. The day commission is complete, I would send you an invoice in Paypal. After the payment send, you would received an email contain HD image.
  4. Payment make by point must be pay via commission widget.

Bullet; Orange Payment A: You will pay full price of commission work when I starts (at the beginning) to do commission (full prices are listed below).

Bullet; Orange Payment B: you will pay half of price when I starts to do commission, and another half of payment when I finishes commission work.

$5  = 400 point
$10 = 800 point
25 = 2000 point
$50 = 4000 point
$100 = 8000 point


  1. Full Refunds are available for any commission if the artist has yet to begin working on the commission.
  2. You might cancel service within 36hr your first payment to receive a full refund.
  3. For Cleaned & Colored commissions, partial refunds are only available at the sketch stage of the commission. Refunds are no longer available after the sketch stage.


ALL artworks I paint are PERSONAL commissions, therefore they cannot be used for profitable gain or marketing.

The image is Copy Right by me.

For client's OC, I will acknowledge the character is copyrighted by them.

I will send the final product digitally via email. The client and myself will be the only two to have the HIGH resolution image in possession.

I will submit the images onto my gallery and I will give my client's name and deviant account link in the description box.

My clients are permitted to submit my paintings onto their own DeviantArt galleries, as long as they credit me.

What you cannot do with commissioned work:
- sell them
- use in a commercial way [your books, novel, etc]. If you want, we must talk about it - the price will be higher.
- pretending it was made by yourself
- My watermark or signature should not be removed.

If you want a COVER of your book or buy rights for drawing:
- the price will be higher.
- I'll draw the cover anytime, besides the waiting list.
- If this is fan art you intend to mass producing, please got written permission from character owner.

What I can do with commissioned work:
- post in my portfolio
- use in my personal promote event.


If you want that I draw something for you, then you can send me a Note on dA... and under subject say Commission, so I know that you're posting because of that. Send me even category of commission, which you want that I draw (Portrait, Waist up, Whole body, Background...or/and if you want a background (select a background type then) or/and if you want an additional character)

Or you can send mail to in the same manner instead (this isn't my Paypal account).

You can send me even reference photos, characters description/ story... and such, so I can better imagine what to draw. Send me the way of payment which you want to pay (ways of payment you can see below under Payment method). At the beginning I'll send you a sketch, so you'll decide if it'll be OK. When I finish your commission, then I'll send on your email address an .jpg image. It'll be send in HD resolution (and 300 DPI).


Bullet; Green I'll draw: original characters - realistic and fantasy; fanarts, BL ["shonen-ai"] and GL ["shojo-ai"], straight couple. Note: I was called the the anti cupid for a reason, so a little intimate moment is fine, but further than that, I can't promises....
Bullet; Red I don't draw furry/anthro, mecha and 18+. I WILL NOT DRAW hardcore porn. This means I will not draw penetration or explicit scenes. I can draw a certain level of sexual intent but absolutely no penetration.
Bullet; Red I don't draw from real portrait, cause it's impossible for me to know whether people in that picture have given their consent or not.
Bullet; Black I draw only DIGITAL picture .
Bullet; Green If you have any questions or whatever, you can ask me here. For more examples you can check my gallery. I'm sorry if prices are high, but I do each piece for many hours and I do it very detailed...if I would count hours, it would cost even more

More Journal Entries


Mangakabohemia is an open forum for Independent Mangaka, Anime Otaku, Weeaboo, and Philosophers for anime. We accept manga, both handwritten and computer drawn. We also accept screenshots from featured anime shows.
We also accept artistic nude pics of anime, cosplay pics, and opinions about what the future of anime should be.




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