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Senshis of Crystal Tokyo

The picture was painted quite a while ago and one of the best outcomes I got from water color. The subjects of the picture are the Sailor Quartet and Neo Sailor Moon AKA Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon. I used a gel pen to draw in the lights of Crystal Tokyo and the moon was made by cutting out a cresent moon shaped piece of paper that had doublesided tape on the back. This is one of the few pictures I've drawn so far featuring the Quartet and I hope to do more in the future. But before then enjoy! ^_^

Note: Please do not use the image without permission
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In the name of the Crystal Tokyo, they will punish you!
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Hey, Janet!

HOLY CRAP! How could I have missed this? :-O

Wait! I know why I missed this until now! My brain has been in Future Reunion mode this whole time! :stupidme: ^^;

Super pretty! I want to see more of these group pictures soon, please! :fingerscrossed:

Hope your having fun on your vacation! :floating:


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Where's Saturn?
IniStrife's avatar
know what comes to my mind?

Usagi and Minako were both blond....
Chibi-Usa and Ceres are both pink haired....See the connection? XD
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Beautiful! Great job on the background, too!
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30 th century~!!!!!!
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Very cool with the concept and the color. : ) Mega kudos!!
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mangaka-chan! i've seen this before... *thinks* oh yes! on the oracle fanart page. i really like it! your style really is good... nice job coloring it too! :+fav:
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I lobe this team. :squwee:
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i love finding sailor quartetto pictures and this is definantly one of my favorites!

wonderful job!

this picture makes me wish naoko did a crystal tokyo series
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Dude yours is so much better than mine.
I had kinda the same idea: [link]
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*blush, blush* Why thank you ^^
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First off, this kind of picture is actually a big theme, and has lots of fics fallowing it. Second, amazing as usual but I think your scanner ate it.

And third, There are no plural forms in Japanese, so "senshi" is "senshi' whether singular or plural.
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Huh, I see. I'll be careful not to use the incorrect plural form in the future. I don't know if was the scanner (or rather my friend's scanner since he scanned it for me :P ) or just the colors themselves that came out kind of dull, or maybe watercolor just hates me in general :XD: .As for the name, I thought of it on a whim. I don't actually name my pictures but since Deviantart deems that I should give them one, well...whatever comes into my head usually gets written down.
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Yeah you become an otaku to the extent of considering becoming an manga-ka yourself, you get a little finicky about the grammar (although I know so little Japanese vv;;)

If the sheet was white-based it was the scanner (I have a crappy one at my mothers (where I am now) that oddly saturates the drawings I do). It's got the same gray-puttied color to it.

Yeah, my titles are pretty generic. Ofcorse, most of my art is concept drawings ^^;
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Yeah, technology can be both a blessing and a pain. The "In Elysian" picture turned out wrinkly when I scanned it but that's not really the scanner's fault to begin with. The more noticiable example of technology acting on you is my "Ribbon of Fate" picture. I was actually stuck on what to do with it after I finished inking it but when I scanned it and it turned out the way it is I rather liked the results.
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Err, I correct myself. When I say "Ribbon of Fate" I meant the picture "Longing". This is what happens when you have two names for the same picture :P
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oooooohhhhhh very nicely done! too bad naoko didn't continue the series... bah! but nicely done!
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Wow, very pretty colours =D
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