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Saber Wig Project

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this is the wig I just finished for saber from fate stay night...i'll be cosplaying her in september

there were a few difficulties, but overall it was really easy and fun ^-^

so i hope it looks very similar to her's and as always, comment and suggestions are welcome ^-^

took 4 hrs
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Oh yeahhhhhh I was looking for how to make this and I finally found it at deviant!!!!! Thank you very much XD
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This is a great tutorial. I'll have to try it out :D
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Made my saber wigs over the summer lol XD
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So glad I found this. I'm cosplaying her at Youmacon this upcoming weekend and I had no idea how to put it together.
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...</3 I can't make heads or tails of the section about the sock.
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I love your Saber wig. I cosplayed Saber this year at Otakon 2011 in the U.S. At the convention my wig's tightening elastic snapped...I am somewhat out of a Saber wig right now. Your tutorial is very nice and well done. I bought a pre-styled Saber wig before, but I think I'm going to style it the second time around myself. I was wondering where you purchased your wig from? It is very nice and is exactly what I'm looking for. I hope you can help. :)
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wow, it looks great! I hope to cosplay saber in the future and it's nice to know that I'll have this to look at :D
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^-^ i cosplay to serve
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This tutorial is awesome! Planning to cosplay Saber myself but really depends whether I can get the wig correct -_-
So you just held all the strands with bobypins and nothing else? Can I bug you if I have any trouble in the future??
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bobbys and hairspray

and msg me anytime

good luck ^-^
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This is amazing!
I'd so commission from you! :'D
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You're welcome! :'D
Would you be willing though to do it? XD;
I hate to ask, but I need help with a Saber wig D:
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i live in japan now. shipping and handling would be monstrous if you got a wig from me
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Ahh poopers :B
Couldn't hurt to have asked though!
Sorry for asking ^^;
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no problem... if you follow the walkthrough it should be easy enough. if you run into any snags let me know and i can talk you through them <3
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im just wonderin what type of wig did ya use?
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i only ever use kankelon wigs from japan
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OH WOW that looks really awesome! I wish I knew how to make a wig.... you has tutorial!? *goes to check*
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nothing more in depth than those i'm afraid
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Thanks for posting this tutorial!
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glad to be of service
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