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Mangaholix Issue 4

:iconmangaholix: Issue 4

The return of the swordslinging herald Kraust Vledlin
Chronicles of Hao Ran: Kraust: Ten Roars of the Heavens

Cover Credz
Art by: :iconkougen:
Inks by: :iconcomipa:
Colors by: :icontotmoartsstudio2:
Layouts by: :iconomniskriba:

Chronicles of Hao Ran: Kraust - Ten Roars of The Heavens Copyright 2007 Emmanuel Javier and Ian Cang

Also includes:
Ninja Girl Ko with art by: :iconeltinidordediyablo:
Fist Fight Manifesto: The Midknighters: Written by: :icongroundskeeper: and art by :iconclearmirrorstillh20:
Aporia by: :iconkevintut: and :iconoso-oso:
Pulis Pangkalawakan by: :iconomniskriba: :iconjezreelrojales: :icondan-3077: and :iconboybalasa:
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© 2008 - 2021 mangaholix
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saan po nakakabili ng issue 1-5?
datuabukay's avatar
bat prng wla nmn aq makita nito sa bookstore? T_T
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Hello. Nakabili na rin ako ng issue na 'to sa wakas!:D

I got to say that I really love this issue. Here's why:

1. Kraust just got better! I mean the colors look more alive and vibrant. It feels really warm too so I love it. I also noticed that the style got different but was very good too. So kudos to the artists.(Who are they btw?) Overall, the quality really got better. It's one of the titles I'm looking forward from now on.

2. Aporia is flawless. Period.^^ (But I'm biased)

3. Midknighters just keeps getting better and better. I love it now too. :thumbsup: to :iconclearmirrorstillh20: and :icongroundskeeper:

4. The manganized versions of the MYX VJs are really awesome too. I especially like the ones colored by master :icontotmoartsstudio2: and the one which shows the girl with short hair holding two guns. (Sorry forgot the artist^^; and the VJs name)

What I'm not very fond of is Pulis Pangkalawakan. Sorry. But I understand that the artists/colorists differ each issue so yeah...

Anyway I give you guys an infinite :thumbsup: for a job super well done. Keep it up! I'm a loyal supporter. Hehe.
totmoartsstudio2's avatar
YAN ANG COMMENT!!! hehehe.
uu astigins yung next issue, lalo na yung KRAUST!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!
tsalamats ulit ng marami young master ~RenKram013
RenKram013's avatar
Haha. Ang galing eh. Sobra. Lalo na sa lighting!:D

totmoartsstudio2's avatar
hehehe, kaya importante laha ng lighting, hehehe.
tsalamats ulit sa suporta!
mangaholix's avatar
Kraust: Pencils by: :iconkougen: / Inks by :iconcomipa: / Colors by :icontotmoartsstudio2:

Two guns vj: VJ Sanya with art by :iconwolfgangraven:

Thanks for the compliments! ^___^

You should make this into a letter... at least you get a free issue 5 if it gets printed ^___^
RenKram013's avatar
Panalo kayo! Haha.

Onga noh. Sige I'll try to email this one. Thanks!:D

Wait! I forgot about Ninja Girl Ko...
I love that too. It looks like it was taken from a real TV show.

I really really salute you guys!
mangaholix's avatar
RapidBlade's avatar
Hindi naman mukhang cover ng henta* game 'to ah, Suporta pa rin ako sa local komiks natin! :D
mangaholix's avatar
Ewan. Crab Crab Crab.
RapidBlade's avatar
"tong tong tong pakitong kitong alimango sa dagat malaki at **** mahirap mahuli sapagkat nangangagat! :D
nicozap's avatar
sir kelan po lalabas itong 4th nyo? di na ko makapaghintay! hehe
jetsiegelmax21's avatar
Akala ko dati magsasabay ang issue 4 at 5 sa release!


Bilihan na, dahil malapit na ang END OF SCHOOL at hindi pa ako makahanap ng Issue 4! Sana meron na!!
basshyde's avatar
kristapaust is back and on crack!....
and on the cover as well!
sweet :nirvana:
mangaholix's avatar
all is well on the homefront el mustache senior
Greyl's avatar
kelan po labas nito? estimated release date po meron na sana avail po din sa lahat ng national bookstore kahit sa mga province kasi andito ako ngaun sa province sa cagayan valley po ako ngaun sa tuguegarao may national bookstore dito sana magkaroon
shualogy's avatar
wokei... kelangan ko na tlga ng part time job.. ^ ^
RenKram013's avatar
I can't wait.^^

Galing nito!!:D
mangaholix's avatar
RafalLegatus's avatar
Wow me fourth issue na ^_^ Yehey ^_^
vainblood's avatar
mangaholix's avatar
Budjette's avatar
looks very nice :)

when will this be in the stores!!!
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