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not posting on here anymore
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Hello. I'm actually not very active on here anymore. I'll lurk once in a while, but I won't be posting new art. If you want to see new art, you can follow me on these sites:



Pixiv (Exclusive for my bondage art, but it's really tame.):…

Also I do take commissions, but I'd prefer you email me instead of sending me a note. It's

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many to name XI
Favourite TV Shows
El Tigre, Ed Edd n Eddy, Adventure Time, Loud House, and so many other cartoons. *v*
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Kirby, MapleLegends, Tetris
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Manga (duh), Video Games, Baking
I'm gonna be real here, I am getting tired of DA at this point. It's not just because of what happened to my bondage art, but also Eclipse sucks. I really hate how clunky the site feels. DA really should've let the switch over to Eclipse be optional. Not to mention I feel no motivation to post on here anymore. I only ever posted journals announcing when I'm open for commissions. I'll still check some new art on here once in a while, but overall, I'm done with DA. Eclipse is awful, and they are so inconsistent with what is and what isn't allowed on their site when it comes to bondage art. I want to be on sites that allow me to post both regular art and questionable art. I'm sure some of you won't leave DA regardless of the changes, but this is very important. If you still want to keep up with my content, I am on Furaffinity, Twitter, and Pixiv. And if you wanna commission me (this only applies to strictly DA users), send me an email. It's Sorry for the rant
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**Slots are full now! Thank you for buying! I'll open up again in late June or early July!** I hope you're all doing well. I can't believe it's mid May already. And well, I'm opening up commissions again! You know the drill, 5 slots open, send me a note if you are interested. Slots: 1. ~Koleyl ( Finished- 2. :iconFox-Jake:- Finished- 3. :icondragonnizer:- Finished- 4. :iconWillzFlareFox: Finished- 5. :iconMr-Watzit-Tooya:- Sketched
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I'm planning on releasing a DiD/GiD pic pack. I was very hesitant about making one at first, but I think I'll give it a try. It's going to be a Pokemon pic pack, specifically the Pokemon themselves. I don't know when exactly it'll come out, but I'll ...
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I want to let you know that Manga is no longer active here due to Eclipse, now she has moved to FurAffinity.

Check her latest journal in the posts section.

Thank you for the commission

Mummy Dancers by MangaFox156