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M3 Con '08 Indie Exhibitor's Application Guidelines


1. Must have a representative of at least 18 years of age.
2. Must have at least 1 complete comic product to be sold at M3 Con ‘08.
3. Completely independently produced and printed. (Not attached or affiliated with any existing publisher and/or company.)
4. Comic product must not be mass-printed. (i.e. Print run of a thousand copies or more.)
5. Comic product must not already be available in commercial outlets. (i.e. bookstores, magazine stands, etc.)
6. Final product and its contents must be approved by Groundbreakers Inc.

Rules and Regulations

1. Each comic product must be priced at a hundred Philippine pesos or less.
2. Exhibitors may only sell indie comics approved by Groundbreakers Inc.
3. Exhibitors may not sell non-indie comic products or merchandise. (i.e. posters, cards, toys, etc.)
4. Deadline of applications is May 9, 2008.
5. Deadline of final comics for approval is May 9, 2008.
6. Deadline of payment is May 16, 2008.
7. Application and registration will be served on a first-come first serve basis only.

Event Details
Event: Mangaholix Manga Mania – AniManGaming Convention ‘08
Date: Saturday, May 31, 2008
Time: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Venue: Hall 4, SMX Convention Center (beside SM Mall of Asia)

Indie Exhibitor Package
Price: Php 1,000
- 1 Table (1 x ½ m) & 1 Chair
- 1 Exhibitor’s Pass
- Right to sell 1 or more pre-approved indie comic product
- Front cover (provided by exhibitor) placement on M3 Con website until end of event proper.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we apply under our school organization?
• Yes, as long as you’re selling an indie comic. You’ll also need to submit a letter from your school allowing you to join.
2. Can I sell another person or group’s indie comic?
• No. We don’t see any reason why the original creators can’t sell it themselves. Especially since you only have one pass and one table, hence one person to work with anyway.
3. But they’re all too busy and can’t make it so they need me to sell it for them.
• Here’s a thought: If they don’t trust you to make you a part of their group, they probably don’t trust you to sell their product either.
4. May I sell more than one indie comic title?
• Yes. As long as your comics are produced by the same person or group. You may not sell another group’s product for them.
5. May I sell other merchandise such as posters, cards, pins, etc.?
• No. You may only sell the comic products approved by Groundbreakers Inc. If you want to sell other products, you will have to get one of our commercial exhibitor booths instead.
6. Do we need to pay a percentage or consignment rate on what we sell?
• No. We do not take a percentage of your sales nor do we charge a consignment rate. You only need to pay for the flat rental rate for the booth space.
7. Can I have an extra chair, table, or pass?
• No. The indie exhibitor package includes just 1 table, chair, and pass.
8. Can I bring my own table and extra chair?
• No. The space allotted to each exhibitor is limited and will not accommodate additional tables and/or chairs.
9. Can I rent another exhibitor booth for more space then?
• Yes. But only if you have more than one comic product to sell.
10. I can’t sell non-comic products, but can I do art commissions at least?
• Yes. As long as you’re also selling your own indie comic, you may also do on-the-spot commissions at the event.
11. Can I put up posters around our booth space?
• You may bring a display stand as long as it’s no wider than 1 meter and display it behind your booth space. You may also tape such displays on the table provided to you. You may not use nails, staples and the like on the tables and you may not put up displays on the walls of the venue.
12. Can I distribute flyers or other similar collaterals?
• No. The indie exhibitor booth space is strictly for promoting indie comics only. They’re not for promoting other things such as your personal blog or your hate for fishnet stockings.
13. What do you mean by “first-come first-serve basis?”
• We will serve applications as we receive them until all the slots are filled up. If an application is cancelled or is not approved, the next applicant in line will get the slot.
14. Why do you need to approve the comics beforehand?
• Mainly to ensure that the product being sold is truly an indie comic product. The indie exhibitor packages are for independent comics only and we need to make sure that non-indie groups don’t take advantage of the booth spaces allotted to indie groups only. We also need to make sure that nobody uses the booths for things such as propaganda and the like. For example, we don’t want anyone using the booth space to distribute flyers for political libel or maybe to promote some new religion worshipping Yadablooblar, the pancake god of the little pond on the city outskirts.
15. If my comic doesn’t get approved, can I pay more to get it approved?
• If you’re going to do that, why don’t you just get a commercial exhibitor’s booth instead of trying to bribe us? Keep in mind, there are still limitations to what you can sell in a commercial exhibitor’s booth, just not nearly as strict.
16. The deadline is too soon. We can’t finish the comic in time. Can we submit our comic for approval on a later date?
• Sorry, but no. If your comic is not approved for whatever reason, we need the extra time to give your slot to the next applicant in line. The deadline is the date as stated, not the next morning or the day after.
17. I/We don’t have enough to pay the price for the booth space before the event date. Can we pay it after the event from what we earn in sales?
• Again, sorry but no. Everyone, even the commercial exhibitors have to pay before the event date. We’re not making any exceptions.
18. Can we propose some kind of ex-deal for the booth space?
• It depends on what your proposal is, but we generally aren’t accepting ex-deals for the event.
19. You guys suck with all your rules!
• Just so we’re clear, you don’t HAVE to join.

M3 Con '08 Indie Exhibitors Application Form

Name of Artist/Group:
Contact Person:
Contact Information
Address of Operation:
Name of Comic Title:
Cover Price:
Issue No.:
Color or B&W:
Page Count:
Age Rating:
Print Run (No. of Copies):

Name on Complimentary Pass:

* - When applicable. All other fields required.

Email to:
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darkchapel666's avatar
We sooo wanna join...tralallala...
mangaholix's avatar
You were approved
JeTkun's avatar
Question po.
Accepted po ba ang H na mangas?
It contains mature content talaga.
Pero specified naman na ages 18+ dapat ang readers.
Tanong lang po kung pwede.
darkchapel666's avatar
Nareceive niyo na po ba yung entry namin?
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darkchapel666's avatar
SilentSanctum's avatar
Are art stores considered as commercial outlets?
mangaholix's avatar
Which art stores?
SilentSanctum's avatar
Art stores near schools and universities...
Art supply stores...
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darkchapel666's avatar
Pwede bang isabay yung payment dun sa final comics na ipapadala?
Para isang mail-an na lang?
darkchapel666's avatar
Pwede bang isabay yung payment sa final comics???
Para isang mail na..
mangaholix's avatar
Its still up for approval.
darkchapel666's avatar
Kelan ibabayad yung 1 thou??
Atsaka paano?Kanino ibibigay?
mangaholix's avatar
1k payment can be paid upon approval. Instructions to follow.
darkchapel666's avatar
Uyyy sali kami...saktong sakto kakatapos lang namin magpagawa ng mga kopya...
chryztal's avatar
err. pwede po ba iedit yung hard copy (tones,etc) then iprint ulet at un ung ipass? :slow: ilang pages po pwd?
mangaholix's avatar
Yeah you can. The page number has no limit.
ientlerj's avatar
ahhmmm question po, I have 3 different kinds of comics na gawa ko pero lahat iyon ay indie, ok lang po ba na ibenta ko yng 2 volume at 2 klaseng indie ko? Yung comics po ba na gawa ko kailangan lahat po ba isend sa inyo or kahit isa lang po sa mga nagawa ko (for approval)? can we choose a slot? erm, If you need a hard copy of the comics can I get the exact address of your office so i could send it? Thanks =D
mangaholix's avatar
We need samples from all of the comics that will be sold. You can pick a slot once approved. 1965 Sandejas St. Pasay City.
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thank you very much =D
ryuuen's avatar
umn, can we send in the comic-to-be-approve via email as well as a compiled file or do we really need to send a hard copy(s)?
mangaholix's avatar
Hardcopy is required. It proves that you actually have an indie on hand and not in production because if for some reason you pull out in the last moment because you didn't get to print then other interested parties are deprived the opportunity to showcase and sell their work. ^____^
ryuuen's avatar
Another question though--
What if we're going to sell interactive comics (in CDs)? Is that ok? Or is it strictly for printed comics only?
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